Saturday, January 9, 2010

A day off

It's Saturday, no work today and even the snow took a break. Of course it's still cold but at least we didn't get any more snow. This was taken looking out my back door this morning.

Here's one from this afternoon. The sun was actually shining. I'm not sure which one of you sent it but THANK YOU. Next time could you include a little bit more heat with it?

I didn't do a whole lot today.
I played on the computer visiting some blogs, reading email and editing some pictures.
I played with my camera a little until the battery died.
I took a nap.
I made another attempt at figuring out a crochet pattern for a rectangular granny square blanket.
Oh, yeah,, housework, I swept the kitchen floor AND wiped off the bathroom counter.

Well since it's a whole whopping 4 degrees out right now, I think I'll go find a nice warm blanket and curl up.


  1. You're welcome - it was ME ME ME with plenty of sunshine to share hehehe

    4 degrees! I thought we were cold with 12 LOL

  2. Now I feel bad about complaining about our cold. I hope it warms up soon. That one icicle looks like it could kill someone.

  3. No, I sent the sunshine. It was me. I'll do the heat thing next time.

    Enjoy cuddling under that warm blanket. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me. :)

  4. The first photo is such a keeper!

  5. Good to know the sky is still blue! I haven't seen it in a really long time. Hope it starts warming up for you soon!

  6. Do you carry a shield when you walk out the door? A person could be maimed by those icicles! I fear it will be this cold for months. Oh, how I hope not though!

  7. Vickie, you are a doll, thanks for the sun. Update on the temp it's now -7

    Anne, those are nothing compared to the ones we have at work. I was standing outside the other day thinking how much that sucker would hurt if it fell on

    Sandee, That was so kind of you and I appreciate the future gift of heat as well :)

    Grace, I liked it too

    Beaded tail, yeah I was beginning to think it had turned to a permanant shade of gray.

  8. Wow! I'm sitting here complaining about the 22 degrees here in Florida right now. Guess I better shut up, huh?

  9. Hey, maybe you should go get yourself a pair of hip-waders like Lin has, and then you could go exploring snowdrifts and stuff?

  10. you got 4 degrees???? God I am so jealous!!!!m We managed 1 degree yesterday before the temperature plummeted again!!! I an trying to learn to crochet too...not very successfully I might add...but with the weather the way it is I'm sure I will have plenty of time to master it!!!

  11. Okay I know all the snow is making you loopy, but that view out your back door is absolutely SPECTACULAR! (pretty as a postcard, is what it is :o) I got a giggle out of you playing with your camera until the battery died; I've been lugging mine all over everywhere and driving DH and DD nuts (which is a nice little side benny, don't you think?)

  12. Such scenic pics. I wish I at least had pretty scenery to gaze out the window at during these frigid temperatures. We get the cold (15 degrees with a wind chill of 6) without the beauty :-(

  13. Miawa. my mother lives in florida so I've heard about how "cold" it is

    FishHawk, good idea. I wonder if exploring snow drifts is as fun as it used to be? I bet

    allotments for you, wow jealous of 4 degrees, I guess I should stop complaining huh? I taught myself how to crochet from a book I bought, keep working at it, you'll get it.

    Jen, yes one of the biggests benny is being able to drive your family nuts with your camera. I've been threatened many

  14. it looks like a couple of you must have been commenting at the same time I was and I missed you. oops.

    Buggys, It probably would be a good idea to have some kind of Armour on going out the door

    Roschelle bummer, no scenery. I get kind of tired of looking at the view out my window wish it was more wide open, less houses around. Those wind chills can be killer.

  15. Good Morning
    Looks like we all have a bit of the cold temps. Where is that global warming we are suppose to be in? Actually I don't like to gloat but..........We are suppose to have a mini heat wave over here. By Wed or Thurs it is suppose to be are 40 degrees. I'll send you all a little of it. I am thinking of bottling our heat.

  16. 4 degrees that's really cold.. that's why I sent sunshine a little sunshine...
    it's here..e

    Both photos are great Ann...

  17. Those are some beautiful, scary icicles. I remember when I was a kid, I'd snap one off and lick it. What the heck ever possessed me to do that?!

  18. Just looking at those icicles are making me shiver, love the photos though.

  19. A nap sounds good. It's been a busy weekend for me. Thank God I managed to catch a bit of nap :p

  20. Cool icicles, ann. I especially like the one against that beautiful blue sky. Well, you got a whole helluva lot more done than I...congrats! And stay warm!

  21. Ann, I would love to look out my door and see that beautiful Winter scene. Instead I see the other apartment across from me. Stunning shots. And it sounds to me like you had the perfect day, the kind I love.

  22. Grampy, we're supposed to reach the freezing mark here on Wednesday

    January oh yeah I remember that one, great shot

    JD because you didn't want to have

    Jude yep, icy cold

    vanilla, naps are always good, well except of course if maybe you're driving or something :)

    Earthtoholly it was nice to finally see a blue sky again, it's been so gray lately

    Gayle thank you

    Poetic shutterbug. it was kind of perfect. i didn't do anything that I didn't want to do.

  23. I love looking at icicles. Despite it being just as cold here, I haven't really seen any.

  24. Ratty, I love looking at them too but I like them better when it's someone elses roof they are hanging off of


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