Sunday, November 8, 2009

That reminds me of...

It's time for my weekly addition of "That reminds me of..." Can you guess who this picture reminds me of?

When I first looked at this picture right away I knew that it reminded me of January's Scraps of Life Mainly, it made me think of her because of the Monday Mellow Yellow posts that she does. After thinking about it for a bit though I realized that the picture is bright and cheery just like she is. So yep, that's who this one reminds me of.


  1. Loving all that Yellow! SO cheery!! Hope you have a wonderful night sweetie!hughugs

  2. Oh, the sunny colors of this flower is just what we need after losing all of our fall color!

  3. It reminds me of summer. Just saying. It did make me smile too.

    Have a terrific rest of the weekend. :)

  4. Yayyy January! It IS just like you :)

    Good choice Ann!

  5. Wow Ann! Thanks so much! That reminds me of ME also! LOL.. I love yellow so much and as what you have said it makes me live my life brightly and cheerfully... Thank you for thinking of me..

    Thanks also Vickie!

    Hugs & Kisses for you..

  6. That is sweet! The bright yellow really is January's colour!

  7. I already miss all the beautiful flowers of summer. We had a beautiful weekend here in Michigan and now have the yard all ready for winter. It's kinda sad.

  8. lovely pics...I like the way you find people in them!!

  9. Gorgeous pic, what a beautiful color!

  10. What a happy cheerful photo! Perfect for a fall Monday.

  11. Beautiful picture!

    I know I've babbled on about it, but you have your already-posted-as-given-to-you-by-Kat award waiting for you on my site. Stop by and pick it up...or not. I doubt you need two. :)

    I'm letting you know again because I'm trying to run my life a new way. I'm trying to follow the rules for once. So far it hasn't been too bad...but it's still early. ;) xx

  12. Donna, yes it is cheery isn't it.

    Lin yeah the color is just about gone here too

    Sandee ahhhh summer

    Vickie, thanks I knew it was January for sure

    January, you are so welcome, you are such a ray of sunshine :)

    Duni yep sure is

    B Boys Mom it was nice here too, I dread winter

    Allotments4you thanks, I'm enjoying my little game

    Tanyia, it's the color of January

    Anne, it is cheerful isn't it.

    One creative queen I love that you thought of me. one can never have too many awards. Maybe you can be an inspiration to me to live a new way and follow the


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