Sunday, November 22, 2009

That reminds me of...

My weekly edition of "That reminds me of..." was interrupted last Sunday by my shopping trip. I'm back this week though with another photo that reminds me of one of you.
Can anyone guess who it might be? Do you think that maybe it's you?

This week's picture reminds me of a blogger who posts lots of beautiful pictures. I've seen many great pictures of fall foliage on her blog so when I spotted this picture in the file I knew exactly who my choice would be.
The picture you see here reminds me of Diane from My world through photography.
You should hop on over there and check out some of her pictures. If you like her work, she also has an etsy store you can find that right here


  1. I am passing the award around and you are one of my special people
    If you want it you know where to go!

  2. Miawa, aww thanks Miawa, you're one of my special people too, but I think you know that.

    Sharkbytes, fall does bring out some wonderful colors doesn't it

  3. What a beautiful photo! Love the color of that leaf.

  4. Lovely photo! Leaves are one of my favorite photo subjects - after furbabies of course!

  5. A lovely capture of an autumn leaf Ann...did you take it?? This is the fun part of autumn...I wish spring followed instead of winter though!!!

  6. I wish we had beautiful fall scenery here in Florida. That is one of the things that I miss from up north!

  7. I love the photo, but am sick to death of raking leaves from trees that we don't even have. They must love us because they blow in from everyone elses.

  8. Awesome pic Annie, fall isn't as pronounced here in Florida and I love the pictures of you guys colors.

  9. Audrey, thanks, I just love all the colors of fall

    Beaded tail, I'll shoot anything that will sit still for me :)

    Tanya, yep it's all mine. If I ever use a picture on here that isn't mine it will say where it came from, otherwise, the pics here are ones that I took

    Tanyia, yeah but you get to freeze in 60 degree weather come winter time remember?

    Jude, ah yes, raking. My husband used the bagger last time he mowed the lawn so it picked up all the leaves. he's so

    Miawa thanks you, yep little sis lives down your way too

  10. Oh, what I wouldn't give for fall foliage. Living in the desert makes that next to impossible. I appreciate those who share their seasons with me...thanks!

  11. Thanks so much for the mention and link to my blog. I really appreciate it and what a lovely leaf photo you took.

  12. Me-Me I would be willing to trade you some fall color for some

    DK Miller, you are most welcome Saw that picture and it reminded me of all the ones you've been posting.


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