Monday, May 21, 2018

Through a dirty window.

I took these pictures through the nose print art on my front window. These are both in my neighbor's yard.

I don't know what this is but it's pretty in springtime and then later in the year, it gets red berries on it.

I love lilacs and for some reason, I could never get them to grow. All the ones I've planted have died. I'll just enjoy the neighbors instead. I wanted to go over and smell them. I just love the scent of lilacs.
Question: In the top right corner, do the lilacs look like a butterfly or a heart to you? First I thought heart then decided more butterfly.


  1. Definitely butterfly - I love lilacs too (who doesn't???) - the color, the scent - So lovely. We don't have many around here. My mother actually grew one from a branch she just stuck in the ground - took years for it to grow big enough to flower but grow and flower it did!

  2. Very pretty. I love lilacs and anything purple. I used to have a lilac bush at my other house and left it behind when I moved. It was right under the dining room window so I could look right out and see it. I enjoyed that so much. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had a HEDGE of lilacs in Colorado, and I sure miss them this time of year...they don't grow here 'cause I've been told lilacs need to freeze/go dormnant in order to survive. Who woulda known?

    It's definitely a butterfly to me!!

    1. Ps...

      From your comment today:

      To answer your question from my blog about how long it takes me to do the cakes, it all depends on the size and what they want on it. A small one I can finish in maybe 15 minutes. We actually don't bake the cakes there. We order them in frozen.

      My reply:

      Hootin' Anni5/21/2018

      15 minutes??!! Why just one rose would take me all day...and come out looking like a daisy!

  4. Looks like a crababble tree. They are so pretty in spring...wish all of this bloomed all summer long!

  5. Thanks for sharing the lilac's. I love them. We don't have them here but I remember them from Illinois growing up.

  6. I love lilacs in all colors. Too bad they don't bloom very long...


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