Sunday, April 29, 2018


I hate insurance companies. Today I have a rant about my insurance.

First off when Wade's job was eliminated so was his health insurance that was paid for by his employer. In order for him to keep what he had it would cost us $1700 a month. I was able to get health insurance through where I work at a cost of $200 per week. Big savings to us but that is roughly half of my paycheck.

Now on to the ENT appointment and the issue of allergy testing.

4/16 I had my first appointment with the ENT
4/17 I called the insurance company to find out if the testing was covered. She said yes but certain criteria had to be met and she would mail out the information to me.
4/21 the letter arrived with a cover sheet, a non-discrimination statement and a sheet filled with various foreign languages.
4/23 I call the insurance company again. This one says she will email me the information. I will have it in 24-48 hours. Really? an email takes that long?
4/25 the ENT calls to ask if I still want the testing done. I explain that I'm waiting for the insurance company. She says she will hold on to it and call me again on Monday. In the meantime, she explains that I have a $500 deductible of which 0 has been met and the appointment will cost me $200
Later that day the email arrived and then on 4/27 the regular mail had the letter that was supposed to be sent out the first time. If you can read the date on the cover sheet it's April 17th.

I just really hate insurance companies. I pay all that money every week and still have to pay on top of that. There is just something wrong with the whole system.


  1. Yes. We are sick anyway, and then have to deal with all of this. So did you get the testing? What are you allergic to?????

  2. I get so tired and frustrated at Ins. companies. It is like a game to them and our health is at risk.

  3. it is hard to type while GASPING in horror at what you have to pay for your insurance.. i had no idea it cost that much since we are on Medicare and it cost 250.00 per month out of our SS checks, that is for both of us. even with that we have copays for everything we had to choose HMO which limits where and who and what is done. i could rant all day... this is just totally mind blowing, the letter, the co pay, and the thing is with the allergy testing you will most likely find out nothing that will help

  4. Our insurance, for both of us is not quite that high but getting there quickly, our deductible is $350 each or $700 for the 2 of us combined. I'm sure we could pay less if we had Medicare but honestly Medicare is so complicated we just pay the money.

    I have to be honest, we have never had a coverage/payment issue with our health insurance or had to contact them about anything. So we are lucky there, but years ago when I did benefits administration for the company I worked for, and processed medical claims - oy! So this is not a new problem, it has always existed.

    Perhaps a single payer plan, as they have in most civilized countries, is most definitely the way to go but I doubt it will ever happen here in our lifetimes.

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  6. Yep...high as he$$!! $1700??? Omg...
    Is he having any luck finding work? That truly sucks!!
    Yes...I also hate insurance companies.
    Sending prayer!!!

  7. We pay 900.00 between the two of us, but we're not having these issues. Our medical people deal with what is covered or not. We don't have to do this work.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. Yes there is something wrong with the system. Other countries have insurance for everyone and the people seem to like it. Why can't we come up with a plan other than letting all the illegal people get medical covered. Are taxes are paying for them to be seen. What about us???

  9. Oh my! Those rates are high! Then even so you have to do the leg work to see what's covered and what's not? Crazy! Since my hubby works for a self insured regional medical center that includes 5 hospitals and every kind of clinic under the sun, we don't have this issue. I tend to forget how fortunate we are and I'll be sure to let him know the next time his minions cause so much stress he wants to quit!

  10. Oh I feel your pain! Wilson is on Medicare and with supplemental plus extra drug coverage it's still a hunk of $'s - plus I pay for my plain almost $800 per month - with a $1,000 deductible and only a reimbursement of $500 on drugs - insurance companies are a racket but we need them and they know it!

    Good luck with you allergy testing - I'm betting you will allergic to dust mites which is something you just can't see or get rid of [westies and dogs can have allergies to them as well] - and have you considered it might be an intolerance to gluten? As always I have a love/hate relationship with spring and if you don't hear anything else from me you know my sinuses have exploded!

    take care my friend - Katie

  11. Tat was a reason to go back after retiring. I am on medicare now. Thought those pine cones were similar to your shots

  12. Boo! You're damned if you do have insurance and damned if you don't.


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