Sunday, December 4, 2016

So many things to talk about..

...and no pictures to go with it.

Yesterday was quite the eventful day. It started off with a flat tire. Apparently I had a screw stuck in my tire. Luckily the garage down the street from me could squeeze me in and the fixed it in no time.

Then My friend Debbie and I went to that craft show, lunch and a few other stops before heading back home. It was a really nice craft show with lots of crafters but it was so crowded and the prices were rather high. I did buy a couple things though.

When we got back to my house there was a woman who had been pulled over around the corner. I'm not sure what she did to get pulled over but it was obvious that it was a DUI stop. The cop went to handcuff her and she started to resist. It didn't take him much to get her under control though.

My tree still isn't up but I did do teeny tiny bit of decorating.

Today it's off to work and hopefully I can get a lot accomplished.


  1. It does sound like a busy, interesting day. Glad you got the tire fixed so easily. Have a good Sunday.

  2. you did find a photo and I love it. that lamp is beautiful.. hope your day is a good one. and I love it when you have things to talk about. tis the season for DUI

  3. Resisting Arrest? What are people thinking?!!
    Oh yes, craft shows are always crowded, I rarely go, unless it's really early for the influx of lookie-loos.

    Love the holiday display you did.

  4. Flat tire? Bummer. I wish I could see what that wall hanging is made of - rolled papers of something. You know me, I always want the details....

  5. Ann, I was interested to see your comment on the prices. I thought the same thing when I went to the Lutheran show. Do you think it is because we make things ourselves or have we forgotten how much work participating in a craft show really is? Did you make pictures? I don't because I am afraid they will think I just want to copy their craft. ( They don't know we have blogs). I really liked your picture today.

  6. Oh my GOSH!! I LOVE this wall decoration!!!! I KNOW you made it? Are you selling them? What would the price be? I want one!! It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!!!!! All else has flown out of my mind except this. Also I want to see what you bought at the craft show. None of it could be this good though.

  7. I hate getting a flat tire when I want to do other stuff. Glad you got it fixed and you were on your way.

    I used to go to craft shows all the time with my sister. We just don't like the crowds anymore. That and we are downsizing on what we have. It's a good thing. I can come here for my craft fixes.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. You have been busy! Have a great day :)

  9. Love the lantern and your display looks wonderful. It was a fun craft show, So much to look at!

  10. Glad you got your tire fixed easily and quickly! Glad you had fun at the craft show!

  11. I was thinking of you on Saturday as we walked around a couple of craft shows. I was many vendors of store-bought stuff and not much crafting. I think I shall visit Etsy tonight instead.

    Glad you got the tire fixed so quickly!

  12. we just had a flat couple of weeks ago and had to get a new tire because of the location of the nail/screw. we had just bought all new tires so they still match. :)
    love your decorations, but I really love the wall creation! did we see that one last year or no? so pretty!!
    we went to downtown Apex last night for the Christmas parade, son's gf was in it. she works for the store "Doodling Bug" and her boss drove her pink volkswagon that has eyelashes, I kid you not, and the employees were walking and wearing cute pink and red outfits. I did not get any pics! It was just so crowded and we were yelling at his gf so she would look and see us. lol If son got any video I may post it. :)

  13. I just had a screw in one of my tires. Love your little Christmas display.

  14. Sorry you had a flat! Glad you had a good day though! The decorations are so cute! I do love the wall one too.


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