Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can you say YUMMMMMMY

I'm posting a little earlier than I usually do tonight so as not to lose track of time once again and try scrambling to get it done. Like I said yesterday, Amanda came over to make dinner for us. It was a casserole that's called Baked Penne and Smoked Sausage.

I took the lazy way out here. If you aren't able to read this and want the recipe let me know and I will type the whole thing out. She also rewrote it but it's on 2 sides of the paper so it would have required 2 pictures. But I do have a picture of the special note she left at the end.

I found this really amusing because it was her idea that I use this as a blog post. The reason I think it's funny is because my family has NEVER taken an interest in my blog what so ever.

Duke of course was right there to supervise. But of course any time Amanda comes over he's all over her.

This recipe really made him sit up and take notice.

And the finished meal. The verdict is, while it's not really Wade's kind of meal he did at least it eat. Me on the other hand, I went back for a second helping. I thought it was fantastic. I'm not just saying that because Amanda made it either.


  1. Sounds like heaven to me! I think Duke has the right idea. Maybe if I sit up and beg my sweetie would make dinner for me. This looks easy enough for even a husband to make.

  2. I clicked on the photo to enlarge and was able to read the recipe perfectly. I love the idea of the french fried onions and peas in there too. Ah, that looks mouth watering and fairly easy to make so that even I can do it :) What's cute is Duke. He's just right there, ready for the finished product. Thanks for the recipe Ann.

  3. Looks really good to me. I can't read the recipe but that's okay. I've got 10 more pounds to lose and I don't thing this dish would help. I so love anything pasta. I swear I could eat pasta for every meal.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. Connie Girl, couldn't be easier, hopefully hubby won't make you beg though :)

    Poetic shutterbug glad you could read it. Amanda used french cut green beans instead and I'm glad because I hate peas guess that's where she got

    Sandee I love pasta too. I may not be able to eat it at EVERY meal but I could eat it often.

  5. Looks delicious! We'll have to try this recipe! Duke is just so cute, hope he got to try some too!

  6. That looks like my kind of food. I'd be back for seconds too, and maybe thirds.

  7. Well, I suppose it is really not too late for me to learn something new. For I always figured that pennies would taste like copper, and would certainly not be good to eat!

  8. Sooo, did Duke get a helping? He looks like he really wanted one (although I am pretty sure it would not be good for him :o) It looks like that would be one of those handy dandy recipes to have for "bake and takes" too!

  9. I was able to read the recipe. It sounds delicious. I love how Duke is offering his undivided attention. My dog loves to try to help cook.

  10. Oh, this recipe sounds AWESOME! I don't really care for peas, either, so the beans sound good in it. I was able to read the recipe and I think that ground sausage would go better around this household! :)

    If I beg like Duke, maybe she'll come over to MY house and make this dish! HAHA! :)

  11. I'm STILL waiting for Amanda to show up here!!!Hahahahaa......
    Wonderful for her to do this for y'all...And make Amanda START A BLOG!!! She'd be great at it too!!

  12. That sounds like exactly my kind of thing! Please thank Amanda for me for I will surely be making this!

  13. Tell Amanda TFS!! It does sound yummmy ... Duke knows a good thing when he sees [smells] it! I'll go with peas :)

  14. Oh the dog is too cute!

  15. well it looks really good...and must have tasted even better if you went back for seconds!!! Did Duke get a taste too???

  16. Beaded tail ya know, I'm not sure if he did or not

    Ratty I love casseroles

    junezach isn't he though :)

    FishHawk, don't tell me you're one of those "fussy" eaters :)

    Jen Duke I'm afraid, get far too much people food, Wade spoils him.

    Anne Duke is always right on top of things

    A Marie Well she's moving to CO next Friday maybe your house is on the way :)

    Donna I can't see Amanda blogging but I just might suggest it

    Buggys I'll do that, I know I'm hanging on to the recipe even if Wade doesn't like it

    Vickie Peas....YUCK!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Grace he's such a ham too

    B Boys Mom oh believe me it was

    allotments4you yes it was, I don't know if anyone gave Duke a taste or not.

  17. Never had a daughter, but my Son use to love to cook which was nice for me. That looks delicious and easy.

  18. looks yummy in the pan, did Duke like it?


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