Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Desperate Plea

Just cruising down the information highway

Looking for the remote possibility

that by chance this snow will stop some time soon

Notice the two red arrows in the picture. That is the top of the railing on my deck. I took that picture yesterday. Today we've had a mixture of light snow and a misty type rain. You know the kind that puts a nice crusty layer on top of all the snow. Just enough to ice things up a bit and make all that snow that much heavier. The best part of it all is that we are under another lake effect warning until Saturday morning. It's saying that up to another foot is possible. Would somebody PLEASE send me some sunshine.


  1. Better you than me. Actually, I'm kind of sorry for you. Just not enough to help shovel snow. ;)

  2. I make snow ice cream, have you ever made it? It was always such a treat when we were kids. But, now that I live in the desert, it's just a sweet memory.

  3. I wouldn't mind some snow :) It's kinda gloomy here though, it's probably gonna rain later in the day. I need some 'sunshine' in my life too... gotta push myself hard to get out of these 'cob-webs'.

    Have a great week ahead! :D

  4. Oh my, that weather is due here tonight starting in about an hour...could be up to a new foot of snow!! I just dashed out for provisions and am ready to hunker down for a day or two.

  5. Oh, that is U G L Y! Enough already, eh?? I'm with Will Oaks--we are hunkering down for a doozy heading our way.

  6. If we had sun we'd send it your way! It's foggy/dreary/rainy here but at least it's in the mid-50s during the day!

  7. And thankfully the stuff coming through Chicago will only give us a light coating - damn, I hate snow.

  8. Oh my, I wouldn't like all that snow. Let's hope you get a break from it for a spell. Yikes. I'd have a severe case of cabin fever. :)

  9. Wow, that is unbelievable. I'll trade you some sunshine for a little snow, not that much but a little :) BTW love the car

  10. Since you-all voted Santorum out of office, conservative Republicans have chosen your part of the state to prove that global warming is a hoax. Sorry.

    By the way, you made my top Entrecard dropper list again. Thanks!

  11. Goodness me, Ann! That is a lot of snow. We've only had light snow so far. I hope you don't have far to go to work...

  12. Holy Roly Polar Bears that's a LOT of snow!!! I will say the view is very pretty but having grown up with plenty the white stuff myself, I can also empathetically agree with enough already! Can't help you with the sun, but how about a virtual hug instead? :o)

  13. I sure am glad we don't have that much snow around here. We have just enough for the girls and I to play in. We do need some sun also.
    Good luck with the new snow.

  14. I WILL, I WILL! Actually, we are expecting a whole INCH of snow tonight :o

    Then, bitter cold. Sun is coming ... don't worry Ü

  15. OhMANNN!!! I Couldn't DO that much snow!!! Brave Woman!!! Sending HEAT your way sweetie!hughugs

  16. Lol! I love the way you put the red arrows Ann! It is a very thick snow! Hope you don't have to clear it by yourself!

  17. Ann that's horrible and I certainly hope we only get a small amount Getting to old for all that shoveling. I am ready for Spring.

  18. Could you send a little my way.I wouldn't mind some!!!

  19. Don, gee you're all heart

    Me-Me I never heard of snow ice cream. I'll have to look into that

    Nessa I've got cob webs too

    WillOaks I wish I could hunker down

    Lin yes ENOUGH

    Beaded tail, mid 50's would feel like a heat wave now

    Grace me too

    Sandee I'de welcome cabin fever over winter driving

    Poetic Shutterbug gladly trade a little. The car is from my husbands die cast collection

    FishHawk you could be right. I am not responsible for voting him out though

    Duni I work a 1/2 mile away from home but I'm someone elses transportation so it's a 40 minute drive in good weather

    Jen LOL I wish I had the holy roly poly polar bears then I'de have something to take pictures of besides snow

    Grampy I'm hoping the new stuff will go around us

    Vickie WOW an inch, I'll send you some of ours to go along with that

    Donna, I've been dreaming about moving somewhere warm believe me

    Vanilla nope I have help, my husband actually paid someone to plow out the end of the driveway yesterday because it was getting so bad and too hard to shovel any more

    Jude I'm getting too old for it too, my arms, legs back and everything else is aching

    Gayle I would be most happy to :)

  20. Oh, you need to go someplace warm and sunny. I'll go with you. I'm really over the whole winter, snowy, cold thing myself!

  21. commiserations on the snow Ann...we have the white stuff and the freezing temperatures too...I keep looking at the long range forecast hoping to see the temperatures climbing but as of yet no look....GOD I WANT SUMMER!!!!!!

  22. Thanks to your post, I am no longer feeling sorry for myself with the couple of inches we got this morning. I think if we got that much snow, my deck would fall down. Good luck, I hope it melts soon :).

  23. WOW that is a ton of snow. I was complaining about 3 to 4 inches. I wish I could send you sunshine but sorry I don't have any either.

  24. Woof! Woof! Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday. YES!!! SNOW SNOW SNOW. My family did not expect the cold snowy weather especially getting back from a warm long restful holiday break. Anyway, I do enjoy it ... had lots of playtime. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  25. Holy cow, ann! I thought we had a lot of snow a few weeks ago, but you've got us beat. The icy crust is no fun...I feel for you. Stay warm and safe.

  26. Buggys, pack your bag, we're outta here :)

    allotments4you, I want summer too

    Anne, well I'm glad that by being burried in snow I was able to make you feel

    B Boys Mom, no one seems to have any sunshine

    SGR I don't share your enthusiasm for the white

    earthtoholly, I'm sure trying, more snow expected tonight too.


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