Saturday, October 8, 2022

I don't like being that way but...

...sometimes you have to just give it right back. We have a customer who occasionally comes in the store and she is by far the meanest, nastiest person I have ever encountered. I think she picks and tries to belittle people just for fun. Every time she comes in she will ask to sample the salads. Every time she tries them and finds something wrong with them and doesn't buy any. The last time she was in, the deli manager was making subs for her and she was so incredibly nasty the deli manager was almost in tears. I give her credit for biting her tongue and not lashing back.
I on the other hand am not so good at that. She was in yesterday and the deli manager jokingly went and hid. I said don't worry about it I'll wait on her.

The conversation went a little like this
Ms. Nasty: I want to taste the potato salad
Me: Its the same salad that we always have, same recipe and we don't do samples any more.
Ms. Nasty gives me the evil eye and says is that chicken salad?
Me: Yes it is ma'am and it was made yesterday
Her: I just want to make a sandwich do you have Amish butter cheese
Me: Yes we do ma'am and I picked it up to slice the 2 slices she asked for.
Her: Is that the Amish butter cheese?
Me; Yes it is ma'am
Her I want some ham, 
Me Which ham?
Her what have you got?
I show her chopped ham, cooked ham, baked ham and she says stop right there I'll take the chopped ham and I want it shaved.
Me how much do you want
Her I don't know enough for a sandwich, like 4 slices
I start to slice and the way I've always done it is to catch the meat coming off the slicer with a gloved hand.
Her I want that on a paper
Me Yes ma'am, I've got it right here I was just going to put it on the paper and put it up on the scale. 
Her No, you are touching it with your hand, I don't like anyone touching my food.
Mind you she had no problem with me touching the cheese I had sliced.
Me That's why I have a glove on
Her I don't know where that glove has been
Me: I put this on new just to wait on you. and this is the way I was taught to do this.
I put meat on slicer and she says that's not enough. I say how much more do you want?
Her, I don't know I can't see it
Me: Well I can show you but I'm going to have to touch it again.
I finally looked at her and said Ma'am, I'm not stupid and I know how to do my job.
She said I never said you were stupid
I said your acting like I am and I really don't need to be treated like this. 

Needless to say, I was quite rude with her. She had it coming and the deli manager appreciated the fact that I took care of her. The woman walked away with a scowl. The cashier however said that she didn't say one word when she was checking out.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Even with what you sad, you were still polite!! You did not say any of it in a rude manner. I hope she never returns.

Sandi said...

Seems to me she is a woman in pain. What brought her to this way of treating people? Who knows. Maybe next time you see her she will be different.

Rose said...

One really does wonder what makes people the way they are...I thought at first it was hoing to be like this old customer we used to have...he was a backdoor customer...came in back of the bakery and always came in and talked. And always a bit if what I thought was a nast attitude to me...i finally came back with a nasty cracknto.him...and how he loved it. That was what he wanted was to get a reaction.. i was his favorite person then.

Lori said...

It doesn't sound to me like you were that rude. She certainly deserved your answers and responses. SHE was rude and sounds like a very unhappy person.

Sandee said...

One miserable old woman. There are so many angry people out there. More than ever. I choose not to be one of these angry people.

You did a great job. I wonder how she'll treat you the next time she comes in? Better is my guess.

Have a fabulous day off, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥

DeniseinVA said...

Oh boy, you deserve a medal! Great job on handling that difficult customer.

Grace said...

You don't sound rude at all...working the deli counter is, to my mind, the worst job. But as a customer I can be picky - like the time a poorly trained clerk (or one who didn't give a sh*t) sliced a pound of roast beef, at $14.99 a pound, in slivers, which is NOT how it was asked to be sliced, then squeezed it into a ball and shoved it in a bag. My husband accepted that but when I saw it I marched right back, asked for the manager, and demanded properly sliced and packaged roast beef. Yeah, I can be the the a$$hole customer.

betty said...

I think you handled it very well, Ann. I do feel sorry for people like here. She is so miserable she has to take it out on others. I can imagine she probably has no friends and her family has abandoned her.


happyone said...

Makes you wonder why some people are so rude.
Sometimes if you are super nice to people like this it turns them around. It is very hard to be mean to people who are very nice.
I delivered Meals On Wheels and one lady was so very rude to me. It took a while but I kept being nice and doing little things for her. She ended up being so nice and even told me jokes after a while.

Secondary Roads said...

Well done, Ann.

Donna said...

Sounds old, lonely and pissed at how her life turned out…
I’m sorry she’s not brave enough to allow herself to be kind, and took it out on you.
There’s been so much sadness lately…
Big hug to you💗

Ida said...

Oh wow some people just don't have a clue how they come off to others and this lady appears to be one of them. Good for you for dealing with her.

Jeanette said...

She needed to be put in her place1 You shouldn't have to put up with people like that. If no one stands up to them they just keep on being nasty!

Pam said...

There was nothing wrong with what you said, but yes, I know all too well that what we say can say a lot!! However, me being the type of person that will bite my tongue till I have had enough, I understand how when you get to that point, it is hard to keep that TONE out of your voice. Frankly, if this is the person you deal with often, this is how she behaves to the staff when she comes in all the time, then I think maybe it was time for someone to put her in her place. Let up on yourself.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, I'm sorry you have to deal with her. However, I believe she got the point with your answers. Hopefully she will be better next time.

Josie said...

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