Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Travel

Did you ever wish that you could travel back in time? Or, into the future even? I did a little bit of time travel today. I went back one year ago. The exact date was November 10th 2008. So are you curious as to how I accomplished this? I'm sure that you probably already know my secret. It was, of course, through pictures. I went to a folder of pictures that were taken on that date. Most of the photos were taken at work and all I can say is it must have been a really slow day, because there were some pretty goofy ones. I found a picture of a toy truck that must have been forgotten by it's owner.

I did a little bit of a psycho looking edit to it and gave it my interpretation of time travel by 18
Another one of the pictures I found was this.

Yes, that is Duke and yes that is snow. We had quite the snow fall on that day.
So in conclusion what did I learn from my travel through time? Well I learned that Friday the 13th isn't always unlucky. I think we are pretty lucky to not have that snow this year (yet).
Hope everyone is enjoying their evening and having a LUCKY Friday the 13th.


  1. Isn't it fun to look at older pictures? I recently was going through some very old ones trying to figure out who some of the people were, since no one labeled them. It was interesting all the photos I ran across, that I'd forgotten I had! :)

  2. Pictures are the best way to travel in time. I do it sometimes myself. Now I want to go back through my archives to see when there was snow here too.

  3. It's nice to reminisce memories of the past through old photographs...
    Duke seems to enjoy the snow! have a nice weekend!

  4. I enjoy traveling back in time through photos too. I enjoy seeing pictures of Duke too!

  5. Oh wow, I didn't even realize that it was Friday the 13th until I read this. Since it is now early Saturday the 14th, I should be okay--right?

  6. Kim, I'm sorry now that I never took the time to date and label my old pictures. Thankfully with digital it's all done for you

    Ratty, I wonder if I'll be seeing squirrels in the snow in your next

    January Duke LOVES the snow. being as small as he is you wouldn't think he would but it doesn't bother him a bit

    Beaded tail Duke likes showing off his pictures.

    FishHawk I would say yes, you're officialy safe from the grasp of friday the 13th.

  7. Woof!My mom does that all the time. She loves looking back at my old photos. She loves taking photos of me. LOVE Dukes snow photo. Again, Lots of Golden Thanks to the award and to your Friendship, Woofs! Sugar

  8. Our Mom loves to look at old pictures and she just figured out how to scan them and put them on the computer. She is a little slow about things. We had a wonderful Fri.the 13th, because our australian shepherd was very sick for three days and got better on Fri. So we were all very happy.

  9. What a fantastic picture of Duke.He looks as if he might be a little puzzled.Why is she taking my picture outside.Very beautiful dog indeed.Have a good weekend.

  10. SGR nothing like a good memory from the past to brighten a day.

    Marg, I have a ton of old pictures I need to scan but I've been playing too much with all the wonderful new pictures I have. You did have a lucky 13th. Glad to hear your shepherd is feeling better

    Grampy, Duke always gives me that look, hmmm maybe he thinks I'm a bit

  11. I am doing the NO Snow Dance over here. I beg you Mother Nature!
    I could spend a whole day looking at old pictures. All those memories in a shoe box!

  12. I love memory lane it's my favorite place. What a cool idea just pic a date and go there in pics.

  13. I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th!! Now that is scary.

  14. Speaking of Time traveling ~ My daughter gave me a book of hers to read - "Time Traveler's Wife" It's very good and when I'm done I will rent the movie to watch ~ very intriguing!!

  15. Buggys, yes the memories in a shoe box, someday I need to work on scanning all of them

    Miawa, rain or shine it's always a wonderful trip

    Lin neither did FishHawk

    Ollie I think I've heard of that but can't remember what it was about.

  16. Duke looks so adorable sat looking so sorrowful in the snow...bless.

  17. allotments4you, yeah, darn dog has one of those too cute to resist


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