Monday, February 22, 2010

Duke's show and tell

Hi everybody. I hope your week is off to a good start.
Mom is busy doing something she calls chillin so while she's doing that I thought I would play show and tell. Mom wasn't going to post these because she said they were her first try and not very good. She won't know though unless you tell her.

She said these were little composition notebooks. She covered them with scrapbook paper and then decorated them with stuff she cut out with her cuttlebug. She sent the one with the bear on it to Amanda last week. 

Uh oh, I think I hear her coming.

Quick, act natural.


  1. You are adorable Duke and I would never, ever tell her anything you didn't want me to tell her. Just saying.

    Have a woof-woof day and mommy did a good job if you ask me. I know you think so too. :)

  2. Don't worry Duke, your secret is safe with us. And they are cute.
    Bubba & Sheri

  3. Duke, you are absolutely adorable. Tell your Mom that I love the notebooks!

  4. Sandee, thanks I knew I could trust you to keep my secret

    Sheri, you and Bubba are true pals

    veterankindergartenteacher, thank you very much. I would tell mom but then she would know what I did :) I'm sure she would appreciate it though.

  5. The books are cute! And so are you Duke - do you like kitties? Thanks for showing us.

  6. We always acted like we were sleeping when our mom came in, Duke. Let's do that next time. :)

  7. lovin your 'act natural' pose :)

    I'd love anything from your mommy, even a piece of paper! hehe

  8. Duke, I am always happy to come by and see your adorable fuzzy face (although I have to pretend I haven't been here now). I love those notebooks. It sounds so easy when you explain how your mom did it yet I know if I tried it, it would be a disaster.

  9. I love it Ann! And I love how creative you and Duke are with your posts. You make me laugh on a daily basis, whether it's by commenting on my blog or it's me reading your posts. I thank you for that.

  10. LOVE the one with the flower!! You were right to show them to us - she won't mind :)

  11. They look good to me, Duke. Almost as good as you.

  12. Duke, we'd never spill your secrets but we think your mom's notebooks are very cute! You are too by the way!

  13. Duke, you're just the cutest little substitute ever!

  14. Duke, tell your mom that she does great work! Oh, and don't worry, I won't let the cat out of the bag. Oops, that was kinda the wrong phrase to use with you, huh?

  15. Way to go DUKE!!! Woof! Woof!! Woof!!! (By the way, please tell your mommy that her notebooks looked good, but don't make too big of a deal out of it. You know how she gets.)

  16. Those notebooks are really cute -- thank you, Duke, for posting these. Your mommy did a great job!

  17. Now ANN??!!!! Leave Duke ALONE! He's Only trying to help out!Hahaaa...Cute!!

  18. Ya, I am commenting here now! A cute dog!

  19. Glad to see you're back to posting, Duke (even if it is on the sly :o) Ann, those books are terrific - love the one with the flower (too cute!)

  20. Thanks for sharing them Duke! I think they are lovely and your mom is very creative and talented.

  21. Good job, Duke! I think the notebooks came out real cute!

  22. You're a funny little dog...and those notebooks are very pretty

  23. Cinnamon girl. I love kitties, I used to live with one

    Lin that's a good idea, I will try that one next time

    Nessa thanks, I think I do it well

    Anne I'm always happy when you stop by but I didn't see you

    Mee2 well we're even because you never fail to make me laugh either

    Audrey yeah the flower one was better, that was the second one

    Ratty why thanks, Good thing you said "almost"

    Beaded tail so glad you'll keep my secret, I like you guys too

    WillOaks it's not easy but someone has to do it :)

    Tahtimbo oh please let the cat out of the bag then I'll have someone to play with when mom is at work...rofl

    FishHawk,oh yes I know :)

    Duni thanks I always try to do a good job when I post

    Donna Me? I didn't do

    Jam, thanks for stopping by,

    Jen Yes I have had a bit of a vacation from the posting

    DKMiller your welcome and Thank you for the complement

    Daisy I hope to be as good as you one day Daisy at being a great blogger :)

    Grace Mom says I'm funny too

  24. Duke is so cool and I love the way he helps his Mommy. We think the notebooks are way cool and I bet Amanda did too.

  25. I want Duke, he is precious. I really like what you've done with the composition books. The bear is adorable. Great job, Ann.

  26. Hi Duke!
    Cute little notebooks.
    Would you please thank Mommy from me for stopping by and writing those nice words about my red bracelet. Give her a lick or two from me!

  27. Jude, I'm sure that Obie is just as cool

    Poetic Shutterbug, well if he starts misbehaving I'll send him to Not that I would ever be able to do that.

    Anna I'll be sure to thank her she showed me the bracelet it was super cool.

  28. Duke, tell her the notebooks are 'woof'erful! You're cute 'ya know?

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