Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I shot a jerky and I enjoyed it

A couple weeks ago instead of being a good witch, I was an evil one and instead of staying home and passing out candy for Halloween I went out shopping and bought myself a treat. I've been wanting a food dehydrator for awhile now. I used to have one in a previous life, however I lost custody of it when I divorced my first husband. I guess just because I had given it to him as a gift one year, he thought it belonged to him. Whatever!
Anyway I went out shopping and found this one on sale. So I bought it. It even came with a bonus jerky shooter.

So what's a jerky shooter? Well it's a gun type device used to make hamburg jerky. Years ago, we had made hamburg jerky and I love it.

So you start with a pound of extra lean hamburg and these two little packets. One is a seasoning and the other is a cure. I'm planning a trip to Gander Mountain because I hear they have all kinds of different seasonings for this stuff.

Once you mix the two packets with the burger then you stuff it into the shooter. (excuse the bad picture I was trying to take it with one hand while I was holding the jerky shooter with the other)

After you stuff that full you pull the trigger and out comes jerky. Yeah!!!

Just fill those trays up, plug in the dehydrator and you're all set. I used a little over a pound of meat and got about 40 pieces of jerky out of it. I managed to get a picture of the last few pieces before it was all gone.


  1. Hubby has one of these. He's not used it in years either. I need to have him make some of this. It looks really yummy.

    You made me laugh out loud with the ex-husband and gift thing. The nerve.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. lol the nerve of the ex!

    I love this idea, and my dh would friggin love it!

  3. It's too bad you lost custody of your first jerky maker but at least you finally got another one. It looks interesting - I've never actually made jerky before. Hope Duke got a taste or two!

  4. I've mad regular jerky before (I had the butcher slice the meat for me), but I have never even heard of hamburg jerky. I must say that it looks really good. I, too, used to have a food dehydrator, this post makes me want to get another and start making it again.

  5. I love eating those but they're quite expensive here. I haven't seen a jerky shooter being sold though. Maybe i can improvise but I don't have a dehydrator! Geez... maybe I can dry 'em in the sun...

  6. I am seething with jealousy because I've been wanting one! Out of curiosity, did you snag this one at a major store? I like the freebie it came with!

  7. That really looks good and sounds pretty easy. My youngest son loves jerky!

  8. i am glad that you already got (again) a food dehydrator and jerky maker.

    Your jerky looks yummy! :P~

  9. Your jerky really looks yummy! I had a food dehydrator years ago. If I remember right it was one of those late night purchases that I just had to have. I think I ended up giving it to Good Will. I really wish I had it now. I want to make jerky!!!!

  10. I had no idea you could make jerky out of hamburger! My Mommeh is thinking of getting a dehydrator to make healthy cat treats of dried meat.

  11. Too bad you lost custody of the jerky maker...but at least you dumped the jerk along with!

  12. That was so cool. I love watching people make unusual recipes. It makes me want to try them (although I am not sure that my kids would eat jerky).

  13. Oh yummy! Years ago we made hamburger jerky in the oven but I have a dehydrator and it would work - now to find a Jerky Shooter...

  14. how cool...my kids loved jerky and i always thought it would take moths to dry out in ashed if i ever wanted to make any...what else can you do with the dehydrator though??

  15. Sandee this is good and not as tough as most of the regular jerky I've had. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of the ex?...lol

    Tanyia, well you know how he was...lol

    Beaded tail yep Duke sure did, he gave it a paws up

    Tahtimbo oh you hsould

    Nessa you can dehydrate in the oven too, i think it just takes longer

    Storm I got it at K-Mart

    Roschelle my kids always loved it couldn't keep any in the house with them around

    Sugar Daddy, it was yummy i need to make more

    B Boys Mom hopefully I'll use this one enough that it won't end up at Good Will

    Daisy I was thinking about Duke treats

    Buggys ROFLMBO you crack me up, that is too funny

    Anne my kids always loved it, used to make it from venison burger but regular burger is just as good

    Split rock I think you can get the jerky shooter at Gander Mountain

    Allotments4you you can dehydrate fruits, vegies, herbs, flowers for potpouri you can even make fruit roll ups

  16. I had no idea it could be so simple to make jerky. You've made me want a food dehydrator!

  17. I love my dehydrator. I don't have a jerky shooter though. I have to get one of those. I like to make jerky from turkey lunch meat. It comes out very good.

  18. Lynne, it really is simple

    Ratty, oooo turkey lunch meat, now you've got me thinking :) that sounds good


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