Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh Please

I think somebody better have a look inside my moms head because she's being a little crazy. She said that yesterday was Friday the 13th and the calendar clearly said Thursday the 3rd.
First of all just look at my picture. She used on of those masks from Shadowhouse Creations and saved it before checking to make sure she did things right. OH BROTHER.
Then she was talking about work. Remember that donut fryer she got burned on? Well yesterday she decided it was time to clean it. She drained the oil out hooked up the pump, turned it on and NOTHING. Plan B was to forget pumping the oil back through the filter and just add all new. OOPS! Then she got lots of smoke and flames.
Time to call Mr. Store Manager again who in turn called Mr Owner.
She said it wasn't all bad though because Mr Owner got everything working ok and finished the stinky job of filtering the fryer. Too bad he didn't take over before mom started feeling like a grease ball. First thing she did when she came home was go right to the shower.
I sure hope her Friday is better than her Thursday.
I also hope she gets this post right today. She scheduled yesterdays and when she came home from work it was listed as a draft. That's why her post was later yesterday than it has been.


  1. Oh.. that sounds like a Friday the 13th day to me :) even though its a Thursday. Hope she'll have a better Friday the 4th today :)

    feelin like a grease ball is definitely curable with a long warm shower :D and a snuggle with a while lil westie :)

    Have a great weekend Ann!

  2. You have really had one of those weeks! No wonder you thought it was Friday the 13th!!

  3. Sounds like in your mom's neck of the woods, it was Friday the 13th yesterday! Maybe she needs more breaks in the form of walks with adorable you Duke! We hope she has a better day today!

  4. oh dear what a day. Hope Friday's better

  5. Not a good day at all....tell her to take a vacation day and spend it with you Duke!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. It is so good of you to keep trying to make excuses for her. They seldom work, but it is still good of you to try.

  7. Oh no! I read yesterday post. That must have hurt so bad :(
    I hope it heals quickly!
    Duke lovely little face always makes me smile :) He's such a sweetie!

  8. Oh, Duke, it is a good thing she has you to brighten even the hardest weeks. Hope she has a really good weekend!

  9. I would be happy to test the first few batches today when you make them.Danger is your middle name.

  10. Poor mom! I hope her hand is feeling better. It looks very painful in the photo below. I am sure you have her kisses Duke to make her feel better!

    You two have a lovely and SAFE weekend! ;)
    xo Catherine

  11. Hi Duke. You are beautiful even with the shadow filter mask thingy boo. Kiss your mom's poor burned hand for us and tell her we hope it feels better today. :)

  12. A Murphys Law Day is what I call it - so today - celebrate - it will go better. And Duke you are cute no matter what! sandie♥

  13. Your mom's brain must be out playing with my brain. My day was sort of like that too!

  14. well, i hope you gave your mommy lots of hugs, this has been a tough couple of days, maybe she used up all the bad luck and when the real 13th comes around it will be all good. tell her i have done the schedule and back to draft several times and also have put one back in draft on purpose to move it forward, and then moved it backwards and it posted when i did not want it to

  15. I think Mom needs a vacation...

  16. Duke, make sure to give your mommy lots of hugs and kisses when she gets home! And if dinner is already cooked then that would just be a bonus! LOL! :) Have a fun weekend!

  17. Duke, time to give mummy some of your tlc, I think she needs either that, or a holiday *hugs*

  18. You Poor Little Dukester!!!

    Poor Mommy! That burn looks like it DID hurt!!! OUCH!!!
    Take care Miz Ann!!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Well everyone has a bad day now and then. I was reading along and hoping that she didn't burn herself again. Glad she didn't.

    Have a woof woof day Duke. My best to your mom. :)

  20. Poor Mom, sounds like she is fried herself.Our Mom does these things too. Have a great evening.

  21. I hate when so many things go wrong. Hopefully things begin to get better. The picture came out pretty good though.

  22. Hi Duke, Be sure and tell your Mama to be careful next time and stay away from that hot grease....

    Despite what you (and she) like, I like the little frame around your face.... Cute!!!!

  23. We all have those days sometimes Duke! I hope today was better!

  24. Duke, I think your momma needs to take it easy and REST up a bit! Be a good doggy and give her some wet kisses too!

  25. Oh Goodness!Must be the moon rising! Everyone has had a bad week!
    I try to pre post my posts and they go back to draft! Argh!
    But I love blogging too much to get too upset with it all!
    Someday perhaps I will figure out where I am going wrong!
    Enjoy the weekend.


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