Monday, May 28, 2018

This, that and the other thing.

I mentioned my annoyance with the comment issue the other day. I really miss having them come to my email. When I first started blogging I would reply to comments right on my blog. Then it occurred to me that since I don't return to a blog to see if there was a response to my comment, then maybe other people don't either. That's when I started replying by email. Of course, then there is the issue of everyone who is a no reply blogger. Grace mentioned the other day, that by not giving a reply to comments on the blog she doesn't get to see the answers to questions that other people asked. Got me to thinking maybe I should just type my replies on the blog. I don't know, can't decide. It does seem to me that when I stopped I did lose several readers. Before I would do one long comment, responding to each person. I would prefer to have the reply right underneath each person's comment. I don't think is available in the pop-up comment. Does anyone know if I would have to switch to embedded to get that?

Random picture to break up the monotony.

After typing all that I realized this will be posting on Memorial Day. I should be creating a post that goes along with the holiday. Too late, I'm not going back and starting over. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I worked yesterday but I do have off today.

Another random picture.

The results from yesterday's game are in.

The participants in the order they appeared:
Mildred from Mildred's Blog
Sandra from Mad Snapper
Joan from My Quality Day
Grace from Dragon's Alley
Sandee from Comedy Plus
Ginny from Let your light shine

One last random picture.

And the results are:

Joan with 182 points
Grace with 129 points
Ginny with 128 points
Mildred with 118 Points
Sandra with 71 points
Sandee with 55 points.

Thanks for playing everyone. Maybe I'll do this one again some time.


  1. That game was FUN!! And your pictures are beautiful! I have never replied to blogs o my e-mail. I get so much mail that I like to keep my blog stuff separate.

  2. Hi Ann, Thankful that you have a day off; hope you'll have beautiful weather. I miss receiving emails from blog comments - one reason I am now posting my blog on fb too - at least there, you can have a conversation! Your photos are very pretty.

  3. i don't use reply or read them or ever go back to a post to see what was written so don't know about the reply thing. i think the ones that use it are embedded which i really don't like that format. i like the pop up, so much easier to use. the edits are beautiful.. i am waiting to see how many want you to use reply... will be interesting. let us know tomorrow

  4. Back in the heyday of blogging comments and replying to comments was a big part of the community feel. I have had people comment on other people's comments; have had lengthy discussions that could have easily been several stand-alone posts! I go back and read comments on all the blogs I read - who knows what interesting things may have been said, or if the blogger responded to a question I asked, which might require a response. OTOH - if most of your readers are crafters, then there isn't a lot to discuss aside from specific details of a crafting project - I don't know, I don't read any crafters blogs (except yours!). In the end, it is your blog and you will do what you are most comfortable with. And since I seem to be the only one who wants to see YOUR comments, well, I can always email you if I have a specific question, eh?

    I like that forest photo a lot!

  5. Since the 26th of this month I can no longer reply to comments left on my blog - it's most annoying. With no more interaction on blogger what is the point of blogging is what I'm wondering. Enjoy having the day off. :)

  6. Since no one comes back to read comments this may be a waste of time but - because of the EU's GDPR rules a lot of web sites are in the process of making adjustments - which is why you may be receiving a lot of emails from web sites with their new Privacy Policies. I think this is also affecting how Blogger works, amongst others. If you use Blogger, check out your 'Settings" - you will see a notice on that page about it.

  7. I am missing getting comments by email too, but maybe it will be good- I may respond in the blog. I just wondered if people actually come back to read the responses. Even though a lot of people are still reading mine, you are about the only one who comments.

  8. PS- you know I love the picture of the trail. And who knew anyone was counting points- haha!

  9. If you use embedded comments you'll have a reply button on your comments. I used it when I was on blogger. It works very well.

    Do I get a prize for being the low score?

    Have a fabulous day and enjoy having a holiday off. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  10. I use comments on my blog and I can respond directly to each individual comment. (Check your settings) And yes, if I leave a comment on a blog...say, like Grace's....I do go back and check the response. I think it adds to the community feeling in a space. And I love it when people are silly and have their say on my just makes it more fun!

  11. I use reply (embedded) for a couple of reasons. I don't do emails as with time limits I've set for being online ...emailing back & forth can take hours... & when I reply under the comment...that tells me I've repaid their visit as I only reply AFTER I visit. Just a personal thing.

  12. Okay, since I've been out of the loop for a long time, what IS going on with comments & email? I do love what you've done to these pix, Ann...:)JP

  13. Love the last pic! Sorry I can't help with the comments now I'm on Wordpress and it's so different.

  14. Gorgeous photos! You can reply to each comment, if you change how you display your comments box. Due to the new data regulations I will probably have to turn my comments off though :-/

  15. I hope they fix it. Right now if I post something I will be present when it posts and if you make a comment on your blog post and click the box for email follow up comments the comments will arrive in your email only they will be no reply. It's a mess but it kinda works. If you click on the person's name you will see their email, click on it and then respond. I'm so sad over this.


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