Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dukey Day

Mom decided to give me another shot at blogging since you all left such nice comments on my last post.
Mom said that maybe I should call this a PUPlic service announcement. It's all about chewing. Like the picture says "A dogs gotta chew what a dogs gotta chew"

All the things in this picture with me are toys that are ok to chew. You can see that I play with my toys a lot. I loveeeeeeeee to chew and shake, then chew some more. There are things that a dog should never chew though.

Don't ever chew on mom's shoes

Don't worry, I didn't chew on these. I learned my lesson a long time ago when I first lived here that shoes were not toys. I just wanted to pass on what I learned.

I wish mom would change her mind though cuz it sure was fun playing with them shoes.

Bye everyone, maybe I'll get to blog again next week.


  1. You have learned your lessons very well. No chewing on mommies things. EVER. What a good student you are.

    Have a perfect day. :)

  2. Well, well, well - a Westie ... I too used to have a West Highland White she however wasn't a 'chewer.' Our dog that chewed the most when she was young was a Welsh Border Collie. She was my favourite of all the dogs as once she had got past the chewing phase she was unbelievably well behaved. As a pup though she managed to chew her way completely through a foam bed making a whole room full of tiny pieces of foam bubbles - can't tell you how long it took to get it all up!!! She chewed through several cushions and finally partially through a door. She was however teething so - I'd be a pretty poor sort of a person not to have forgiven her. Oh and the most unusual thing that she chewed through was a complete packet of butter ... how that relieved the teething problem I have no idea. Lol!!! May be she just enjoyed the flavour.

  3. Hi Dukey!

    Its really nice of you to pass your knowledge on to other dogs out there and it was nice for your mom to let you use her blog too.

  4. Good PUP Dukey! You're doing fine but just don't get tempted on MOM's shoes okey...

  5. That's fine work on that tennis ball. My old dog's favorite toy was a tennis ball. She never chewed hers though. She would chew on something only when it was time for revenge.

  6. You're very smart Duke to not chew on your Mom's shoes but then with all those neat chew toys there's really no need to! We hope you get to blog more often cause we enjoyed your puplic service announcement today!

  7. Duke, you are very cute. A great sub when mom's away.

  8. Duke, maybe you can just sniff the shoes real good instead of chewin' on them?

  9. Oh Duke! I do hope your mom has reserved regular slots for you. I love your post :) and good advice about the chewing too!

  10. I'm pretty sure you haven't chewed the things our Miss Annie has - like the entire windowsill on one of the windows in the great room - along with part of the drywall. Somebody had separation anxiety! Glad you didn't chew on your Momma's shoes. And you sure are a good looking pup!

  11. Very good advice indeed. I've lost a lot of good shoes to some pets I could name!

  12. What a cute post and I love the pictures.

  13. oh Duke...maybe you should ask Mom for a pair of your OWN shoes for christmas..that way you can have lots of fun!!

  14. Hahahaaa...Boy, do I remember THOSE days!!hughugs

  15. Duke is a cutie and I'm sure he learned his lesson well, my Shadow will not touch anything that is not his, but when he was small he thought the rug and anything he could get a hold of was fair game. Teach them well just like children and they really don't forget.

  16. Sandee I get an A+

    Kloggers I'm not a chewer except for my toys now that I know which are toys and which aren't

    Sadermaxx hi Sader I do what I can

    January nope won't touch moms shoes

    Ratty I like to rip the fur off tennis balls and take them apart

    Beaded tail yes I am smart. Moms thinking I can blog once a weeek maybe

    Roschelle I like being her sub

    Daisy I sniff a lot cuz mom brings home lots of good stuff on her work shoes from the bakery

    Duni thanks I think she's going to

    Split rock nope never did that

    Buggys my first summer here mom lost all her flip flops

    Allotments, I want LOTS of toys for Christmas

    Donna it's all good now, I'm over the bad ones

    Jude, yep, learned very well he's a good boy now.


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