Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hate snow

Have I ever told you before that I really hate snow? Well if not, I'm telling you now. I'm so sick of seeing the white stuff it's not even funny. We got about 9 more inches since I left for work this morning. Driving was not fun, in fact it was a little on the scary side. Actually I suppose it wasn't so much the driving as it was the (trying) stopping. Then of course I couldn't get in the driveway because there was so much snow piled up at the end that if I had tried I would have gotten stuck. If you can't get in the driveway that means you have to shovel. Have I ever told you before that I hate shoveling? Well if not, I'm telling you now. While I was out there shoveling, the plow drove by three times throwing more into the end of the driveway. I swear that driver was laughing the last time he went by.
I think the only one here who isn't phased by the snow is Duke.
Since I'm ready for spring I'll leave you with a little something that isn't white

Spring where are you?


  1. I don't envy you one bit. I would hate all that snow. I know it. I've been in snow long enough to know that. I'm hoping for spring to happen for you very soon.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. Ear scritches for Duke. :)

  2. I want snow!!! it's so darn hot over here, i've been taking showers after showers after... err, you get the picture :)

  3. It is maddening when the snow plows do that! We are still shoveling too. No school again tomorrow. My daughter is a high school senior and at this rate she won't graduate until July.

    But, (don't read this or you might not come visit my blog any more)I still love the snow!

  4. I hate the snow too. A lot. We just got a bunch a day or so ago. Thankfully it all melts here pretty quick. I had to shovel the driveway too. We can virtually hold each other so we can feel better. Only I didn't have a snow plow making it harder for me. In fact, they don't even plow or sand side streets here.

  5. Awwwww, sorry :( In your shoes, I would feel the same.

  6. I don't envy you either especially the driving in and having to shovel that snow. Hopefully it ends soon!

  7. Oh Ann, 9 inches since you left for work? I can't even imagine. For people like me who never see snow, we like it, but then again, we don't have to live with it or shovel it. No worries though, Spring is on the horizon.

  8. Wow...sorry for ya. Lots of people (apparently you included) on the east coast are really getting hammered.

    I love snow...but I guess that easy for me to say since we seldom, if ever, get any here in the south.

    Hope things start to warm up for ya soon :)

  9. we don't have any snow, but we are pretty tired of the winter too...

  10. Methinks that you are missing out on a golden opportunity--several of them, actually. For you could hang a small keg of brandy (okay, very small) around Duke's neck, and send him out to rescue distressed travelers, which would spread goodwill throughout the area and boost his self-esteem. Surely this would be a win-win for everyone.

  11. Better make it a brightly colored keg FishHawk, otherwise everyone would be out to find and rescue Duke in all that white snow *grin*. Ann I'll just bet you are sick and tired of it. I remember very well when lots and lots of snow eventually got "old" [growing up]. Of course the whole shoveling deal was just a total bummer from the get go...
    Hang in there girl! Spring is bound to show up eventually :o)

  12. Hi, I'm sick of snow too. Spring, hurry up!!!

  13. Living in Upstate NY the snow-belt we have been blessed this year with little snow. The people south of us though is a completely different story. I feel sooooo bad ;-)

  14. Hehe, I am pretty sure that it is Spring here in Florida! :P Actually I am freezing is like 57 today!

  15. Spring is far, far away - we figure it will be April before we see the street again. No plowing done in South Philly - some lunatic is out there shoveling the street - not the sidewalk - the street! This isn't like the December storm or even last weeks storm, yesterday's was heavy, wet and now ice...what people will do for their cars, also their pizza delivery - if anyone on this street needed an ambulance - tough luck - you gonna die!

  16. I'm with you sister! Done with snow!! I just came back in the house from shoveling once more. Plows came through in the middle of the night so hubs had to clear the end of the driveway at 6:00 am. Ugh..

  17. Sandee Duke says thanks he loved the ear scritches

    Nessa I'll trade you

    LDH I read it but I'll keep visiting you anyway :)

    Mee2 I wish ours would melt quick

    Vickie I don't wear shoes any more only

    Beaded tail the driving is the worst.

    Poetic Shutterbug I'll keep my eyes on the horizon

    Roschelle we're used to it here but it doesn't mean I like it.

    Swapna lucky you, no snow

    FishHawk you got me thinking now.

    Jen why oh why do I live here :)

    DKMiller maybe if we team up we can bully it into coming sooner

    Man Overboard I live in the wrong part of the snowbelt in Northwestern PA

    Tanyia I would love to freeze in 57 degree weather

    Grace WOW shoveling the street. Now I almost feel bad about whining

    Buggys yep Wade was out this morning before we left for work shoveling out the end of our driveway.


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