Monday, November 28, 2011

Indulge yourself

That's what I've been doing and that is why today's post has no pictures. I spent the whole weekend indulging myself.
I slept in late.
I enjoyed a good book.
I enjoyed a few good Christmas movies on television.
I bought myself a new mug just because I could.
I ate potato chips and chocolate without guilt.
I read blog without commenting.
I enjoyed the company of a little white dog who just so happened to be indulging himself in a few of my snacks.

So go ahead. Indulge yourself. What nice thing are you going to do for yourself today?

After some serious consideration and a little coaxing from Duke I'm indulging you with an old picture.


  1. It may be an old picture but I love it! Duke looks great.

    I'm so glad you spent the day indulging you! That's so important to do. I really need to have a day like that soon. Christmas movies sound like fun!

  2. Your day of indulgence sounds like a great way to spend a day! I didn't do a whole lot today but it didn't involve potato chips or chocolate so I need to change that!

    Love the photo of Duke!

  3. Good for you! (That's a great photo).

  4. Love the picture of Duke!
    Sounds like a relaxing weekend! I did take time for myself this past weekend. I went with a friend to have lunch and do some shopping.
    Glad you took time for you. :)

  5. Good for you!!! We need to love ourselves as much as we are to love our neighbor!

  6. Good for you!
    Every needs an indulgence day now and then :)

    Even in the older pics, Duke looks delectable. xx

  7. Oh yes! Indulging is absolutely necessary once in a while :)
    Oh my gosh, Duke looks so CUTE sitting at the table!

  8. Hey if you don't pamper yourself, who will? I say go for it now, while it's still an enjoyable experience.
    After all, we may all wind up "pampered" once we hit geezerhood and move into the nursing home, but I'm thinking that is definitely not the same thing...
    Oh my ;o)

  9. Duke looks like he would like to indulge in a big pile of crisp bacon, and I can't blame him a bit!

  10. GOOD FOR YOU!! And that is what we should all be doing every once in awhile! I'm glad you took that break and I hope you are feeling better.

    Hey--I got my very first Christmas card this weekend.....from you and Duke!!! Oh, it is a TREASURE! Thank you for sending it to us!! :)

  11. good for you, glad you indulged. love the face in the chair, love the chair and love the table the chair with the face in it is sitting at. adorable. also your holiday look for the blog is beautiful and oh so full of magic. i am thinking a little westie ghost needs to be somewhere though.

  12. Now that sounds like a perfect day! One should do that at least once a month. Very fun! And I like your new header ~ very festive!

    xo Catherine

  13. Hi There, We are home from our trip. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Looks like the perfect weekend... I love to indulge myself at times without guilt.


  14. I think I am going to follow your examples of potato chips and chocolates. Yum! Lunch!

  15. It sounds like a great day! Duke looks like he is waiting to be served. Where's his steak?

  16. Good for you! Sounds like a perfect way to spend your time :)

  17. Oh my, my, my! What a sweetheart!
    We have a westie too...adorable!
    So glad you are indulging yourself..without guilt!! Lol

    Deborah xo

  18. You just described a perfect weekend. Excellent. I remember when I was working how these weekends meant so much.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke and tell him his photograph rocks. :)

  19. I just got back from Ohio last night - driving in pouring rain. I got a call from someone at 8am - who I love - and would have ended up talking for an hour - I didn't pick it up - I will call her back. I indulged in not picking up the phone.

    Duke looks adorable no matter how old he is. Glad you took care of yourself too!


  20. Woof! Woof! DUKE is so CUTE. My mom indulge in chocolate all the time ... best therapy. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. Good for you!!
    That's just about what I did, as well...Sometimes you just HAVE to take a break!
    Love Duke's photo...

  22. This made me think of this summer when my little dog kept jumping on a neighbors table while camping.What I accepted was not on their agenda.

  23. Good for you Ann to have a great time doing nothing. Thanks Duke for the big smile. That is the cutest picture ever.

  24. Yay! Sounds like a fun weekend! Duke looks so cute! I ate chocolate chip banana bread without a care that I had started Weight Watchers. I'm off to a good start.

  25. All great indulges! Especially potato chips with no guilt, love 'em!

  26. indulging is what we do best here.. and still am indulging in a lil bit more of lazy time here :D

    love the picture of Duke.. that's a pretty chair you have there!

  27. A picture of Duke can always put a smile on my face. Good for you on having a you weekend.

  28. He's been waiting for a treat an awful long time, Mom


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