Monday, January 8, 2018



VS Facebook

I've been wondering why I bother doing both. Granted I don't post all that much to Facebook but mainly it's because when I do, about the only comments I get are from people who comment here. So why not just post everything here? There are a few people who on a rare occasion will comment on something I post there but they never ever visit here.

I did consider deleting my Facebook account but decided that just because I don't post there doesn't mean I have to get rid of it. I still like it for the funny things I find there and now for the craft hoarders group.

I never ever considered deleting my blog because I would miss all of you stopping by to see me.


  1. I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago and am glad I did. I sure do hope you'll stick with Blogger here, Ann. I enjoy your posts so very very much. xoxo

  2. GOOD, do NOT get rid of your blog!! We are old friends now. Even if you don't post much on Facebook, It is still good just for reading what everyone is up to. Keeps you in the loop.

  3. I'm not very good at posting on either! Maybe this will be the year that I blog more, we'll see. I won't be writing more on FB, I'm not a fan and don't even get me started on what they've done to Instagram!!!!

  4. I only ever post to my business page on FB. I get a lot more interaction on Instagram these days!

  5. my Facebook is more people I have known from HS and new friends. I have a few that read both, but tend to use facebook to share pics and conversations. Been talking to Portland and the phillipines this morning.

  6. I like blogs for the longer posts and a better read. FB is just quick bits and silly stuff. I have a love/hate with FB. I keep it to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away and I like the funny stuff, but sometimes I have to "unfollow" people who insist on being political. FB, to me, just isn't the place to post your political beliefs and frustrations.

  7. I think they serve two different purposes. There are people I interact with on FB that never read my blog , or if they do via FB, they never comment on the blog but they comment on FB. Since I am socially isolated I kinda relay on both venues to keep in touch with people and keep in touch with the world at large. It's all good. Just different.

  8. I don't post on FB very much, but i do scroll and read several times a day and always do that when trapped in a waiting room somewhere. i can sit in my rocker and scroll through. I keep up with my sons and there wives, all my cousins both here and in Georgia. and many that i worked with for 15 years. also i get a few laughs from silly things. what i did with FB is stopped following in the feed the ones who use it for politics or selling stuff. that way i know what all the kids are doing. i get to see new babies, weddings. like a few months ago my first cousin in Savannah, her grand daughter got married and it was like i was there looking at all the showers and parties and weddings. the blog is for friendships and conversations, like with you. i have blog friends i feel like i know and love. FB is like a news post for keeping up, blog is for friendship and posting my daily life and seeing other daily life. keep on blogging, i love you

  9. I would miss you too so please stay here so I can see what you're up too. I've been around for a long time. You're a great blogging buddy.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  10. I am a Social Media addict! Will not delete either! haha....I am able to keep up with family I don't see often via FB. I have friends I met on another site many, many, many years ago and never really met on FB. So....I love it. Here I have other friends! And I will not delete it either...

  11. I am one who loves both --but there are truly big differences.... One thing I know about FB is that for someone who only posts or comments on occasion, FB takes you off of someone's radar... In other words, one of my good friends was complaining that not many people commented on her OCCASIONAL posts.. I had to tell her that I don't even get a notification of her posts anymore since she rarely posts... FB is something you have to do regularly (post and comment) ---or the powers that be will send you to the bottom of our friend's list --and we won't get info/notifications... I don't know if that is good or bad---but it's the way it is.

    I LOVE Facebook and the main reason is that I can post something that is totally up-to-date... IF a big fire or an accident occurs somewhere, I can post about it immediately... It's simple and I enjoy it.... I usually get tons of comments on FB (more now than on Blogger) because I do post almost every day (usually once) --and I do visit others as much as I can...

    I love keeping up with old friend from high school, college and other places I've been and worked on FB... AWESOME....

    When I asked people on FB for some ideas on getting a better night's sleep, you can't imagine how many great ideas I got... Awesome.

    When I go to the doctor or someone is ill in my family or something like that, FB friends will pray for the situation ---and I get so many wonderful comments and thoughts.. I need that!

    Blogging to me (and this is just ME) is harder but I love it since I can tell stories as I blog. I use Blogger for my journal --and it's great to go back and find things I've written from previous years (which I needed to remember something about)..

    I started blogging every day in 2006 --but now only do it once a week--and I'm happy with that... The reason I started struggling with blogging was trying to visit others' blog every time they posted. By only posting once a week, I don't feel so guilty now by not visiting so many blogs over and over each week. I truly don't have time for that. By blogging once a week, I did lose a bunch of friends --but they really weren't friends to begin with I guess... I try to visit others' blogs at least once a week now... That works for me..... BUT--as I said, it's just ME---and each person blogs for various reasons. My blogs are longer and full of photos ---so some people don't like those kinds of blogs... That's okay too.

    I have more 'close' friends now on FB than I do on Blogger because of the daily contact and the personal contact .... Some bloggers are SO private that I can't even get to know them.. That's not friendship to me... I am not private (as you know... ha) and I love my FB and Blog friends --who have stuck with me...

    Doing both works for me.. BUT--remember: that is JUST ME... It doesn't work for everyone.....


  12. Facebook is all right but I love reading all the blogs and seeing all the animals and what is going on in their lives. I do have some good friends on Facebook.

  13. Don't quit the blog! Happy New Year.

  14. Most of the time I post different things to Facebook. I liked it the most for instant photos when traveling. I am hoping that someday my blog will be able to be read by my grandchildren and they can get to know more about me. I'm not giving up on blogging however I don't blog very often anymore.


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