Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Westie Wednesday

Duke has been a very busy boy but he said he had to take time out to do a Westie Wednesday.

He's been exploring the back yard

Overseeing the work in the basement

and posing for the camera
He's also met so many other great Westies like
Julep and Derby 
and just recently Nova


  1. Oh Ann, he's so.regal in that last one!
    Love these!

  2. The last is my favorite, it's just beautiful! What soulful eyes!!

  3. It's Westie day everyday if you ask me. I love Duke to pieces and he's as handsome as he can be. Just look at that precious face.

    Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

  4. Is that a new couch mom?

  5. Duke is the best, there is no doubt about it. We don't need to look at other Westies. Duke is the cutest of all. Love those pictures.

  6. That Duke...he is the best poser! LOL

  7. Duke- you look so wise in that last photo!

  8. The camera sure does love Duke! And looks like Duke loves the camera. I love the idea of Westie Wednesday. But I do wonder exactly what he must be thinking while you are following him around with the camera.

    Ever since I got a cellphone that had a camera that made a noise, it scared him and he runs when he sees a camera.

  9. carry yourself well.:)

  10. The last one just about melted my heart! Such a cutie.

  11. Such cute photos, love all of them! Duke is too cute. And your grass looks wonderful, so springy green! hugs xo ~Molly

  12. hey Duke! You sure can be in doggie magazines. You are such a stud! hehehhehehee... love all the pictures.. especially the last one!

  13. Hey, Duke.... you are so handsome!

  14. Duke had a very big day today! His tail sticking straight up always makes me smile!

  15. Duke is one busy little boy, isn't he? Just like the horses; into everything *laugh*. I have to say, that last photo is absolutely terrific (you should do something with it ;o)

  16. Oh Duke! You are so cute!

  17. A puppy's work is never done!! Good job Duke!
    xo Catherine

  18. Hope you and Duke had a very happy 'Westie Wednesday'!

  19. Well, he wouldn't have to work so hard if he had better help!

  20. Great job Duke. And as tired as you must be, you are still looking great.That last picture is priceless.

  21. I love the last photo!! Duke is so cute and what a great model for all of the projects and places around the house.

  22. Duke! You are a Super Model in so many ways!

  23. darling duke, you did it again. Made me Smile. Love that pose with the hammer, i can tell you make a good contractor consultant

  24. Duke you should be the Westie Poster Pup you are so darn cute.

  25. Donna, thanks, I was happy with the way it turned out

    ginny thanks, his eyes normally come out very dark in all my pictures

    sandee you have a point, what was I

    amanda, kinda sort of, futon to replace the couch

    marg Duke totally agrees with you on not needing to look at other westies :)

    julie sometimes yes, sometimes

    sharkbytes Duke says he is

    sher Duke doesn't always love the camera as a matter of fact most of the time he doesn't

    jean he thanks you very much

    tanyia, duke sends puppy licks back at ya

    reeni that's what he was going for ;)

    molly thanks. it's nice to finally see green again

    anny duke is surprised that none of the magazines have contacted him yet

    ldh thank you very much :)

    beaded tail yes he was quite busy, now it's nap time

    laura lol, yes he is

    jen I think I just might do something with that last one :)

    anna thank you

    catherine, he just has it so rough

    philippa thanks, we sure will try

    fishhawk hmmm, maybe we can work on that

    russ he is just exhausted and napping as I type his responses

    erika what would we ever do around here without him :)

    out on the prairie he's got you fooled to

    bossy betty he's happy that you noticed :)

    sandra well another successful day for Duke, he'll be very pleased

    tammy he's thinking of applying for the position

  26. Hi, Duke, you handsome devil!

  27. Duke is the BEST! I love how he helps you all the time. :)

  28. Ohhh Dukie boy! You are so adorable! Hope I could have a Westie just like you.:)

    Hi Ann! :)
    Zach (Fledgling Blogger) here. I just want to tell you that I am using the account of my new blog. Can I ask a favor from you of following it with Google Friend Connect? It's my first time to use it. LOL
    I already did follow yours. Hope you could also do the same with my first blog, the Fledgling Blogger. My apologies for taking much of your time. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day! :)

  29. Hello Duke! You are so the "posed" shot!

  30. Duke is to DIE for :) such a sweet face - Nova says "thanks" for the shout out!

  31. Duke is to DIE for :) such a sweet face - Nova says "thanks" for the shout out!

  32. Duke is a busy, busy boy. It is hard to spend all day ruling the roost.

  33. Can he get any cuter? I just love this little guy.

  34. Donna, Duke says hi back

    Lin he is good at helping

    Zach, duke thanks you for the compliment and we will be over to take care of following you in a few

    marie aww, duke's blushing :)

    kdbar you're welcome, we enjoy all our westie friends and wanted everyone to know where to find you all\

    anne he sure is, he is quite the ruler too

    poetic shutterbug ,I'm not sure if he can but I'm thinking maybe :)

  35. Hi ya, Duke. Let's have a play date. -Luc, the Lab

  36. duke,

    you are one totally busy dude! when do you find time to snooze??

    the booker man

  37. Lynn, Duke would love to have a play date

    Booker He just squeezes little cat naps in when he can :)


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