Thursday, December 1, 2022


Happy December. Can you believe we are starting the last month of the year already? 

 Just some random thoughts going through my head today.

When I left for work yesterday morning it was pouring down rain. All day it was rainy and gloomy. By the time I left for the day, the rain had stopped but the temperature had done a nosedive and the wind was killer. We're under another winter weather advisory again. This one is in effect until today at 1:00. Up to 8" of snow is possible. 

I had a few questions on my post yesterday about my village.

Ginny asked if I collected the pieces over many years. Yes, I have. I can't remember when I first started it but I know it was after Wade and I were married so some time after 2006. My first pieces were ones that I found at a yard sale. After that I bought one or two items to add each year.

Sandra said she didn't remember seeing the covered bridge or the lighthouse. The covered bridge was one of the first pieces I got. I don't have a lighthouse but there are two water towers so I'm thinking that's what you saw. Those are both relatively new.

Anni asked if it was a cut mirror for the skaters frozen lake. Yep, it sure is. I can't remember where I found that.

And that will just about wrap things up for the day. See ya all tomorrow.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh gosh, I hope you don't have to go to work in more deep snow.

MadSnapper said...

Oh no oh no more snow! Yes I went and zoomed way way in and it is a water tower it's the one behind the Covered Bridge.

Lori said...

We had the same weather as you did yesterday. I haven't heard snow is predicted though. Stay warm!!

Hootin Anni said...

No more snow!! At least with heavy rain, you don't have to scoop. That "lake" for the skaters is genius

Rose said...

I have not git a brain...I forgot to look at your setup on my computer...and I remembered I wanted it. But by the time I walked back computer the thought was gone!

I hope you dont get that much snow!

Jeanette said...

Happy December! I hope you don't get the snow!

Sandee said...

It's raining here and it's cold. I love the rain since we don't get much.

I love your Christmas village. Such fun to put together.

Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥

happyone said...

Cold here too but sunny.
Yes, sure hard to believe that December as arrived.

DeniseinVA said...

I hope they're wrong on the snow. I am going backwards in commenting. Even without seeing your previous post, I enjoyed this one. I hope you don't get that snow.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

No I can't believe it is December. I'm not ready for all the things I need to do. Stay safe with the storm coming. Thanks for the answers to the questions. I know I have an oval shaped mirror for skaters and they used to be available to buy.

The Happy Whisk said...

We had crazy thunder and lightening the other night. Then crazy rain. Today, light snow. Stay warm and Happy Winter!

CheerfulMonk said...

I love that village! ❤️

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