Thursday, November 5, 2009

The sub

Mom sent me to fill in for her tonight. She says she's got nothing. Whatever that means. So what do you want to talk about today? I could chew your ear off if you want me to. Don't tell mom though because I chewed the eyes off my new stuffed toy and she didn't seem real impressed. Well mom will be back tomorrow and I think I'm going to go see if she wants to play with my new eyeless, unstuffed toy. Oh yeah after I chewed the eyes off of it, I shook the stuffing out of it too :)


  1. hahahhahahaa.. you are so funny! what's your name? cool shot by the way..

  2. Thats a great photo Ann. I love the black and white contrast of it. :)

  3. Well, chewing is what you are supposed to do. Tell mom that okay?

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. Mom's got nothing? NOTHING? I'm marking this day down in history...this HAS to be a first. lol

    Chewing the eyes off your new toy isn't a big deal - if Mom has a cow, tell her to contact the Queen. I can tell her loads of things my human offspring have done that are way worse.

    And if you like to unstuff your toys, you're always welcome over here. You'll fit right in...because none of us are stuffed right! :) xx

  5. you are so cute. maybe mom want be too upset!

  6. hahahaha.... that's funny Ann.. ask your mom for another...

    I love the photo...cute.. perfect!

  7. Awww, Duke you are such a little cutie! I don't think mom will mind too a matter of fact I bet if you gave her the eyes and the stuffing she could whip up some fantastic craft or another out of it!

  8. Just wanted to share...I have an award for you on my blog

    thanks for inspiring me!

  9. Aren't you a cutie! Why would a stuffed toy have eyes anyway? Doesn't make sense. Just go give her a lick and snuggle and her lap - she'll forgive you.

  10. Hey Duke....Bubba here. Sometimes my mom has nothing too. Humans can be so odd. My mom is always complaining because I leave all my stuffed toys laying around. She said she's tired of tripping over them. And as for the stuffing. What fun is it to shake those things so hard and nothing comes out? What's a little stuffing here and there. Humans!

  11. I never tried chewing the eyeballs off my toys before. I usually pull the tails off though.

  12. You're so cute you probably get away with doing whatever you want to do don't ya?

  13. What a beautiful photograph! I love the expression:)
    Have a great weekend:)

  14. Grace loves to get a new mousie toy--the first thing she does is soak it with spit and removes the eyeballs. Sounds like you've got feline partner in crime!

  15. Oh will get your self in LOTS of trouble!!!!!

  16. Good Shot Ann.Can't wait to get our puppy.Then she can share some of the work with me.Notice I said she.Grammy and Maya already set me straight.

  17. Awesome photo - is it just me or are the eyes blue? Well done.

  18. Yeah Mom may not have been real impressed at first but as soon as she sees your cute face I bet she doesn't really care. Give her a big kiss and she'll just laugh about it. I know I did when I read what you did!

  19. Just remind your mom that chewing is your JOB and that it's a small price to pay for having you pitch hit while she's "got nothing!" Besides, you're so cute, who could stay mad at you?

  20. Anny, my name is Duke. Mom thinks I'm funny too.

    Vanilla Thanks

    Sandee, that's what I keep telling her

    One creative queen LOL you crack me up

    Roschelle, she'll get over it

    January hee hee thanks

    Tanyia ya think? :)

    Audrey a lick and a snuggle, good idea

    Sheri, Hey Bubby, glad you understand

    DKMiller thaks

    B Boys Mom yep I'm a cutie

    Daisy oooh tails, I'll try that next

    Beaded tail yep I sure do. mom says I'm spoiled

    Angel, thanks

    Lin I need a good partner

    Allotments4you nah, mom loves me well she's are good too

    The bee they look blue in the pic but they aren't really

    Theresa good plan

    Will Oaks oh that's a good one I'll remind her of that for sure

  21. Good boy! Mommy would be proud of you.

  22. Hey cutie doggy! Sorry I forgot your name :(

    Chew all you want... I won't tell your momma ;)


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