Saturday, November 21, 2009

Question and Answer

How do you know when a person has either run out of ideas for blog posts, or is not fully prepared to post the ideas they have come up with?

When they take a screen shot of their Entrecard stats and use it as the subject for their post.

I know this is really pitiful but I have a semi good excuse for doing it, in my opinion anyway. I've posted every day so far this month and I didn't want to stop the roll I'm on.
Check out the card drops though. The high points are falling about mid week and lows are on the weekends. You can't see it in the picture but my personal drops are exactly the same every single day. Day in and day out I do the same amount. Yes I'm compulsive, so what. What does all this tell me? It tells me that while I'm sitting at home being compulsive about my blog and my drops, other people are out doing fun stuff on the weekends. What about you? What are you doing with your weekend?


  1. You are in my favorites you know. Good info here. I've not looked at mine for a bit. I'll go do that. You also have a great excuse for a post.

    Well, I'm usually at the boat on the weekends, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner, hubby and I decided to do some deep cleaning that we've been neglecting all summer long. I hate it too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Well, I've been writing most of the day, but when I finish, as with Sandee, I have some deep cleaning in the kitchen to do.

  3. Actually this is a good idea for a post. It gave you something interesting to write. Inspiration comes from everywhere. As far as what I do on my weekends, I do the same things as on the weekdays. I just have more time to do them. Adventure every day.

  4. So go do what everyone else is doing. Have a little break and do something fun on the weekend. It's all I can do to get the minimum drops in on the weekend. People are around and things gooing on...

  5. I get out and about but then come home to get my blog comments and my EC drops done. Pretty sad huh? But, I did enjoy this post!

  6. You may have said that you ran out of ideas, but it caught my eye. I am pretty new to entrecard and blogging, but like you I am sitting here no the weekend dropping cards and doing all the networking I can to drive people to my blog/websites to hopefully have my ideas take off :). BTW, I added you to my favorites!

  7. Not a bad idea you know. Any idea is a good idea! :D

    My statistic looks kinda similar except the advertising part.. haven't bought ads in ages... I'm in the mood to just collect points! LOL!

    Have a great weekend, Ann.

  8. well Ann....I spent some of my weekend christmas shopping...some knitting...some doing homework with the kids...oh and a big part feeling pretty bad as I have been neglecting my blog..oops...wish I was a s dedicated as you¬!!!!

  9. I'm with the rest of the crew. It was a good idea. It's not that others are out tearing up the town on the weekends (or at least not in my case). I'm just really lazy about dropping sometimes. I try to drop in on my buddies. But I've grown tired of just dropping for the sake of dropping. If I read your blog, I'll drop. If I don't...I just can't waste the energy :)

  10. I don't drop as much on the weekends and there were 4 days last week that I only dropped on those that left a comment. I totally run out of things to post many times and simply stick in a joke. Have a great Sunday and have some fun, we ride the bike when it's nice.

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are just trying to brag about how many organic clicks you are getting a day without saying anything directly about it. I think I've had 3 total for entire time I have been with Entrecard!

  12. I'm totally compulsive. I almost always drop 300 cards a day. On the weekend, I try to get them in first thing after waking. Then I can get it out of the way for more fun things. Like exercise. Well, that's not really fun but you know what I mean.

  13. I used to drop 300 faithfully every single day, until it was no longer fun - it was an addiction, a compulsion, whatever you want to call it - and when I came to dread "having" to do it, I quit. Now I drop when I have time, I visit only my favorite blogs (take note of where I am!) and if I don't drop, I don't worry. It feels much better doing it this way.

  14. Sandee, thanks you're on mylist of daily stops as well. Deep cleaning, no fun

    Tahtimbo, writing is good, keep it up

    Ratty, I've found that pushing myself to post every day has helped my imagination a bit. I hear ya about more time on weekends, pretty much same here.

    Buggys actually after working all week I rather enjoy the down time of just sitting

    Beaded tail I do too, just trying to make it sound like I don'

    Deal Daddy Glad it caught your attention, thanks for adding me

    Nessa yep better than NO idea. I don't buy many ads either just go on a spree now and then

    Allotments4you sounds like a full weekend, I need to start my Christmas shopping

    Roschelle I'm getting too old to tear up the town any

    Jude I think I'll just do my usual today and wing it

    FishHawk oops did I do that? Heck I don't really apy much attention to most of this stuff.

    Junk Drawer Kathy I do the same with the weekend morning thing, get it done and out of the way.

  15. I have not looked at my "stats" as once I do I get kind of compulsive myself. Sometimes it's better for me not to know. I also am weird about having to post every day. LOL.

  16. That's hilarious. I'm back at work so I work most Saturdays. Yuk!

  17. i don't drop like i used to. i have my blogroll that i faithfully drop on and if i feel like it i will start on my inbox. have a great day my friend...hugz!

  18. Dear Ann, I don't think that you have Bloggers Block. It is simply the fact that life is so fully crammed with information that our brains take in process and mix up, tumble about, wonder and think almost to the point of exhaustion. Not to mention the fact that there is the 'dropping syndrome' which I have often wondered whether some have developed a dropping program. Why would I wonder at this well have you ever been dropping and as you drop you find the reciprocation comes within but a moment of your drop - not just once but it would seem quite often. Do these people have something available to them that we do not?? For those of us who plod and plod and plod - and, as you and I do - comment along the way too - well for us there is so much to write about but time is the enemy for it ticks at a faster pace when we are writing than it seems when we are dropping!!!!!!
    If you truly do have 'Bloggers Block' then there are always the old favourites such as:

    Quotation of the week
    Picture of the week
    Recipe of the week
    Youtube video of the week
    Top ten of various items, names, cities, towns, villages, and so on (and of course which ones you like and which ones you don't)
    Inventor slot
    Sporting agonies (how did the referee not see the hand ball in the recent France Vs Ireland football match?)

    Anyway the list is endless .... personally I love or should I say I find it interesting to read about weather details and so forth. It has been terrible over here and Scotland has had biblical floods so much rain over a month's worth over night. Places have been flooded that haven't had floods since 1966 and then they were only something like a third the depth of this one.

    Well my friend - I enjoy your blogging posts so long may you blog.

    And to start off with why not use the following to clean your computer screen:

  19. I am thinking the same way as you Ann. Here I am at 1 am in the morning dropping and clicking :)

  20. Been there one too many times; however, I would be way too embarrassed to show MY EntreCard stats, I'm such a slacker.

  21. DK Miller, I probably never should have looked at mine

    Maria, ewww I used to work Saturdays that stinks. For quite awhile I even worked Sundays too, my days off came during the week. Luckily I'm Monday through Friday now.

    PJ I keep saying I'm going to cut back but I never do, maybe one of these days.

    Kloggers, thanks for all the great ideas and for the clean screen :)

    Vanilla, well I usually can't stay up till 1a.m. but if I could I would probably be dropping and

    Me-Me believe me I do my share of slacking too.

  22. I'm with Split Rock--I find that this is quickly becoming a compulsion that I am growing weary of. I don't do 300 a day, I purposely do less than that because I need to have a life outside of the computer. I'm finding that the traffic I'm drawing isn't good traffic necessarily with 300 drops--just those looking for their own stats mostly. So, I try to visit my favs and a few on the side to keep the numbers higher.

  23. Yea...I have been offline a lot this weekend! Dh was out of town so I have been hanging on him since he got back lol.

    The girls and I did some shopping, I decorated for Chrismtas, I made a Christmas about it soon, took Kay to the doc, she has strep, etc etc hehe

  24. That's an interesting observation about the weekends. My own dropping can be spotty then, too, and then not so many followers come early week.

  25. Lin, there are days when I'm really not in to it but mostly, since my kids are grown now, my time off from work is my own and I dont' have anything better to do, especially with the colder weather.

    Tanyia, oh don't tell me you put up Christmas decorations already. NO decorations go up in my house until the turkey has been eaten and the dishes are done from Thanksgiving dinner. Little sister we need to have a

    WillOaks I found it interesting because it seems to be backwards. I have less time to spend on the computer, blog and EC during the week when I'm working and the weekends I've got more time to sit and play. Maybe I'm just

  26. I'm sitting here dropping cards and commenting and thinking about everything else that I should be doing instead. Like laundry,
    You are so funny. I laughed til I cried!

  27. Hmm! I fall short eekly, I'm learning to live with it as my "norm".


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