Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've been tagged.

JP from A quiet corner tagged me and I had to answer 11 questions. These were kind of tough and I chose to take a lighthearted approach to my answers.

You leave tomorrow morning for your excursion so you only have today to prepare.  YOU are climbing Mt Everest

 and I want to know:

1.  What is in your backpack/sack that you will be taking with you?
Well naturally my camera will be in my bag and since I'm climbing a mountain I'm assuming that I'm going to be needing a supply of some kind of pain reliever. 
2.  When everyone runs out of food, would you share what food you have?
So long as I'm not down to my last chocolate bar I would be more than happy to share my food.
3.  In your mind, what is at the top?
In my mind, I am at the top already finished with the climb
4.  Where will you sleep tonight?
Tonight I will be sleeping in my nice warm comfortable bed. 
5.  A storm is forecast for the day of the climb.  What will you do to help the others in your party?
Probably the nicest thing I can do to help them if there is a storm on the way is to stay home.
6.  One party member was injured and had to be left behind on a cliff's edge...why?
because no one felt like carrying them? 
7.  Do you have any climbing experience?
Nope, so maybe I should stay behind :)
8.  Did you offer to stay with the injured party?
If there is blood and or broken protruding bones, no I didn't. 
9.  Do you have/know any life saving skills?
Other than knowing how to dial 911 nope
10.The guide becomes blind, what would you do?
stop following him
11.You are exhausted, freezing and weather beaten...yet hours away from the summit, how do you energize yourself?
Oh no, I think I'm in serious trouble now. Hopefully I'll wake up and realize it's all a dream and I'm still in my warm comfortable bed

Now I'm supposed to come up with 11 questions and tag 11 people. Instead I'll just give all of  you one question.
Since I really don't care to climb a mountain, I need you to bail me out of this trip. Where will you take me instead?


  1. Your answer to #10 cracked me up ;-)
    I would take you to this gorgeous animal sanctuary in the south of Germany - plus you could bring Duke along!!

  2. I would definitely take you to the ocean where we will find plenty of food, free WiFi, a first aide tent and yes, Duke can go with us, too !

  3. Ann, Loved your answer to #10, it was my favorite and made me laugh before heading off to work. In answer to your question, I'd take you to the Holland/Germany bordering towns so you could snap pictures of windmills, thatched roof houses, canals, castles, so picturesque that area is. Wanna go?

  4. i was tagged and my answer was quick and simple, no way no how would i even even consider climbing Mt Everest or any other dangerous mountain. i like nice safe trails, but only if it is close to a nice soft bed. you did good with your answeres, so creative.

  5. I was laughing when I read the answer to number 2 and 10. Center city Philadelphia would be a nice place to take you. There are plenty of historical places for you to snap lots of pictures.

  6. That's an easy question! I'd take you to the ice cream parlor!

  7. I'm not going either. I'll be in my nice warm, comfortable bed just like you.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  8. I think we should go to Paris - with an unlimited budget. I think it would be a most wonderful place to walk around, then there is the Louvre and the Gardens of Versailles. Yes - Paris, definitely.

    Or, with our unlimited budget perhaps a leisurely tour through Southern Italy with a side trip to Capri...

  9. Hahahaaa....fun answers!

    BALI, Baby!!! Sun, Ocean breeze...icy cold drink...and Johnny Depp rubbing suntan lotion on us...
    Oh yeah!

  10. Those answers were great! I agree with Debbie, the answer to # 10 was priceless :)
    In the middle of winter, how about we all take a cruise to the Bahamas. That's fun!

  11. Hello!

    Where would you like to go? And Duke of course! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  12. That's a fun meme! How about a sunny beach?

  13. Heehee I would answer similarly! Then I'd take you to away to a cozy log cabin on a lake somewhere - no mountain climbing needed.

  14. Ann, you are so funny. I would take you to Big Bend (that's in Texas). We can climb little mountains, see the river, look for mountain lions, and hope we don't see any rattle snakes.

    That would be better than Mt. Everest.

  15. Okay - I am so glad that it was a dream - that was getting tough! lol sandie

  16. I laughed at #10 too! Sadie and I will go with you and Duke to a quiet beach where we can relax and drink Naked juice while guys with big palm leaves fan us!

  17. LOVE your answers! That is a dumb scenario. Who the heck signs up to freeze your hiney off to go hiking? That's nuts.

    I'm with you--I say let's all go back down and party with the Sherpas. I'm sure they have some flasks full of something yummy!

  18. I'm with you. I'd rather climb that mountain in my dream. Great post!

  19. Your answers are great Ann!

    I do believe I would take you away to Disney World. It's the happiest place on earth!!

  20. Cute post, Ann. I LOVE your answers...If I were asked the question, what is at the top?, I'd say that my mountain cabin was sitting on the top of that mountain, with a waterfall nearby. (Just wish I could find it!!!! ha ha )


  21. Can't believe I'm this late commenting! I would take you to New York City! We could shop all day...unlimited funds of course! Eat all kinds of food and while eating we can people watch! Duke will be with Roxy, Rambo and Rocket in Central Park playing with my hubby and son. How's that??? If not NY you could just come visit me and Florida and we drive down and pick up Sandra and go get into some trouble. LOL


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