Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel so disconnected

It's so hard to believe that it wasn't that long ago (or was it) that I managed to get through a day without being connected to the internet. I even lived without a computer. I don't recall exactly how I filled those days, it may have been with actual physical activity but I'm not quite sure. So today, I get home from work and NO internet connection. I already had some warning because they were having issues with it at the store. Here, if there's no internet, it's just me going bonkers. At the store, customers are unable to use their credit cards. It's back on now but it's been going on and off all night. I haven't been able to make all my rounds yet but I wanted to get my post up before it got too late.

For today I'm just going to go with some recent edits that I've done.
This one is one of the pictures that I used in Duke's Valentine post. I added a texture to it and I love the way it looks.
This one is a picture I took of  a butterfly I cut and a background paper I embossed using my Cuttlebug.

And this was a picture of a truck from Wade's die cast collection that I played around with. (The picture, not the truck) I would never touch one of Wade's trucks, really. I didn't even move it to photograph it, I swear.


  1. There is a huge difference between choosing to be on the internet and not having internet connection. Huge. The place we vacation only has internet up at the lodge. You should see everyone up there with their laptops trying to find space. :)

  2. What Lin said sizes it up nicely. I go crazy when we don't have internet. A couple years ago we had a huge storm here and lots the internet for one solid week. I thought I'd go crazy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. I meant lost the internet. Geez.

  4. I can't stand when the Internet goes out. Now that I work from home, I have a list of Internet alternates in case mine goes out. I have a few places I can go and still get Internet access.

  5. No internet? Go visit a friend who does have it! Looks like you are having fun with your new toy. The cricut doesn't do embossing as far as I know (does it?)

  6. Great photos! Love the one of Duke!

    When our internet goes out we just sit here and feel so out of sorts. Can't imagine what we did before laptops and internet!

  7. Ann I do so know what you mean about being connected. Years ago it would have been like a fairytale to think that a person could send an instant message anywhere in the world - even today it is still really like something out of a SciFi movie. It makes me wonder what will come next. Even now - it is possible to rig up a camera, or indeed some small laptops carry cameras inbuilt - so that it is possible to have a video conversation with anyone we choose. How futuristic is that?

    Like you when the Internet is down or not working properly I too think it's a little annoying - but at least it doesn't last too long.

    On another note - I like all three of your photographs - I especially like your beautiful dog. Woof, Woof!! :)

  8. Being without the internet is like living through an apocalypse to most of us who have had it for awhile now. It happens to me at least three times a year, and it's devastating. I think I've had the internet since 1994.

  9. Ann, your photos are really cool. I love what you've done with Duke's photo and the truck.

    Same here, I cannot remember what it was like without the internet. Although I do know life was just a little simpler.

  10. I love how you make things simply beautiful Ann! I love the photos and I always love to be here! :D

  11. I LOVE the Duke picture!
    I feel the same about the computer. We've had a couple of issues lately too, for no apparent reason. It drives me crazy!

  12. Sorry that I haven't commented in awhile! I hate when the internet goes down. I don't know what to do with myself. I love the picture od Duke. You did a really great job on it. I hope the rest of this week is a good one:) Take cate, and much love<3

  13. Funny how we seem to get the DT's when our internet is out, isn't it? I am the same sad way :o) The butterfly is really pretty, and I just love what you did with Duke's photo (looks like a people painting, actually). Hopefully Wade won't decide to dust for prints, even though you never touched it *grin*.

  14. Well, Duke certainly doesn't need any texture to make him look good, but it was a really nice effect. If you hadn't said anything about it, I would have thought it was a painting.

    Wait for it.

    SHOW OFF!!!

  15. I feel lost with no internet. Nice work with the photos though. I've been playing around with photoshop effects too. So fun!

  16. I go crazy too without internet connection...but sometimes I can stand it because I have to. That is everytime I'm on vacation some place else, I make sure I'm off-hook.

  17. Great photos. You are giving me some neat ideas. Thanks.

    the internet is what it is. snerx.

  18. Ahhhhh! Love Duke!! And I love what you did with the photo Ann!!
    So Talented!!!

  19. Had to chuckle at your promise that you did not touch the truck! All the pix are great!

  20. BC (before computer), I read a lot ... I mean a whole lot!! *sigh*

    Cool pictures - always great!

  21. Hate it when my internet connection acts up. For months when I first moved into this apartment, I was "piggy backing" off other people's wireless connection.

    It worked out well for a while but whenever I really really wanted to get online and stay online I could never pick up a strong enough signal. So, I got my own...yay!!

    I can't for the life of me figure out what we did all day pre-internet.....

    Life's weird like that. My 8 year old almost passed out when I told him Microwaves once didn't exist!!

  22. The Duke pic is fabu!

  23. Lin, It's amazing how connected we are with our electronic devices isn't it...lol

    Sandee, oh my one week? I wouldn't make it

    Anne that would be the pits, at least for me it's purely just my entertainment

    Buggys I don't know much about the cricut except I want one...lol

    Beaded tail I think before the internet I used to watch a lot of TV

    Kloggers yeah the first time I used a web cam I was like a little kid excited over their first new bike.

    Ratty I can't recall how long it's been since I've had the internet but I believe mid to late 90's

    Poetic shutterbug, thank you very much. I just love using textures on pictures.

    Junezach, aww thanks, that's so nice of you to say. I love that you keep coming back :)

    Duni, yeah and this stuff is supposed to make life easier...lol

    Angela aww it's ok, I'm just glad you're still hanging in there and stopping by when you can :)

    Jen, I made sure not to disturb the dust on the truck

    FishHawk, You crack me up, I knew that would be there.....rofl I can always count on you for a good laugh

    DKMiller effects are almost as fun as getting a really great shot. I don't get too many of those so I do a lot of editing...lol

    bingkee we never go anywhere on vacation so that's not a problem for me :)

    Jack K why thank you, hope you'll share anything you think up

    Donna shucks, thank, I try

    Sharkbytes Actually he was sitting right there when I took the picture but it made for interesting read in the post...lol

    vickie, I used to read but it always puts me to sleep and now the eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

    Roschelle it's amazing how many things we have now that our kids could not imagine ever going without.

    Grace thanks, doesn't take much to make Duke look good though :)

  24. You do an awesome job with Pictures!!

  25. Gayle, thanks, I have a lot of fun doing them too.

  26. You are so goofy, Duke's pic is great, and I know all about that "don't touch the stuff" thing! Heaven's NO.

  27. Miawa, that's me, a big goof :) Actually I made up the don't touch part....lol

  28. I love the butterfly... your cuttlebug is amazinggg!! the embossing makes it look expensive... hehe

  29. It is funny how much we have come to depend on the internet. I am lost when our internet goes down. I keep all of my recipes online so I can not even make anything to take up my time.

  30. Nessa I need to start playing with it more, I already want to buy more stuff for it :)

    Melissa I hate that when I have stuff stored on the computer and it's down. I'll be trying to think of something to do and think oh I'll just go check that, and then realize DUH you can't

  31. Geesh...every few months when I visit my family...no internet! However, recently we've spent more time at my sister's, and she does have a connection. So, yay!

    Beautiful pic of Duke...he's very patient!


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