Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Win an HP TouchSmart 600 Computer

That's right. You could win of these bad boys for yourself. I Read about it first on Mike's Blog Marketing tips and I can't pass this one up. But because I love you all so much I want you to have a chance too.

Jolly Mom will be doing this great giveaway starting next Monday November 23. You can either wait until then to go check it out, but why wait. If you go now you can get in some extra entries by blogging about it and adding a banner about it. You'll see mine over to the right.

I won't keep you any longer because I know you are dieing to get over there so the link to the post you'll want to read is here


  1. Speaking of contests - gratz on winning Roscheele's this week!

  2. That's quite a prize! I'll check it out. Congrats on winning Roschelle's giveaway!

  3. That is a great giveaway.There are going to be a lot of entries on that one.

  4. Thanks for the info, Ann! My chance of winning anything is next to zero, but hey, I have hope..

  5. Whooohooo! I'm on my way over to check this out! Thanks for loving us so much!!!

  6. The Bee, thanks, I was really excited

    Cebulmage, I'm not really sure, I'm sure she'll have that listed though

    Beaded tail, yes it is and thank you

    Grampy, I'm sure there will be tons with a prize like that.

    IcyBC yeah, same here but someone's gotta win right?

    Vickie, your welcome,

    Me Me King, you betcha if I can't win it I hope it's at least one of my wonderful readers :)

  7. thanks for sharing. I'll have to check this out!


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