Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go away, I'm watching football

I'm not the one watching football. It's Duke. I could if I wanted to but it's never really held my interest long enough to make me want to.

He was doing everything possible to avoid looking at me and my camera. Since he was busy with the game I went in search of other things to do.
Check out these shadows on my bedroom blinds.

Nope, no messages

Here fishy fishy fishy

Orange you glad you stopped by for a slice of my day

In case you're wondering that's a piece of a dried orange slice. What do you want? I've taken enough pictures of my backyard and icicles.


  1. I hope things warm up for you soon. Those icicles look cold as all get out.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. :)

  2. I love when animals avoid eye contact like that. It shows they have a will of their own, and the intelligence to use it. I don't watch football either, because my team is the Lions.

  3. He's a cutie and typical guy. Though I'm like that with football too :D That dried orange slice is pretty cool. Very abstract and unique. Those shadows outside your window - hmmm mysterious

  4. Hello Duke, who won? The fish - yeah that's my idea of a pet.

  5. wow, those icicles... they look pretty creepy ya. loving your photos! :)

  6. Those icicles are huge. Never interrupt a man watching football. Even a doggy man.

  7. Sandee, we are expecting to reach the freezing mark on wednesday

    Ratty Duke definitely has a will of his own :)

    Poetic shutterbug I've tried to watch it I really have, just can't do it for very long

    Miawa, Duke says New England lost and that's what's

    Nessa, I knocked them down after I took that picture

    Anne, yep they sure were, you should have seen them shatter when they hit the ground. it was kind of

  8. These photos made me chuckle cause I can imagine what it's like to find things in the house to take photos of when it's too dang cold to go outside! I do like your photos though!

  9. Those were great pictures. I have to admit that I'm like Duke...I hate to have my picture taken. I was also busy watching the game between my beloved Packers and those pesky birds.

  10. Love the picture of the shadows on your window blinds!

  11. The orange slice shot is really artistic - it's interesting how lighting can change the overall image of almost anything.

    Hopefully you'll get some more sun to change the image of the ice and snow!

  12. Duke is pretty serious huh! Don't disturb lol!

    you really are on the go with your new DSLR Ann, as expected you have an eye for photography..

    have a nice day!


  13. That's a very good close up on the dried orange slice.

  14. Inside or outside--looks like your putting the new camera through it's paces!! How cool...and I immediately recognized the icicles...useless to knock them down around here...they are a chronic condition AND might hurt someone on the way down!

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I think I took about 50 pictures of ice yesterday (mostly 'cause we never have any :o) I think that orange slice looks pretty neat! Too funny about Duke - I have trouble with the horses getting all up in the camera (want to know how many pictures I have of giant eyeballs and nosehairs?? :o) Keep shooting girl, your photos are terrific!

  16. Yep, cabin fever is setting in.

  17. Looks like you are having so much fun with your camera! Keep snapping and I actually like the orange slice. It's artistic!

  18. I like to watch football, too! But now that my favorite team is out of the playoffs, I don't watch any more.

  19. You made an uneventful day very extraordinary! Great insight Ann ...

  20. That icicles at the windows looks dangerous...

  21. the dried orange slice looks like a rolled up caterpillar!! I love the pic of the blind...very eerie!!!

  22. Yes the blinds did look very eerie! Fun post.

  23. Very clever wrap up

  24. Hey Duke, Did you see that winning touch down by the Cardinals?

    Please tell me those aren't the fangs of some scary giant monster that stalks your neighborhood. Yikes!!!

  25. Ok love the pictures!! you need to get outside!!!;)

  26. Ann, how old is Duke? Bill picked out Obie who is a Westie also. How long did it take for Duke to actually grow fur and do you have to get them clipped? I've been trying to read up on them and so far Obie seems like a nice little guy.

  27. Silly as it is, I like the orange the best. Nice shadows.

  28. Beaded tail yeah think I may have scraped bottom of the barrel with the answering

    Tahtimbo I'm sure Duke was watching that one too

    Buggys I thought they looked pretty cool

    Bonehead yeah I liked the orange slice

    January yep he's one of the guys

    Jam, thanks

    willoaks umm yeah, I broke one of DH's outside speaker stands when I knocked those down

    Jen Well I figure if I take tons of pictures at least a couple have to end up worth keeping

    FishHawk you betcha!

    Sheri I am having a ton of fun with it

    Daisy aww too bad about your team, Duke's is out too

    Vickie I don't know about extraordinary but if you say so :)

    Allotments4you rolled up caterpillar huh?

    B Boys Mom eerie indeed

    Grace why thank you

    Me-Me OMG I have a neighborhood monster? I'll never be able to sleep tonight now knowing he's out there :)

    Gayle, yes I most certainly

    Jude Duke is almost 3, I don't know how long it took but yes have to get them clipped. He should get done every 2 or 3 months but I'm lucky if I take him every 6. He gets very shaggy looking but he's kind of cute that way. Duke is an absolute doll, he's so entertaining, tons of energy sometimes too much for

    Lin yep me too, the orange was my fav

  29. We had the icicles hanging down from our roof too! Had to move the car ;-)
    It's not nice being cooped up--but Duke seems to enjoy himself :)

  30. These are some really great pics. Nice job!

  31. Great pics. Love the orange. Duke is cute. I just got home from a 1000 mile trip just to watch football. :-)

  32. Duni, I think Duke could entertain himself no matter where he is

    Roschelle, thanks, I've taken some really stupid ones too

    DKMiller oh that's right, looking forward to reading all about it.

  33. I like the shaggy look so I probably wouldn't do a lot of trims unless of course he just keeps growing


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