Friday, March 30, 2012


Even though this has been a short work week for me, it's been a busy one and I am so glad that it's over with. I doubt that the weekend will have much time for rest and relaxation however. So many things on the agenda and I don't hold much hope for getting to all of them.
I didn't spend much time last night making the rounds to see all of you but I promise to catch up soon. It was just one of those evening when sitting in front of my computer was not very appealing. I'm having a lot of those lately.
Recently I have been reading a lot about the benefits of vitamin D-3. On a recent shopping trip I wandered down the vitamin isle in hopes of finding the fountain of youth in a bottle. Obviously there is no such thing. I did however pick up a bottle of these.

Contains red wine extract. So now I can have my daily serving of wine in the morning before heading off to work. I like that.
How sad is it thought that  I've gotten to the point where I'm buying things that support key areas of health that often decline with age?

I think I shall just ignore that part and focus on the red wine extract. Cheers!


  1. Gosh, it's wine with all the fun of drinking it taken away! I hope it helps! What next, beer capsules?

  2. Both Arlynda and her mother take the stuff, but they won't share any with me. No, I have no idea why not.

  3. Let me know if it works, I sure could do with a kick from something, I feel so lethargic sometimes.
    Not that I'm moaning, my life is still wonderful compared to others in the world.
    Have a good weekend

  4. almost ALL of me is declining with AGE... I will be watching you to see if this bottle Works! if it does I will try it. but then i already take so many supplements i have to use my toes with my fingers to count them.

  5. Well I learn something new every day - wine in capsules - very interesting and yes I have been hearing about the Vitamin D3 too.

  6. I have been taking 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 faithfully every day for the past three years. I swear by them for helping me keep from getting sick and I work in a major hospital! I haven't had more than a slight cold since I started taking them.

  7. I wouldn't buy that product, just because of those words on the label.

  8. Hopefully it will work! Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Ann, Vit. D is one of the several vitamins I take... I certainly believe in them... One reason I haven't had a cold (until recently) since 2008 is because I the Vit. C pill I take everyday...

    Vit. D especially is needed by women--especially as we age.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I would never have thought that would be in there! Maybe we should just go straight to the red wine and get a bigger benefit faster! :)

  11. Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. I've started taking vitamins everyday now. Vitamin D3 is one of them. My doc mentioned I needed it because I can't get sun like I use to. I've never heard of wine being in vitamins...interesting.
    Happy weekend Ann!

  12. Red wine sounds good to could be considered a fountain of youth, if used "correctly" :-)
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  13. I'm glad the weekend is here. We are currently on a boating weekend so I've not visited like I would like either.

    I love your view of the wine. And before work too.

    Have a terrific weekend. :)

  14. Wine in a pill? Vitamin D in a pill? Well, I have about an inch of wine a year somewhere, and I'll keep going outside for the D.

  15. Uh oh. I'm almost afraid to ask what those areas are! I'm drinking Metamucil now...that's bad enough.

  16. I"ve been taking D for some time now. And for wine tablets??? I'll take the real thing!


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