Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Randomness with a little Duke in between

There's been a few little things that I've been wanting to mention but they just haven't quite fit into a blog post.

First off I want to thank all of you who have over the past couple of months honored me with awards. I appreciate them more than you know but I am so bad at getting around to posting them. I don't want to seem ungrateful but I just can't keep up with everything and unfortunately the awards always get lost in the clutter that I call my life. Just know that even though I don't post them, I do love them and all of you.

 It seems that the Twitter account that I have and never use has been hacked. If you have gotten a rude, crude or otherwise offensive or annoying direct message from me it really wasn't me sending it. I really should just go delete the account but for some reason I hang on to it. I have taken the recommended steps to take care of the situation. Funny though that as soon as I reset my password I started getting emails from twitter saying that my account had been a recent victim of phishing and I should click this link to reset my password.

Another thing that I have noticed lately is the amount of spam comments I have been getting. For the longest time I never got any, now all of a sudden there are a ton of them. Anonymous sure does like my older I've changed some settings so that some comments require moderation. Hopefully I can get all the spam comments rejected before they get posted.

Not all Anonymous comments are bad. I got this one on yesterdays post
Anonymous said...
Tell Duke that I miss him mom! I bought something for him today while shopping with Billie and I think he is just going to LOVE them, I mean it! Anyway nice pics and stuff. ttyl, Amanda
When I read it this morning before I went to work I thought it said "Tell Duke that I miss HIS mom" I even told one of the girls at work about the sweet comment my daughter left on my blog. Then I come home and see that it says she wants me to tell Duke that she misses him....LOL  Ah well such is life.
Have a great night everyone and see ya tomorrow.


Sandee said...

I quit allowing anonymous comments. I was getting spammed heavily. Not so much now. It's a shame these folks don't have a life.

Duke is pretty high on the food chain isn't he? Well of course he is.

Have a terrific day. :)

Mee2 said...

I'm not popular enough to get spam comments yet. What a sweet message your daughter left you. And I'm sure she misses you too. :o)

One Creative Queen said...

I kinda liked the part about "Anyway nice pics and stuff.". That's what truly set it apart in my mind. :) Who else, but one you've nurtured, cared for, fed, sheltered, and worried about, would leave such a heartfelt comment? bahahaha

I can say that because you have me beat in the comment department - 3 kids, no comments. Altho I shouldn't complain - I don't know that I want them to leave me comments. They would not be as nice as the one you got!

And, just for the record, I miss Duke's mom. She's the best! (Duke thinks so, too.)

I love ya kiddo! xx

Tanyia said...

Yea she misses you...she is just too damned stubborn to admit that. Hmmm...where did she get that from I wonder? lol

Ann said...

Sandee, maybe I should stop alloying anonymous but then that's how my daughter comments. Yep Duke's way up

Mee2 I didn't think I was either but they found

One creative queen well she had to move over a thousand miles away before she even started reading let alone commenting on my blog. And for the record, you are just the sweetest :) hope things are calming down for you

Tanyia What? I'm not stubborn, What are you talking

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I love the first photo of Duke by your computer, it's adorable.

I moderate all my comments because of the spam. Anon's I don't mind as long as they are nice. I've received many that I could not even post due to the foul language. I advertise all over so unfortunately the anon's and spam come with it.

I'm like you with Twitter. It is a complete waste of time for me as it doesn't really give me any hits, yet I still hold on to it and don't know why.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

BTW, Thank you so much for signing the petition for the gardens. I really appreciate it so much, you're a doll :)

BeadedTail said...

I had someone who kept spamming one particular Sadieday post from last July. I don't understand spammers and hackers and such. Oh well.

I giggled at the last paragraph! I'm sure she does miss Duke's mom too! LOL

vhf said...

I hear you about Twitter ... I saw one of the bad tweets from your acct. - just deleted it on my end ... I KNEW it wasn't from you :D

tahtimbo said...

I've stopped allowing anonymous comments as well. I just got tired of having to go back and delete them. To further fight the spam battle, I have the settings set to moderate comments on posts over 14 days. This has really helped.
Good luck with your Twitter account. It seems to be happening a lot lately. You're the second person I know that it's happened to...both this week, too.

January said...

Hi Ann, Hi Duke... It's been a while, I miss visiting you and Duke sorry for that... I'll make it up to you sometime..


Ratty said...

I know what you mean about the spam comments. They've been heavy all over recently.
The pictures of Duke are always good.

Anonymous said...

lmao I miss you too mom but you were talking all about duke! And well yeah I get my stubbornness from you totally! ttyl

Nessa said...

so far my blogs have been spared from anonymous comments. I hope it stays that way :D

Can't say the same with my email though... i get tons of spams saying i won lotteries, my relatives in Timbuktu left me a huge fortune and stuff... geeeez!

WillOaks Studio said...

I read that as "his mom" too...but it's all cute on your blog today!

fullet said...

It happened the same to me in Twitter, about two months ago. Someone sent hundreds of spams in ten minutes from my account and it was really anoying. I had to spend more than ten minutes to delete them! I'm still there though, because I have fun twittering from time to time.

Roschelle said...

Of course you know she misses Duke's mom too. Ann, he is so adorable. I'm glad you live so far away...otherwise Duke would most definitely be a dognap victim.

FishHawk said...

Well, Duke is incredibly lovable... Okay, so is his mom.

By the way, what you are experiencing with Twitter sounds a lot like what happened to me with MySpace. I hope Twitter is better at straightening things out than they were. I have a genuine rant coming next Monday about MySpace, and all of the fun that I am still having because of them.

Daisy said...

I never use Twitter any more, except that I have it set to automatically post my blog posts. Considering closing my Twitter account, but can't bring myself to do it yet...

DK Miller said...

I allow anonymous to post comments but I moderate all comments so I don't end up with a bunch of spam to deal with already posted.

I just today had a dm from a twitter friend - real person - who must have some virus thing as it took me to a "suspected phishing site. Ugh.

And Duke - cute as always.


allotments4you said...

My Hubby set me up a twitter account that is linked to my blog but I have never signed into it and I don't think I would know if it got hacked.
Sorry about the bogus is really annoying which is why I have it so I approve my comments get a lot of spammers and irrelevant stuff...some people really need to get a life.
Lol and mis-reading the comment....maybe you didn't mis-read it but your daughter mis-wrote it?!?!?!

junezach said...

Ann, hope your Twitter issue would be fixed the soonest time.

Well, it is much better to make your comments under moderation so to prevent spammers. I am not sure how Blogger can catch spam comments. With Wordpress, there is a plugin called Akismet that catches all spam comments though sometimes legitimate ones are detected as spam but I have the option to demark them as not spam. At least I have the control over the comments I received in my blog using the tool.

About the comment made by Amanda, it surely was indirect but I can feel that she misses you too. Hehehe! :D

Buggys said...

I don't get too much spam, just now and then. It has never been rude just irrelevant!
I'm quite sure Amanda misses you as well. How is she doing in her new environment?
Awards! They are so lovely and it gives you warm fuzzies but I understand about them getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

LDH said...

I am reading about a lot of bloggers that are experiencing the same problem. Fun comment from your daughter. My daughters do not have blogs but two of them do read mine (occasionally). So if they should so honor me with a comment, it is anonymous too. Once, she was being playfully sarcastic and since I didn't know it was from her, I wasn't sure what to make of the comment. Then I realized who it was from :)

Always so nice visiting with you, Ann!

VanillaSeven said...

Better disable that twitter and do a spring cleaning inside your computer. You might have a keylogger inside which is fatal for any passworded acc you typed.

Anne said...

Love the random photos of Duke. He really should be a model dog. I don't do awards so I always feel very guilty when I receive them. Now I want to follow you in Twitter so I can receive crude direct messages. If they came with a photo of Duke, they would still make me smile.

Jude said...

I will be so glad when Obie grows more hair and I can't wait to try my hand at stripping and plucking. I always love seeing Duke photos. I'm the same with those awards and I always forget about them. I've never had a Twitter account. Can't wait to see what Duke gets from Amanda and maybe she'll send Mommy something too.

Lenox Knits said...

What a cute message. I agree that you have nice pics and stuff too!
To add to the clutter of your life I have awarded you the sunshine award along with lots of other people who also appreciate all of your positive contributions to the blogging community. It's because you are so darn sweet that you get so many of these things!

Grace said...

I moderate comments because I have a relative who is a nasty piece of work...

Ann said...

Poetic Shutterbug, I have to give Duke his own chair by the computer otherwise I'm forced to share mine with him. It was my pleasure to sign the petition

Beaded Tail I don't get the spammers either, Yeah I'm sure she does but the dog is just cuter so he gets first

Vickie I should check it more often, someone finally sent me a message and told me about it otherwise you would still be getting those messages.

Tahtimbo That's what I did went to moderating posts over 14 days old. I think the twitter thing is a big problem because I've been getting a lot of stupid direct messages.

January aww that's ok, we know how busy you are

Ratty don't these spammers have anything better to do with their time

Anonymous AWWWWW , thanks I miss you too I hope you know :)

Nessa good luck I hope they leave you alone. I use 2 different emails so I can avoid those junk ones

WillOaks, lol glad I'm not the only one who read it wrong

Fullet I went in and deleted all of mine yesterday, what a pain

Roschelle oh he would have fun playing with those cats of yours. It would keep him busy during the day :)

FishHawk aww, you're so sweet. Maybe I should check out my Myspace too I haven't been there in ages either

Daisy I didn't know you could do that, maybe I should check it out.

DKMiller I thought about doing it that way but I'll see how well it works with the way I have it set now. If I have to I'll switch it over.

allotments4you mis-wrote it, I bet that was

junezach I think they are taken care of I haven't seen any more bogus dm's going out. I just set it so that posts over 14 days are moderated

Buggys, I didn't used to until about a week ago. As far as I know she's doing pretty good. I haven't heard any complaining

LDH good thing you figured out that sarcastic comment was from your

VanillaSeven a keylogger I never heard of that. I'll have check everything out. Thanks for the warning

Anne That's the worst part, crude and no duke to go with

Jude Before you know it Obie will be all fuzzy like Duke is, unless of course you are better at keeping him clipped

Lenox Knits Oh my, how sweet you are. You just made my day. Thanks so much

Grace I don't have too many relatives that are nasty pieces of work but a few do read my blog.

Christine ~ JAZ Creations said...

Duke is way too cute! No wonder your daughter misses him. I am sure she misses you too.

gayle said...

I am getting a lot of those types of comments!! I hate them but some of my friends reply anonymous!

Lin said...

I had the same problem with the spam so I finally had to enable comment moderation of posts older than 3 days. When I got sick of moderating them, I finally resorted to word verification. Now I get no spam. As much as I hate the filters, it solved the problem.

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