Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow and Christmas

It started snowing yesterday. All day long at work people were coming in and saying how bad it was getting just north of us.  Then we started hearing about a multi car  accident on interstate 90.

After work I stopped at the bank and took this picture while I was waiting at the drive thru

I left the bank and was waiting at the traffic light for the light to turn green. While I was sitting there a card turned the corner too fast, fishtailed and started sliding right towards me. I held my breath and prayed because there was absolutely nothing I could do. Thankfully they missed me. Only by inches but that was enough.

As for Christmas, yesterday Donna  left me a comment challenging me to post something every day showing how I'm getting ready for Christmas. Well I'm still not dragging out those decorations but I am in a Christmas mood.

Last night I read blogs that were posting something Christmasy while I watched a Christmas movie


  1. You are on the right track! Christmas has to be celebrated from the heart. And that means no one feeling forced to decorate if they don't feel up to it. That is not what Christmas is about anyway. Do a good deed for someone instead.

  2. P.S. YIKES what a close call!!! I would have been scared out of my wits. Well, it scares me just DRIVING in snow. Your first Christmas miracle of the month!!!

  3. Beautiful I wish we had some snow.

  4. Oh my goodness, how scary! So glad you're okay!
    Some roads here are covered in a thin layer of ice...very slippery.

  5. Must have been a scary moment for you when the car skidded, glad you are okay.
    No snow here, its so mild we haven't had the heating on, good in one way but I like a bit of cold sometimes.
    Hope you don't get too much though.

  6. Too close for comfort but what a blessing the car missed you!
    Glad you are getting in the festive spirit!

  7. Omg! Glad you didn't get hit!! A Christmas Miracle the way people drive in bad weather these days...
    And you did super on the Christmas post! Exactly! Just throwing some Christmas cheer out there!❤️
    That's a cool blog you were looking at...!!hahaaa...
    Hugs my friend!

  8. Glad you are safe. The forecast was showing Lake Erie with 1-2 ft, so I figured you would catch some of that storm. I watched " The Red Shoes " the other night, a friend has a huge collection of Christmas movies. It was a charmer.

  9. We got about 3" last night, not supposed to get much today, thank goodness! I'm not sure that watching a Christmas movie counts as decorating!! Nice try, Ann. Wow, good thing the car missed you! Gosh, that would have been awful. Someone above was watching over you!! Have a great day, Ann!

  10. what a great idea, decorating with TV and you could even put a Christmas photo on your desk top... I just came from Zoolatry and she has THE MOST Christmas looking blog ever... so happy that car missed you. hope the snow doesn't get worse, we are seeing tons of it on TV

  11. We had a 30+ car pile up on I-96 in Fowlerville yesterday. 3 people killed. It seems to take forever for people to get used to driving in the snow again! Glad you didn't get clobbered by that car!

  12. On the Thursday night news we saw the weather videos for up around your way. I said to my husband, "I wonder if Ann will have snow pics on her blog tomorrow?" and sure enough you do.. Stay safe.

  13. Wow, that was a close call. Glad they missed you. Close call. Hope we don't get snow or ice. Hope you have a good day Ann.

  14. Thank God the car missed you! I don't like to drive in the rain or snow.
    Is that the show Office on your pc? that is one of my favorite shows..comedies are my favorites. my son watches a lot of netflix and he's actually watching Gilmore Girls with his gf and told me he would love to live in a place like Star Hollow. :) I watched that show off and on years ago.
    how are your crafts coming along?

  15. Hi Ann, what I got from that was I-90. You could literally get on I-90 head west (for a long time) and come straight to my home. I only live about three miles from the interstate. Now, those are some easy driving directions. Feel like taking a trip, LOL

  16. In my opinion, watching a Christmas movie while perusing the spirit in blogland is a start. LOL

    I hate snow!!! And the close call at the intersection is just the reason I hate it so!!!! Drivers never know when to slow down.

    ...and that's no bull. LOLOLOL

  17. So glad the car missed you!! We only got a little bit of snow here. Christmas movies always get me in the spirit! :)


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