Sunday, January 21, 2018

Should have left it plain

I made another pop up card. This one was a plain white cutout on a colored background for the front of the card. The inside has the same cutout in plain white but popping out from the inside of the card.

I thought it would be a neat idea to color the one on the outside of the card. I did a lousy job of coloring and ended up hating it and wishing I would have left it white. Live and learn.

I'm pretty sure there are elementary school kids who could have done a better job of coloring this.

The inside turned out nice though

Really nothing lost here because I can do the card again. I hadn't purchased any new paper for it, I was just using stuff that's been in my craft room.


  1. Yes, I like the white one better. It is really fancy and pretty! I like the design, too.

  2. I agree, white is better. do you have any paints? like little bottle of acrylic? you could paint over and see what it does. i love the cut out, it is really cute

  3. I like the plain white better. But that is what it is all about..playing around to see what works the best! Have fun and keep cutting on.

  4. I like the white one better too, but you're having fun so go for it.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. yeah, no offense to you at all, but the white is better. LOL Still impressive, though!

  6. Wow- I see what you mean. I wonder if bold solid colors would be better- like acrylic paints if they won't warp the card stock.

  7. Yeah, the coloring thing didn't work, the plain white one is FAB. I've got so many questions about how you do this - Can I come over so you can show me how you do this? You know this machine fascinates me.

  8. I like the white one because it reminds me of schrerenschnitta (sp?) the German art of paper cutting.


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