Saturday, May 7, 2011

Arnold or Einstein

Saturdays are our typical day to do the little errands. This morning we headed out and made a stop at the grocery store. It wasn't the grocery store that I work at so I would appreciate it if none of you mentioned that to my boss.
I have a habit of always checking out the bakery when I'm in another store. You might call it an occupational hazard. While browsing to see what was available and compare prices to what I carry in our bakery I spotted these.

OK, that was not entirely true. When we were in the vicinity of the bakery I smelled those and went hunting for them. The aroma was killing me and they looked so good. They even had a little stand sitting next to them with samples. I was weak, I took one. I was the fish on the end of their line and they reeled me in.
When I got home I ate one. As I was savoring the flavor of my purchase I had a thought. I said to Wade "I feel like such a traitor". I took another bite. Next I said to Wade "Oh wait, this is research".  I concluded that on Monday my bakery department will be making cinnamon rolls with maple frosting.

So what do you think, am I a Benedict Arnold or an Albert Einstein?


  1. But they look so good! Maple frosting, really? My mouth is watering. If you make them and they sell a lot, then you have made money for your bakery!! We are both Benedict Arnolds!! My son is a baker at the Little Debbie factory here, and I buy Tastycakes!!

  2. Maple frosting on cinnamon rolls? What a great idea! Your research paid off. I think you are Albert Einstein! :D

  3. Who cares what you are, just eat the damned rolls!!! YUMMY!

  4. I think you are someone with a good nose...and a tummy full of yummy...

  5. Research...that's a good way to look at it. I would do the same exact thing if I worked at a chocolate shop and saw some yummy looking chocolates at another shop. They sure do look good!

  6. Sherlock!!! I know he wasn't on the list BUT,
    You routed them Out!!Hahaaaaa
    I say that was Fine Detective work....
    And I Love those things! Bet you bake them up better as well!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  7. I say Albert Einstein. This looks to good to not buy and eat.

  8. How about Benedict Einstein? For your intentions were not necessarily pure, but you did recover well.

  9. For sure, you are an Einstein! :D

    Yummylicious! LOL

    Happy Mother's Day Ann! :)

  10. Oh Albert, those look absolutely scrumptious! ;o)

  11. ginny oh Little Debbie, I like their stuff.

    beaded tail, I can't believe it never occurred to me to use the maple frosting on them.

    Tanyia, good

    Grace and they were yummy

    sher I use the research excuse a lot

    donna I never thought of Sherlock, OK that works too. Happy mother's day to you also

    ratty, they were, they really were

    fishhawk LOL I like that one \

    Zach Yummylicious for sure :) and thank you

    Jen :) If I do this too often they'll be calling me "fat" Albert :)

  12. Enstien you are, yes you are. what a superb idea, research. i am impressed. my lips are sealed though, no telling, i would have bought them to since I love maple icing. drooling now since i have not had breakfast and now i have to have a plain old bagel.... wish it were one of these. when i go in the grocery story and smell something baking it almost kills me. does it bother you working in there smelling all that good stuff? i would be rolling in the door with fat if i worked in a bakery. my friend is a chocolate dipper in a candy factory. OH wow...

  13. You are definitely a cousin of Einstein. That was brilliant to test another grocery bakery goods. Gotta stay ahead of the competition. Excellent research.
    Happy Mother's Day. Duke be good to your Mom today

  14. Mmmmm, I would love to nom that!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  15. I am so glad you stopped by! Thanks. We have some friends in common here.

    So you know what - you don't have to worry about your store knowing - you went researching to make yours a better bakery - right?

    I mean that is how we learn to better ourselves anyway.


  16. The way to a mans heart is good pastry or through the 4th and 5th rib.

  17. Drooling over these pictures!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  18. Major YUM!!! Those look SO good! However, I know that after your "research" yours will turn out much better :-)

  19. Sandra OK, I'm an Einstein. I can accept that :) Sorry about the bagel

    Marg I thought so too.

    Daisy I'll share but you better hurry, I only have one left

    Chatty Crone We do have several friends in common. I can't believe I never stopped by your blog before

    Out on the prairie LOL 4th and 5th huh? I'll remember that

    Bossy Betty I'm sorry now I didn't buy 2 packs

    tahtimbo I sure hope so because they were delicious

  20. Definitely Einstein, but you made me hungry!

  21. Definitely an Albert Einstein! Just think of all we'd have missed without researchers!!
    Oh my - those look yummy....I'd have been caught too!

  22. Hands down...Einstein. You are simply brilliant.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  23. *wiping drool from my face*

    xo Catherine

  24. Definitely Albert! You have to research the competition - otherwise you have no idea what you are up against! Makes perfect sense to me :)

  25. I think you are absolutely Albert Einstein. You are doing research! In fact, you should eat more of them to complete the research. And, you could even send one to the Small Town to be really thorough.

  26. Great job Ann. You are a super sleuth. Now you have to wonder around the state and find goodies to add to your bakery.LOL

  27. sharkbytes, I'll take the vote for einstein but sorry I made you hungry

    marie still living without computers and blog pals without all that

    sandee why thank you :)

    catherine oops :)

    audrey I thought so too

    anne oh yeah, I'm sure that Albert had a research assistant. I'll go buy another pack

    russ oh my I think I'm going to weigh a ton before this is all over

  28. Oh my goodness, and that's all I have to say abut that!

    Blessings, Debbie

  29. I love this! I think you are absolutely an Albert E. It was brilliant of you to copy the other store :-0 hahaha...

    I do the same thing. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just recreate it?

  30. no spring chicken, oh my goodness is all that is needed for those :)

    dss that is a very good point. recreating saves on all that trial and error stuff


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