Sunday, February 28, 2010

I was thinking

Good Grief, that was probably my first mistake. But frequently my mind goes on little vacations and it gets all sorts of ideas.
Today I was thinking, that since we seem to be at the end of yet another snow storm, I would go out and take some pictures
This is standing at the end of my driveway looking up the sidewalk that runs in front of my house.

Duke checking things out

He wants to walk, I want to take pictures. Who do you think is going to win this one?

This is the Duke trail. It leads from the front of the driveway to the back door.

This is Duke's view of the Duke trail.
I was also thinking that maybe I should change my cell phone number. That way I wouldn't get any more text messages from a certain daughter who lives in Colorado and feels the need to send me a picture of the current temperature. I should have taken a picture of the text so I could post it. I get weather updates frequently now.

I was also thinking about making some changes regarding Entrecard. I'm not getting rid of it. It's still there but I no longer care if I drop or not. I'm more concerned with having time to read all the blogs I enjoy so much. What I've done is moved all of my favorites to google reader. However I keep finding that I've missed some. If I used to frequently visit you and lately seem to have dropped off the face of the earth it's because I've somehow overlooked adding you. Please let me know so I can make sure I don't miss anything else. By doing this I'm only spending time going to blogs that have a new post up. If I'm there and think of it I do the drop. The only thing I've noticed with the new system is that I have time to find more blogs I really like. Before you know it I'm going to be spending just as much time as I always did.


  1. I'll bet Duke is ready for spring too. Poor baby. Got to be cold on those little cute paws.

    Entrecard. I've done the quitting just to come back. It's just a necessary evil for me at this time. It does indeed take a lot of time.

    Have a terrific day and best regards to my four legged buddy. :)

  2. Does Duke have some booties on? If not, maybe you should get him some. His poor little piggies must be cold in all that snow.

    Good idea with the Entrecard. I think it helps get traffic, but if you don't have time, or don't feel like it, I think it should be secondary.

  3. I see Duke has got his snow sweater on and I'll just bet he's praying for Spring. Such a cutie.

    Since I've canceled my EC account I find I have so much more time and it's such a relief though there has been a slight decrease in traffic.

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

  4. I wonder what's Duke lookin for in that snow... brrrr!! looks so cold, I badly want snow in Malaysia :D

    I'm glad you're still staying with EC. I used to be addicted to dropping, max 300 daily... it was insane.

    I've learned to drop as and when I like. Now I'm not as cranky as before... haha!

  5. That snow is at least 3 Dukes high! I bet he's ready for the green grass instead of snow again!

    Good idea about the EC stuff. It can certainly be time consuming and someday I may stop all together but I've been saying that for a long time.

  6. That old saying about seeing a polar bear in a snowstorm comes to mind! I'm like minded about EC. I keep it but where I used to have a very high rating with them, now I don't. I only "drop" a little..but with Adgitize, I find I have plenty of visitors to my blog--especially friends like you and the old "blog gang!" It feels just great to forget the pressure and blog for the joy of it....

  7. Yes, me too, I am not active with my EC anymore. Aww, Duke is cute! Thank you again Ann, for the signature tutorial! :)

  8. I have no doubt that the "Duke Trail" will go down in history as being of as much significance as the Oregon and Chisholm trails. Thank you for doing your part to document it for posterity.

    By the way, thank you also for deciding to not leave Entrecard like other ne'er-do-wells I have scolded. For I like to justify all of the time that I spend dropping 300 a day by trying to only visit quality site, and they are getting fewer and farther between with each passing day.

  9. That's a lot of snow for Duke to tackle! I love his bright orange vest :)
    We've had a really bad rainstorm last night. This area pretty much came to a standstill. It seems spring is so far away still...

    p.s. I read on a blog that suggested to reduce the max. drops to 150. I would much prefer this, but will Entrecard listen?

  10. Ann, that is a real good idea. That way you are not revisiting blogs with old posts. Smart girl!

    When I drop, I have my favorites and that's all I usually drop on. It is about 80 blogs I visit regularly. Sometimes I will hit my inbox and return drops on blogs that dropped on me that are not in my favorites. So, if anyone gets drops from it known that you are a favorite of mine that I visit as much as I am able :) Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer trying to drop on 300 blogs...most of which I have no interest in :)

  11. I'll be so glad to see the end of snow and look at green again. Obie is having a ball in all this snow and I have little wet tracks everywhere time to get the steamer out. I have also slowed way down with Entrecard and even though I have lots more time now I still manage to get very little done. Have a great week.

  12. Lordy what a LOT of snow!! Poor Duke!
    I think you visit as much as you ever did?!!! You Better! BIG trouble, if Not!!Hahaa
    I'll sic Duke on 'ya!

  13. Without that red coat, Duke would be MIA

  14. It looks like Duke ready for snow cleaning duty :)

    I agree with you about the EC Ann. Let me know if you keen to trade friend link with me :)

  15. Holy Moly! If it weren't for Duke's little sweater, you may have have lost him. I have prayed for snow this winter, but not a flake has fallen, just lots of rain. (sigh)

  16. Nice pictures, even though I am sick of the snow. Sick and tired of the snow, I want spring. sigh

    I don't understand why people like the google reader thing, it allows you to read someone's blog without visiting. If you don't visit, and don't comment; isn't that going to mess with everyone's page rank? Plus, no one will know you were there reading?

    I prefer to drop, read and comment all at one time. Plus then my email box isn't full.

    If everyone uses reader, and no one visits anymore, we won't have any interaction...will we? Then we're blogging sorta blind...If I had a blog with no comments I would probably stop blogging assuming no one was reading so what's the point. Help me understand, have seen a few others say they're doing what you're doing. But, then also read a long article about how google reader killed blogging. Thus my confusion.


  17. No more snow....we just need sunshine! You know, after this last round of drama it seems that an awful lot of people decided to call it quits with ec. I am normally not very active on the weekend (blogging) but this past weekend I did nothing, not even my drops and you know what? I enjoyed the whole weekend. The dropping I do doesn't seem as worthwhile as it used to.

  18. Wow! You have a lot of snow! Just think of all the mud once it melts :) Don't worry - I'm in the same boat!

  19. Sandee He'll be happy when we get out of the house more often that's for sure

    Mee2 no little booties maybe I should get him some

    Poetic shutterbug I'm keeping EC and I'll accept ads and maybe buy some now and then but I'm not chained to it anymore

    Nessa if I could I would send some of it your way. I went through the 300 drop a day addiction, enough was enough

    Beaded tail 3 dukes high and then I thought about dumping EC altogether but I'll leave it there, who knows who might find me through there.

    Will Oaks I used to be in the top 20 but then it got so tiresome. I never tried Adgitize

    Tes I'll stick around just not going to worry about it like I did. You are very welcome. Did you make one yet?

    FishHawk You are very welcome. The Duke trail should rank at least as high as those other two.

    Duni He loves the snow though never phases him to dive right in. I think reducing the max. drops is a good idea, 300 is a lot

    Alterity button Jewelry I thought so. I may not be dropping on those people every day but still when they post I don't want to miss them. I went from dropping on 300 a day down to about 45 of my favorites. Then of course there are also the non EC blogs that I enjoy too.

    Jude Duke loves the snow too. I'm with you though, I want to see green.

    Donna yes way too much snow. We're used to it but it doesn't mean I like it. Don't worry, you post and I'll be there :)

    Grace yeah he would blend right in with all that snow. When he runs out in the yard it's easy to lose track of him

    Vanilla seven I've been thinking of redoing my blog and when I do I want to list all my favorites, You included.

    Me-Me I'll gladly send you a box of it but I doubt that it would look any different than your rain by the time it got to you

    sandy, I'm sick of it too. In my next post I'll answer about reader, at least my opinion on it anyway :)

    Buggys yes sunshine and lots of it. I found that by changing the way I've been doing things I actually have time to do some of the things I really enjoy.

  20. Hi Ann!! Thanks for stopping by. I don't mind that you didn't listen to it. The screaming and the noise isn't horrible. It's not that loud, but for the most part I just do not care for extra sounds in my songs or videos. Or in any other part of my life. Just ask my kids. I really liked the video part of it though, that's why I chose it. :o)

  21. Audrey, not only the mud but I see flooding too. My back yard is prone to flooding so I want the thaw but it won't be fun for a while

    Mee2, There are days I can watch people's videos and then there are days that I can't. Today was an I can't Maybe I'll catch it tomorrow. I was the same way when my kids were little

  22. By no means did I mean you SHOULD listen to the video. :o) We all have different tastes in music. I was just trying to say that it wasn't as bad as I apparently made it sound. Queen of exaggeration over here, ya know.


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