Saturday, January 27, 2018

A rant of a different color

Yesterday I mentioned a rant. This one isn't it but it will do.

The reason I love all of you so much is because you come here with no preconceived notions of who I am or what I'm like. You judge me based on what you see or read here. You form your own opinion of me. Some of you may like me, some may not. If you don't like me, that's fine. At least that opinion of me was based on your own decision and not on what someone else told you about me.

So many new people at work are told right off, watch out for Ann. She's mean, she'll get mad if you don't do things her way. When they meet me they already have an opinion of me. They treat me different than they do other people because they're already afraid of me and what I might do.

A recent new hire had been told by one person how mean I was. I worked with the new hire on Wednesday and it was just her and I for most of the day. Later another person asked her if I was as bad as she was told I was. Her response (so I was told) was "not at all but I wouldn't want to piss her off". Ok so that's good, she sees that I'm not the person she was told I was. On the other hand the "wouldn't want to piss her off" comment baffles me. She wouldn't want to make me mad but what? she wouldn't mind making someone else mad?  Why would making me mad be different than making anyone else mad? Ah!! I think it's because she's still got it in the back of her mind that she needs to watch out for Ann, because she's mean.

This is why I would love to run away and start over where no one knows me.


  1. Well...from things you have alluded to about the various workers there, it seems like you have to keep a pretty good rein on them! It is hard to be a boss. I bet these remarks about you would not have even been made if you were a man! But for a woman, if she tries to make sure a job is done right, they are called names. A man would just be a good manager.

  2. this is probably why i love you... i am the person they describe here, OR so i was told when i was a manager. they get upset because you want them to do their job and do it well and do it on time and when you call them on it that makes you mean. can't tell you how many times i was called mean, just because i said I need you on the phones please when they were goofing off and had their phone head sets off becase they were tired of taking calls. it was a call center... we know you are not mean and we are who counts. you want me to come up there????

  3. I love you just the way you are and I would work with you without a problem. If you're in charge there is always someone or some clique that has to bad mouth. I think that's what is happening here. No matter where you go if you're in charge there will be this group.

    Have a fabulous day off my friend. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  4. They just don't see the amazing lady we do. Rumors are hard to stop.

  5. Ginny is right. And...It has become evident over time that many of the people you work with are, I'm going to be kind here, not the sharpest knives in the drawer; lazy, indifferent and lack any kind of work ethic.

    Therefore - they resent anyone who is not like them. How dare you take your job seriously, do it well and conscientiously, and *GASP* expect them to do the same. I mean, Ann, the very nerve of you! And then you call them out when they don't even get close to doing an adequate job? Once again, where do you get the nerve. Why aren't you just as sloppy and inefficient as they are? What are you trying to do, show them up?

    How soon can you retire from that job? Always remember, it's NOT you, it's them. And they aren't worth they headspace you give them.

    A dear friend of mine once said to me "I love you but I sure don't ever want to be on your sh*t list"

    BTW - How is Wade doing?

  6. So who's telling you that people are informing everyone how mean you are? Why doesn't that person tell them to quit saying it? If you're in charge, you're not supposed to be their friend, you're the leader and if they think keeping everyone in line is mean then so be it. I certainly don't think a boss that makes lovely gifts for them and livens things up with string hair Larys is mean. People are so petty sometimes. If you wanna run away you can come here! :)

  7. Grace said it perfect. In order to be the boss, you have to be a tiny bit bossy or nothing will get done. We all think you are terrific and a really good person. You are more than welcome to come here if you need somewhere to run away to. You have a good day, Ann.

  8. Okay...I agree with all the previous comments, but I will add my spin, as I have always been in that same situation.

    GOOD! Let them talk! Let them be "scared" of you. Let them work hard or be gone. Let them be "afraid" of you so that they don't waste your time with idle B.S. and chit-chat. They are not "friends", but co-workers. Do your work and we can talk about work...if we have to talk. I don't want to know about your son, mother, granny, dog, hair, shoes, etc.

    A very long time ago, I had the same situation--I was "warned" about the crabby guy in the corner. Guess who ended up being my best friend? He never let the talk get him down. His theory was that it just "weeded out the riff raff." Since then, that has always been my motto. Do I care what those morons think of me? NO. Do I care if I am not invited to lunches and included in on the "friends" stuff? NO. I'm here to do my job and go home. Period.

    Don't let the morons get you down. Who cares if they like you? WE LIKE YOU...and so do the people that matter in your life! Let the riff raff keep their moronic distance.

  9. Huh. What make you "mean?" Do you expect quality work from people? How cruel.


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