Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where have you been?

Last month when we drove to St. Mary's Pennsylvania I snapped a few pictures along the way.
When I looked at this one it just made me think of the question, where have you been? Put a camera in my hand and I'll take a picture of anything whether it's good or not.

We pulled over so Wade could run in a store for a pack of cigarettes and while I was waiting I snapped this picture.

I'm not sure if this is someones house or something else but I love the looks of it. Had to take a picture of it this time.

So that's all I've got today. I do have several ideas for posts the only problem is it involves taking some pictures first. Tomorrow is Friday though so maybe I'll have the extra time to do them. Have a great night and wonderful day tomorrow.


zizzybob said...

I love that house yet it creeps me out at the same time.

Sheri said...

You sound so much like me. My camera goes everywhere with me. Love that house at the bottom! Just think of the cool things you could do with the inside and outside of such a magnificent home! Love it!

VanillaSeven said...

The house you took look pretty interesting. I wish can have a closer look :)

Sandee said...

I'd love to snoop around in that last picture. Inside and out. Way cool.

You have a terrific Friday and weekend. :)

Nessa said...

That looks like a haunted house! Looks abandoned cos of the leaves and the house color but I see a truck parked outside.

Checking the US map to find Pennsylvania :)

BeadedTail said...

I like the photos of where you've been! That house is really interesting but it looks pretty scary too. Great photos!

Roschelle said...

I love pics. That last one is really interesting. I wonder if it's actually someone's house. I bet the inside is incredible

turisuna said...

I like to take some pictures too, but I'm not sure to put them in net yet, I think I have to choose some of them first before make new site to put them :)
Btw that house looks good on pic, but I'm not sure if I want to stay inside of it :P

FishHawk said...

Nope, I never made it through St. Marys. It looks like I missed a wonderful place. I have, however, been south of there a few thousand times on I-80.

Grampy said...

You have to love that house.It has to have a ghost or two hanging around.I would love to explore it.I have the progresso soup post.Now I have to see if I can get my wife to make some home made.

Angela said...

That is a beautiful house, and you have such a good eye!
Hope that you have a great weekend:)

jude8753 said...

I love that style house and the photo is great. The house looks kind of lonely to me.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

My camera is more important to me than my wallet. It goes everywhere with me. I love the shot of that house. It almost looks like some sort of castle. Very cool.

Tanya Walton said...

I love the first pic....the way it has captured where you are going but also where you have been...was it an intentional shot??? Very cool!!!!

Grace said...

I like that house too - I got a thing for castles...

vickie said...

My fav is the mirror pic ... the house is elegant but spooky. Great photos, TFS!

Buggys said...

I enjoyed all of your pics today. The mirror one is kind of cool. That house or building anyway is fascinating. Makes me want to go inside and poke around.

Ann said...

Zizzybob, i know what you mean

Sherri tell me about it

Vanilla I would love to see the inside myself

Sandee me too, wanna go?

Nessa it does look like it could be haunted

Beaded tail best of both worlds huh :)

Roschelle maybe next time I'll try and find out more about it

turisuna I pick and choose which ones I'm willing to show, some are just too bad

Fishhawk I've been on I-80 many times

Grampy, if you're wife makes soup can I come over?

Angela thanks, sometimes I think I just get lucky

Jude maybe the house needs a good party

Poetic shutterbug I forget my camera too often then could kick myself for not having it

Tanyia actually it was intentional, gotta love it when a plan comes together

Grace it does look like a castle, I can see me living there too :)

Vickie I was kind of fond of the mirror one myself

Buggys glad you liked them. Maybe we should all get together and show up on their doorstep for a

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