Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks a million

Today's post is full of thanks. That does seem fitting seeing as how Thanksgiving is just a week away.
To start with I must thank some wonderful people for thinking of me when they were passing on some awards.

First off from Katherine at The Queen Speaks who honored me with the "One lovely blog" award. I have to say that I just love visiting Katherine's blog. There are times when I'm reading her posts that I almost feel like her words could have come from my own mouth. OK so maybe she puts it all together a little better than I do but at least I think the same way she does. If you aren't familiar with her blog, I recommend that you go visit her. Thanks again Katherine. You're the best.

The best blog award came to me this time from two different people. First I received it from Kim at Scrappin Life I just found Kim's blog not too long ago. Right off the bat I knew I liked it. She's one talented lady that's for sure. Thanks so much for thinking of me Kim.

I also received this one from Vanilla Seven and I'm sure you all know that blog. If you don't, you better get over there right now. The photography on that blog is astounding. I can only hope that some day I can do half as well. Aside from the great photos it's just one of those blogs were you just always feel welcome and right at home. Thank you very much Vanilla Seven for including me in your list of recipients.

I'm not going to follow the rules this time around because I just recently passed both of these on but anyone who stops by here is welcome to grab either award. I love you all.

Now I also need to thank one more person and that would be Roschelle from Inconsequential logic Roschelle recently had a contest giveaway on her blog and guess who won? Yep I sure did. I won "The everything blogging book". Thank you so much Roschelle, I was so excited.

If you haven't stopped by to visit these bloggers yet today, why not pop in on them and say hello.


  1. Congratulations on all these awards. Very well deserved.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Hi Ann - As one of your 'English' fans let me wish a very happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

    It would be most interesting to know (speaking on behalf of those of us who live the other side of the pond) as you have thanksgiving so near to Christmas does this reflect on how you spend Christmas? I hope that you would consider perhaps doing a post about it to share it with us.

    For instance in Britain we tend to start celebrating Christmas as soon as it is a respectable time near enough to the season. Their are Christmas parties, Christmas get togethers, Christmas lunches, Christmas drinks at the pub and so forth. Many of us have Christmas Eve off as holiday - sometimes the day before. People give presents but we often hold on to them until Christmas Day. Christmas morning for many begins with opening up their presents - the television is on in the background. On the television very often their are programmes where the cameras go into the children's wards in the hospitals, etc ... full of hope and promise. By this time - with any luck the Turkey is slowly cooking in the oven. We some how manage to eat breakfast and have several cups of tea and may be a cup of coffee. The vegetables, stuffing, etc somehow seem to magically cook themselves and dinner is served - usually with wine, crackers and hats!!! Then at 3.00 pm the Queen's speech comes on the television ... by this time hopefully we have all had Christmas pudding ............. games are played with lots of laughter and chatter, and so on and so forth. We have Boxing Day as a holiday and many of us celebrate Christmas all through to New Year's Eve .....

    As you have Thanksgiving - is the Christmas celebrations the same in the US as in Britain?

    I would love to know.

  3. Hi Ann! Congratulations to you! You're the best blogger for me!

    Have a Nice Day!

  4. Congratulations on your awards! You and your excellent blog really deserve them very much.

  5. Congratulations on your awards and the book! You certainly deserve all the kudos!

  6. Wow! You've really been racking up the goodies. Congratulations...Luck is on your side...

  7. Woof! Congrats on your awards. Looking forward for you to blog about the "book" you won. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Ann - your blog is wonderful! You deserve all these awards and more! Congrats!

  9. I enjoy your blog and it's great people think about you. I'm afraid I'm bad about not following any of the rules except to give a link back to the person that thought of me, I'm bad.

  10. Congrats on the wonderful awards.

  11. Sandee, thank you very much

    Kloggers, pretty much same thing here, just that Thanksgiving is the start of the season

    January, aww how sweet of you

    Ratty, thanks I think your blog is pretty excellent too

    Beaded tail thanks, can't wait to get the book

    Roschelle, too bad it didn't work on my lottery

    SGR I'll be sure to give you guys the scoop

    Duni thanks so much love your blog too

    Vickie, thanks

    Jude don't feel bad I'm not always so good either Glad you enjoy my blog though

  12. congrats on the deserve them!!!


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