Sunday, August 16, 2015

Project 365 week of 8/2/15

8/2 While we were sitting around waiting for customers at the craft show I was looking through a magazine that Debbie brought. I liked this craft project (and several others) so I took a picture of the page. I figured it would be rude to rip the page out of her magazine :)

8/3 Mr. Gibbs giving me the look

8/4 Chow time

8/5 I snapped a picture of the time cards while I was waiting to punch in.

8/6 When I saw these coins laying on the table I wondered if it was a sign that I needed some change in my life.

8/7 Hooray Wade finally put the doggy door in

8/8 Gibbs checking the pool out. He won't jump in like Duke would but if Wade takes him in he will swim to the steps


  1. my danger zone kicked in.. can Gibbs get to the pool from the deck? if he goes out by himself using he door, what if he falls in and can't get out. I like the idea of snapping the page of the magazine. great idea.

  2. I always take pics of magazine ideas! And of my shopping lists...I am notorious for losing my lists so if I have them in my excuse! Did you know there is a Project Life App? I have it, but I have not been very consistent in using it!

  3. that door is nice to have. I have one water dog and another afraid.

  4. Time cards again, eh? Sub-conscious theme?

  5. Has he mastered the dog door yet? It took the kitties some time, but once they realize they have some control in going out, they catch on FAST!


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