Friday, May 18, 2018

Running on empty

I was doing pretty good for a week or so with posts scheduled ahead of time. All of a sudden I realized my surplus had run out and it was time to scramble for something new.

The only new picture I had was of the top of this very cool plant poke I got for a birthday present.

Has anyone ever tried Grammarly? 
I've been using the free version and I've discovered that my biggest problem is with commas and putting a period at the end of sentences. It will kindly let me know that there are other errors too and if I want to upgrade to the premium version they'll let me know what they are. I suppose if I was writing something other than a personal blog it would be worth paying for. They send you a weekly email with a breakdown of how you've done.

Yesterday it was 82 degrees out when I left work. I finally had the energy and ambition to vacuum out my vehicle. I don't know how the floors get so bad. I mean I know during the winter I'm tracking in snow on my boots but my shoes are never all that dirty so how do the floors get that messy. I wish I could be like some people who have spotless vehicles. If I had a garage I could at least pull it inside and keep it vacuumed out all year long.


  1. mine lives in a garage and i have never vac it, bob does vac it about once a year. i do use a whisk broom a few times, but in the drive not in the garage. the dust on the dash you can write your name in, but there is nothing in the car that is trash. it is NEAT and dusty.. our floor boards are always full of sand. here all dirt is sand and lives in floor boards. love the poke flower... i had mine set for a week, the blog i mean. got up today and no one had commented because there was NO BLOG.... i had created flower Friday, several of them but did not set them to auto post. now i have nothing in drafts but a couple of flower Fridays. have to create

  2. That's a really pretty plant decoration - (why are we decorating plants? - Anyway I think it is pretty.)

    I explored Grammerly when it first came out, I don't find any use for it. Sometimes my punctuation is quirky on purpose. Plus I use personal slang - eh, not a useful item for me.

    It's been chilly and rainy (understatement of the year) here and I'm done with it but it isn't done with us for another 3 or 4 days *sigh*

  3. My car is in the garage and it's always dirty. I don't think it makes any difference. Some, but not a lot.

    Have a fabulous day and day off tomorrow. Enjoy the weather. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  4. I keep thinking about cleaning my car, but only thinking

  5. Oh please...I need someone to run the vac in my car. I still have pillows and blankets in the back seat from where I went to Fla. Crazy. At least there is not sand in the car! Love your pic.

  6. I use Grammarly too! The free version. My biggest problem is commas. :) Have a great weekend!!

  7. Pretty plant thing-a-ma-bob! I haven't heard of Grammerly but I bet it wouldn't like my writing skills! Our cars are pretty spotless most of the time. The Edges are always in the garage and the Prius is outside because my hubby drives it to work so it gets a tad more dirty. All three have WeatherTech floor mats so it's easy to confine and clean dirt out too which is a life saver with rain in the winter and sand from the beach.

  8. My car stays pretty cluttered. I hate vacuuming both the car and the house!

  9. I just embrace being Pigpen. Nothing I touch stays clean/neat for more than 30 seconds


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