Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Duke and I are being slackers tonight but with a good reason. My daughter came over and made us dinner so we spent time with her instead of working on a blog post. We did get some pictures and her recipe though so we'll be sharing that with you tomorrow. Unless of course we decide to slack for one more day.


  1. I call it goofing off. Slacking, goofing off...they are both fun.

    You and Duke have a terrific evening. :)

  2. You deserve a break! Enjoy the time with your daughter and I'll be looking forward to the recipe and pictures :)

  3. You're just slacking because you've been on vacation. lol

    I hope dinner was good - and I was going to remind you that Brenda (Split Rock Ranch) and I are in CO, not too awful far from each other. Now you have good reason to visit! (And go on a "real" vacation) :) xx

  4. Go ahead and slack, Ann. You and Duke deserve it. You'd be surprised at the numbers of us out here slacking too! Look forward to that recipe. :o)

  5. Sounds like you slacked for a good reason so just enjoy it! Can't wait for that recipe!

  6. Enjoy your time away from the puter. Which reminds me I need to slack off one of these days too. I look forward to the pics and recipe :)

  7. Little slacking never hurt anybody....slack away!!!

  8. That was a good choice, Ann. Enjoy your time, we'll wait! :)

  9. It's great when your children visit and a perfect time to kick back and just enjoy.

  10. Will she be bringing over any leftover holly-jolly? Enquiring minds want to know--you know?

  11. Take the day girl - heck take 'em both (life is short and time is precious :o)

  12. You better knock off all that Slacking!!!Hahaa...go bake me some COOKIE!!!Hahaa

  13. Being a slack master myself, I totally understand. Look forward to the photos and recipe.


  14. Recipe? Something good? Pics? Ohhh - fun!

  15. Sandee yes they are

    Tahtimbo and a nice break it was

    One creative queen LOL butsted. i just may hop on a plane to CO one of these days

    Earth to holly everyone needs some slack time

    Beaded tail I thought so

    Poetic Shutterbug slack away you deserve it

    Roschelle nope didn't hurt a bit

    Fullet yep the best choice

    Jude absolutely

    FishHawk no I think the holly jolly is all packed up until next year but then she is always a little on the cheery side so who knows

    Jen just one day now maybe two another time :)

    Donna NO WAY, I heard that threat to the last person who brought you

    Me-Me I can only hope to one day reach the master level

    Grace yes, yes, yes and


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