Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Asked and answered

Today I'll answer questions that were in yesterday's comments.

First the pictures. Here is the whole crystal kissing ball. No sunshine when I took this picture and it was rather dreary so the picture didn't come out too good.

Same ball different angle.

Ginny asked if I have ever actually kissed under it. The answer would be no. It's hanging rather low and right up against the wall. It's also above the ktichen counter so it would be very difficult if not impossible to stand underneath it.

Sandra wanted to know and see what a crystal kissing ball looked like so there are the pictures up above. She also wanted to know what the spot was on the wall. I'm embarrassed to say that after I wrote the post I forgot to go down and clean the spot off the wall. I did however wipe it off before I took this picture. I don't know what it was but it wiped off pretty easy.


  1. Sandra and I are really curious, and I am so glad you answered us! Now, on to my other questions. This post must set a record for that. Did you put the beautiful plant there, or do they come like this? Where do you find such a thing? I bet you decorated it yourself. Now let's see what Sandra thinks.

  2. that's impressive, never seen one before. Very pertty.

  3. now we KNOW you pay attention to our comments. it really is pretty, i have not seen one before. you know i love crystal anything. if your spot was on our wall, it would be one of two things. Jake laps water and food and it flies everywhere, leaving spots on walls and glass tables and bob the man taking blood thinners leaves blood spots any where and every where... you could lay on the counter with your head under the kissing ball.... if you do use the timer on your camera please

  4. Your kissing ball is beautiful!

  5. WOW this looks really gorgeous Ann.
    Dr Sonia

  6. I'm gonna assume those are fake flowers? They look really nice in the photos...

  7. It is very pretty. I would love to have one to entertain the cats. lol

  8. I think these would do very well at craft shows. Happy spring

  9. I've heard of holly but not a kissing ball. I don't think I need one though.

    I'm going to go check my kitchen walls now.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  10. A kissing ball? Well, that's something I never knew existed. I might need one!

  11. I never have heard of this, but need them all over my home

  12. That would look nice with Sandra's other crystal items!


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