Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guard Duty

I tried to take a picture of Duke out in the back yard last night but I didn't have much success. See for yourself.
Here's the original picture.
The light was bad, he wouldn't stand still and I didn't have the steadiest hand.
A picture of Duke though is hard to throw away no matter how bad it is. So I tried to save it.
Now he's my hero dog guarding against evil predators. We can all sleep soundly tonight, Duke is on duty.


  1. hehe, the second one looks like he has horns. love the edit.


  2. Duke is doing an excellent job of guarding against evil, I can tell by the way he is standing.

  3. How could anyone not love that dog? He's got so much personality it just jumps out of the pictures.

  4. PJ, oops the secret is out, he's a little devil...lol

    Ratty, Duke takes his job very seriously

    The Bee, yep, he's loaded with personality

  5. You have your Duke and we have our Little Bit. They are fierce hunting dogs that protect their humans. Good for us.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. Duke is doing a great job on guard duty! Looks like his tail is wagging so not sure who he'd scare off. I, for one, would have to go pet him if I saw him out in the yard!

  7. Oh Duke, I know you are big and bad! Yah that's right! I like to protect my yard too. Mom thinks the deer laugh at me (all 7 pounds of me) when I growl at them through the window. Small dogs unite! We may be small but we are MIGHTY!!!!

    Oooops, mom's coming, gotta run....

    Signed, Bubba

  8. whoaa.. Duke gets a mean makeover! :D Don't ever go near dogs with horns...

  9. Oh Ann - how truly beautiful. What a magnificent 'snap shot' of Duke set against the background of the snow. That one must be surely worth framing!

  10. Guarding against what kind of predator? Perhaps you should use external flash to get some lighting.

  11. Cute devil Duke on duty? I bet predators will be afraid of him... lol!

  12. Wow! Duke is a HERO! You are sure safe with him.

  13. Duke don't need no enhancements to make him heroic!!!

  14. What a heroic act! Duke is the real American hero!

  15. What a brave Duke. As for low light photography - in light like that you really need a tripod or something to steady the camera and hope that Duke stands still. :-)

  16. I LIKE it!! Well done!!!hughugs

  17. Ok, I can rest easy now. I feel very secure just knowing!

  18. Why is it I always see things differently? What I see is Duke marveling at the space ship which has landed across the street.

    Maybe I should lay off the cold medicine.

  19. Ann, he's adorable and all his pics are perfect. Love these. BTW, I am removing my EC widgets from my blogs so I had to cancel all pending advertising, I just wanted you to know that so you wouldn't think I was just rejecting you. I just can't drop EC anymore and it's a waste of time for me.

  20. Oh how I love reading your posts & comments! Devil dog, indeed LOL

  21. Cool edit Ann....Duke must be very proud

  22. Oh, he is so cute out in the snow--too bad it was so dark. Hobbes went out last night in the dark and was wrestling the snow, but it was just too dark to photograph. I had to settle for watching out the window and laughing. I guess some things are just best enjoyed.

  23. Think Duke would give the intruder a bunch of kisses instead of a bite, :-)

  24. Sandee hes little but he's full of spunk

    Beaded tail and he would love it :)

    Sheri Hey Bubba us little guys gotta stick together

    Nessa yes beware :)

    Kloggers I like all the shots of Duke I can't help it ::)

    Jam external flash would be great, too bad I don't have one

    January, devil duke..lol that fits

    junezach yes we sure are

    FishHawk you always take Duke's side...lol

    Vanilla seven yes he is

    DKMiller a tripod would have done wonders but I was too lazy to go get it and Duke wasn't standing still anyway :)

    donna, thank you very much

    Buggys that makes Duke very happy

    Me-me you see things differently so that you can entertain the rest of us

    Poetic shutterbug well I'll still stop by and visit I know how hard it can be to keep up with the dropping

    Vickie, I'm glad keep coming back

    allotments4you, thank you and I think Duke approved

    Lin that must have been hilarious watching him. They are so good at entertaining us

    Man overboard I think you are right

  25. Go for it, Duke! You are one tough guard!


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