Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's on the bottom of your shoe

I promise that if you bear with me

This will all make sense

I was planning on spending the weekend just hanging out

I had my feet up and realized how much I really hate the cheapo slippers I bought at the dollar store.

Since Amanda and I were going to go out shopping anyway on Saturday I put slippers on the list. Just being me, I took a picture of the bottom of my new slippers

I never noticed when I bought them what a cute design they had on the bottom of them. When I saw the picture I had to play with it in photoshop elements.

Ok I'll be the first to admit that I have a REALLY boring life but at least I know how to entertain myself. So what's on the bottom of your shoe?


  1. wow... what a lovely design :) what's on the bottom of my shoes?? stones and if I'm 'lucky', chewing gums!

  2. Very cute! How did you learn photoshop? Do you just play around with it? I downloaded it for a trial period, but I just couldn't understand the program to make it worthwhile to keep.

  3. Love it, your blog is so cute Annie. boring old tenni's with a checkerboard pattern.

  4. I think there is chewing gum on the bottom of my slipper :D

  5. ...a combination of wet leaves, bird feathers (we have a bird feeder in the backyard), and mud. Yup, my wife just loves me right now ;)

  6. I'm in my super warm shearling slides and all that is on the bottom here is a kind of regular honeycomb pattern...your pattern, on the other hand, is really something else!!

  7. Such a cute pattern..mine are just lines :)my daughter's fav pink shoe has a pattern like yours

  8. We have four puppies (okay, full-grown dogs) and four cats in a fairly small house. So, do you really want to know?

  9. Bottom of my shoe that i regularly wear everyday? Nah! Just small squares and a circle. That makes it boring, isn't it? LOL

  10. Nothing near as cute as what's on yours, just some lines. Fun post (you clever thing, you :o) Enjoy your shopping adventure!

  11. The bottom of my shoes don't have nearly the interesting design on them that yours do. Right now though, I can make a strange pattern in the snow with the spikes on my ice cleats.

  12. This was a great post! So creative. There is art in the oddest of places.

  13. Very creative! It's neat that slipper can provide entertainment too.

  14. ditto what Sheri said ... it's EVERYWHERE! You just proved it ;D

  15. Woof! Woof! You don't have a boring life ... you are always open to do "other" creative things. LOVE that Photoshop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  16. HAhahahaaa....only You.
    Like the shoes by the way!!!

  17. Cute pattern! What's on the bottom of my shoes? Probably llama and/or horse manure and maybe some dog stuff to boot. Living on a working ranch, you learn to scrape, scrape and scrape...I've quit looking at the bottom of my shoes though!

  18. How cool. Mine are boring. Just so you know.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. :)

  19. Ann, what a cool design and I love your pictorial stories, they are so creative. My shoes? probably gum :D

  20. you are so creative! i have never seen footwear with such fun patterns on the sole. pretty cool.

    have a great day...hugz!

  21. That is a great pattern on the bottom of your shoe. And, I really like what you did with it. My shoes have yuck on the bottom of them. I try not to look.

  22. Grace LOL I used to get a lot of that too

    Nessa isn't it cool never had soles so fancy ;)

    Miawa tennis are never boring

    Vanilla Seven eww pick that stuff

    Beaded tail if it was from a walk with Sadie then it's all worth it

    Tahtimbo More like it's a GOOD thing you're wife loves

    Will Oaks, ooooh shearling slides sound comfy

    Swapna cool I want pink shoes :)

    FishHawk UMMM, not that's ok

    Junezach not boring just typical

    Jen awww (blushing) thanks

    Ratty maybe you could post a pic of those ice cleat patterns

    Sheri there sure is

    Sharkbytes I'm easily entertained

    Vickie why thanks and you're right it's all in how you look at things

    SGR ah yes, creativity

    Donna I bet I'm not the only one who does it, just the only one who admits to it :)

    Split rock, scrape and then take the shoes off before going in the house I bet

    Sandee aww boring soles, no fun

    Poetic shutterbug, why thanks, every now and then I can put something together that just seems to work

    PJ thanks. That's the first time I've seen soles that looked anything like that.

    Anne. If you looked, you wouldn't have sorry couldn't help myself.

  23. Well that is a cute design and the photoshopping is way cool. I have no clue what's on the bottom of my shoes I'm afraid to look.

  24. You crack me up. I love how you can find inspiration anywhere. I can't get to my shoes to see but I can tell you the bottom of my feet aren't nearly that cool.

  25. How creative! And what a pretty slipper. The bottom of my shoe has lots of cat hair and no fancy designs like yours.

  26. Great post! Never thought to look at the bottom of my shoe but it turns out to be a good thing. I found a society of microscopic gnomes that I must have accidentally stepped on - they were quite upset with me.

  27. Can't go check ...husbands sleeping...I wearing socks!! Cute bottoms!!


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