Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lucky Dog

Hooray for me, I'm a lucky dog. Do you know why I'm so lucky?
Look at the picture and see if you can guess.

It's my new collar wear. Mom made those for me today. I was watching her cut and sew but I had no idea it was for ME. I got so excited when she took my collar off and slipped one of these on. So what do you think? Am I styling?


  1. You're styling for sure. You have a wardrobe now so you can pick out what you want to wear each morning. Just bring it to mommy and she'll put it on. I think it's great.

    Have a woof of a day. Best to your mom too. :)

  2. The green one looks especially handsome

  3. Duke, you look SO stylin! I love the green one, especially! You are lucky to have such a genius for a mama!!!

  4. They look great on you. My dog used to love her collar. She would panic whenever I took it off. Then when I would hold it out for her, she would practically run to help put it back on again.

  5. Woof! Definitely styling ... You are indeed a lucky dog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Duke, those kerchiefs look adorable on you! You are stylin' for sure!

  7. Duke, you look so handsome wearing your new neck scarves! Your Mommy sure is talented!

  8. Sandee, yes I can add these to the one sweater I own. problem is mom never gets it right when I tell her which one I want to wear

    Grace, thank you I like the green one too

    Thank you aunt I mean woof woof

    Ratty, I do the same thing, usually when mom takes the collar off it means I'm getting a bath.

    thanks Jam I think so too

    SGR thanks white woofs to you :)

    Daisy thanks maybe some day I'll have a wardrobe as big as yours

    Duni, aww shucks thanks, my mom does like to play with her crafty toys, hope she makes me some more stuff.

  9. You be stylin'! I love your Westie...soooo cute!

  10. Oh, I do love the new doggy fashions! One in every color?

  11. Yes, you are very handsome. And your Mommie is very kind.
    Woof to you too, or

  12. Me-Me cute and stylin what a winning combination

    Buggys sounds like a good idea, except pink I don't want to look like a sissy dog :)

    Anna, thank you,

  13. Duke, you look furry handsome in your new scarves!



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