Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow day

It has done nothing but snow non stop since yesterday. I've been watching it pile up all day long hoping that we would see an end but no such luck. We've been out shoveling 3 times already today. On top of the snow there is that howling wind that just makes it all seem that much worse.

I thought that maybe today could be a Duke post, but no such luck. He's settled in with his pops on the couch and I don't think he's budging

I guess instead I'll just bore you with some ramblings.
I never did tell you what I got for Christmas. I can cross two things off my wish list thanks to my husband and daughter.
Wade bought me this

And Amanda got me this

If you can't see from the picture this is a Scor-pal. It's used for scoring paper for more precise folds. The kaleidoscope program I have has several video tutorials for making different things and they use this and I just thought it was the coolest thing.
Pay no attention to the strange woman with bad hair holding my gifts. I have no idea where she came from.

And one last thing, although I don't have a picture of it and it wasn't actually a gift. Every year I get a bonus at work. Every year I put it in the bank and it gets used for bills or other household expenses. This year I spent the whole thing on ME. You may have heard me before talking about wanting a DSLR camera. I've been drooling over them forever. Well, that's what I used my bonus on. We walked out of the store and I actually felt sick to my stomach for spending that much money on myself and was tempted to turn around and take it back. This of course, was hysterically funny to Wade. I can't help it, I just felt terribly irrisponsible for doing it. Once I got it home and started playing around with it I fell in love. The first picture I posted today was taken with the new camera. I can not believe the difference in the quality. I still feel a little queasy about buying it though.


  1. Duke is a very smart little fella if you ask me. He certainly has his priorities straight.

    As for the bad hair day. I'll give you a run for your money on that one. I'm always complaining about my hair.

    Spending money on you is a very healthy thing. You don't do it all the time, so enjoy what you've been wanting. I think it's great.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Thanks for the visit to my post today. I hope your greatly enjoy your camera. I sympathize with your uneasiness about buying it. I am where you were - want one but haven't spent the money yet.
    The photo of your Duke is very nice - clear and great colors. Not to mention, cute!

  3. Sandee, if nothing else Duke does know how to kick back and take it easy. I guess I could learn a lot from him :)

    Sande You're welcome. I enjoyed your blog very much. I started out small with this camera. It's about as cheap as they come but it's quite a step up for me.

  4. Congratz on the brand new laptop Ann! :D
    Have a blessed New Year to you and your family :)

  5. Looks like you got some really great gifts!!!!

  6. Duke is cute as can be once again! Your gifts were wonderful! The photo is great - what kind of DSLR did you get? I need one too and am checking them all out.

  7. Hi Ann! Wow I guess you'd bought a higher level DSLR camera. I can't wait to see more pictures from it. Congrats Ann!

    Kiss Duke for me Ann he's so adorable. I want him to meet someone soon. lol..

  8. Wow, you got some good stuff for Christmas. I'm very envious of your camera.

  9. Look at Duke! How cute is he?? What kind of camera did you get???! I'm anxious to hear about it! And don't feel guilty about it--you DESERVE it!!

  10. I also want to have a DSLR camera Ann! Whew! Sometimes, it's a good thing to buy something for yourself as a return for your hard work.


  11. Lots of snow, ice, cold and wind here too! My back doesn't enjoy it - but it's been a great excuse for some extra couch time this past week!

    Enjoy the DSLR - we upgraded last spring and the difference is really remarkable!

  12. Well it is an adorable picture of Duke so the money spent is totally justified Ann....I mean how can you return it after that!!! And the prezzies...WOW!!! a laptop and a ummm well a ummm...well what counts is that you get things on your wish list My biggest prezzies this year was a pair of UGG boots!! :-)

  13. About the new camera: well done, Ann!! You deserve it and we all will enjoy it: the photo of Duke is great!

  14. Those are really great AND useful gifts, Ann!!! And why not spend your bonus money on yourself? Your earned it! Enjoy your gifts and your camera. That picture of Duke is so very adorable!

  15. Peas in a pod, aren't we girl? *Laugh* Duke looks most content; I don't blame him for skipping his chance to post (actually, now I that I look at him, I want a nap). Seems your cool new camera doesn't have that sickly yellow tinge to the photos; mine doesn't either - isn't that wonderful?? Hope the snow stops soon!

  16. What, no PS3 or Xbox? Not even a Wii? Well, at least you got that great camera to chronicle the depths of Duke's despair over such.

    By the way, it has been snowing for the past two day here, as well. Our accumulation is only around four inches so far, however. I suppose you-all who live with lake-effect would consider that to be a light dusting.

  17. Don't feel guilty about the camera, you totally deserve it! And the photo of Duke is awesome. We use a Canon DSLR here.

  18. Nice gifts, adorable photo of DUKE and I want to know what camera you got???? Tell me details???? :-)

  19. You made out like a bandit! Have fun with all your new toys. Duke looks so snuggly, I'm glad you chose not to disturb him. We are on day 4 with non-stop snow here too along the Lake Michigan snowbelt. Is it ever going to stop?

  20. I love your dog...he is so cute! You received some incredible gifts. I have never heard of a Scor-pal; I'm going to go and check that out! :)

  21. Hey! Good for you! You totally deserve it. I understand the guilt. Even though it is your well deserved money it's hard to lay that much out for something just for you. I felt the same way when I bought mine recently and I had used my craft show earnings on it.

  22. Looks like someone had a very Merry Christmas! Wish we could have at least gotten a little bit of snow. You guys are being bombarded with too much and we haven't gotten any.


  23. Enjoy the new camera. Think of it as an investment, you can use it to take top quality photos for your blog. We had snow all weekend. I am glad that it has finally stopped although my car still can not get out of the driveway.

  24. i know the queezy feeling that you're talking about. i don't know how long it's been that i have bought something for myself. it's just that there are way more important things to spend my money on, like food and shelter. i know, boring, but that's how it is. have an awesome day my friend...hugz!

  25. Guilt? Nonsense, you worked hard for that money. Enjoy a little why don't you. The picture of Duke is beautiful, clear intense colors and lots of detail.
    Bad hair? You wanna see bad hair lady? Just look in my mirror!

  26. Yaaahooooo!!! Wow, you had a wonderful Christmas. Glad to see you put your bonus to good use and bought yourself something really nice.

  27. Now I am jealous. Sounds like everyone either wants a DSLR Camera or has one. Maybe it is time for a present for me.

  28. All right Ann. I have an idea. Join us at the Casino. That always brightens things up. So Far it is Margie from Marge and Edna's, I think PJ, me of course.
    Casino is always a winner. I always have fun. I don't usually win either.

  29. Vanilla, thanks I've been wanting one for awhile, my husband must have got tired of listening to me :)

    Gayle, yep couldn't have asked for anything better

    beaded tail from the looks of your photos I thought you already did

    January I went from point and shoot to low end DSLR all I could afford

    Ratty, I've had camera envy

    Lin I keep trying to tell myself that

    Junezach I suppose I was over due

    Bonehead I hear you about the back. I've already noticed a big difference in quality

    Allotments4you, LOL you crack me up. UGG boots, cool

    Fullet very true if I can figure it all out now

    Duni, you're right, I am the one who worked for it

    Jen yes we are

    FishHawk, actually I wanted a Wii and you're right, just a dusting

    Daisy, I'm trying to get over the guilt

    DKMiller coming in my next post

    Sheri It doesn't look like it, snow in the forecast all week

    A Marie yep he's a cutie alright

    Lenox Knits yeah it sure is

    Roschelle, I'll send you

    Anne my husband said I should find a way to make money with it so it can pay for itself :)

    PJ I hear ya, I just hope I don't end up having to literally kick myself in the butt for this one

    Buggys yes I did and I do love it

    Grampy, go for it, WOOOOHOOO that sounds like a great time.

  30. Woohoo, cool gifts! The photo of Duke using your new camera is just gorgeous! I'm so happy for you ... that you treated yourself. NOW, enjoy it. One of these days I think I'll get the camera of my dreams, maybe ;)

  31. Vickie, yep probably the best I've done in a long I'm certainly working on the enjoying part.


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