Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Another Christmas come and gone. I had a very lazy low key Christmas day and quite honestly I was a bit bored. Monday wasn't much more exciting. I did manage to scrounge up something to use for a post today.
I did some photo editing with photoshop elements. I don't do nearly enough of that any more.

So I took this not so good picture of Gibbs. We'll call this one grumpy face Gibbs.

I added this picture of my Christmas tree taken with the negative effect

And combined the two to make one picture. It kind of looks like maybe Gibbs was playing with paint or markers and made a bit of a mess.

Oh well, it's back to work today. It's only a 4 day work week for me but it's going to be busy because now I'm a day behind in my work for the week.


  1. Oh my, not grumpy, but maybe so serious! I have never seen or heard of this cool effect!!!

  2. Hello Gibbs :) I have no idea how you did that, but those are cool edits!

  3. Oh Gibbs, we love that picture of you. Well done to the Mom.

  4. Just what I needed a picture of lovely Gibbs, so mournful looking.

  5. With the Advent of all the online software I have almost forgotten how to use Photoshop. I can't even remember when the last time I went in there. Gibbs looks cute no matter if he's paying it or not paying it does not look grumpy he looks adorable. Oh no I'm going back to work I always hey Dad going back after a few days off. Hope you have a good day

  6. Awww, and I linked this post to Awww Mondays. He's the cutest little man.

    Have a woof woof day Gibbs. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥

  7. You look very nice in that picture, Gibbs!! Love that cool effect!!! Hope you will have an easy week at work. At least it's only 4 days:)

  8. Gibbs, you are rather long in the face.Hard to let go of the holiday fun

  9. Love the photo effect! Sadly I'm not very creative when it comes to photography.

  10. I liked the combined photo, very interesting! We didn't have the energy to do anything yesterday.

  11. Like what you did with the background, great photo of Gibbs (My Man!) but I'm going to come up there and take away your texture feature!

  12. I like the effect, but Gibbs looks so sad! That makes me sad. I hope he had a good Christmas!

    I have been off 4 days, worked 3 and will have another 4 off. I think I can get used to this.

  13. Awww...Gibbers looks handsome in any color...


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