Monday, February 15, 2010

Slug day

It's Monday, and aside from feeling a little on the sluggish side, I have the attention span of a....(I can't think of anything so just insert something here with a really short attention span)

I headed over to the post office on my lunch break today thinking I would mail out a little something to Amanda. I forgot that they weren't open today. Well when I realized my error I figured there would be no point in checking the email when I got home.

Speaking of Amanda, I got an email from her yesterday. I think she's testing me. She said that now that she's living so far away she does check my blog almost every day. She told me I could post the email. So, Amanda, did I pass?

I think I'll just give it up for today and try again tomorrow.


  1. I forgot there was no mail today, as well! hehe.

    Tell Amanda to come check my blog darnnit lol.

  2. It is annoying when we all have to work, yet the government gets a holiday. Maybe we can switch that around?

  3. Tanyia, glad i didn't decide to walk to the bank at lunch that's further than the post

    Audrey, I think we should. it doesn't seem quite fair to me.

  4. I forgot there was no mail as well and kept checking the old box today. I obviously need to get a life :D

  5. Hubby told me around 12:30 today that he and Little Bit were going to go get the mail. I said honey, it's a holiday. There's no mail delivered today. See what happens when you are retired. You just don't know what day is what half the time.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke along with some ear scritches. :)

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  7. Dory (from Finding Nemo) has short attention span :D

    It's still the Chinese New year holidays here. I feel so lazy and bloated from eating too many Mandarin oranges!

  8. If everyone had holidays when the government does, we'd always remember! Hope you get something in the mail tomorrow! :D

  9. Woof! Woof! Ann ... Just left a comment on yesterday post. I'm glad that DUKE received it just in time for hearts day. Gorgeous Duke.
    Anyway, hope you have a great day tomorrow, Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. I didn't know there was a holiday either. It's an important one, but I think most of us normal people don't really get to celebrate it. :)

  11. Well I really didnt "test" you but I thought that you'd need something to blog about or something, idk. I figured maybe some of your blogger ppl would like an update anyway. we get our furniture tomorrow YAY!!! oh im so excited to actually get this apartment finally complete! And yes I do read this everyday now.

  12. With the kind of work that I have that we support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (8 hours workload with 2 days off within a week), holidays don't apply to us. I am used to it. Lucky if our rest days fall on a holiday then we can celebrate it together with the other people rejoicing that day! LOL

  13. B-, which is really not all that bad considering your attention span being that of a ga-nat at the time.

  14. How about the attention span of a goldfish??? Hope you are back on track soon Ann!!!

  15. For a change, I actually remembered!! Ann, chalk it up to stress and have some wine ;)

  16. Attention span hmmm insert my name, that's a perfect fit. One of the perks with living in the country, the mail box is at the end of the driveway, which looks as thou will need blow snow-blowing done today. Why can't the snow take a day off......

  17. Poetic shutterbug, I'm glad I'm not alone

    Sandee happens sometimes even when you aren't retired

    Nessa I've never seen Nemo

    Beaded tail, I can't wait to get it

    SGR yes and he was the only one around here dressed up for Valentines day :)

    Ratty nope, no celebration for us

    Amanda well anyway, wanted to be on the safe side. Have fun arranging your new furniture

    junezach yikes that sounds like a killer schedule

    FishHawk a ga-nat huh, yep sounds about right

    allotments4you goldfish works too

    vhf, wine would be good

    Manoverboard, lol well at least I'm not alone. I think the snow needs a good long vacation :)

  18. Tell Amanda I said hello and how is mommy handling it? Great it looks to me like.

  19. Miawa, it seems strange that she's so far away but she hasn't lived at home for awhile now so it wasn't too bad. There's always the phone and internet :)


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