Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Monday, lets talk about Friday

This isn't going to be one of those "I hate Monday" posts. I'm not about to tell you how I can't wait until Friday. Instead, I'm going to talk about my love hate relationship with Friday's. You're probably wondering how anyone could possibly hate a Friday. I don't completely hate them. Recall I said "love" hate relationship. It's not even all Friday's that I have a problem with. It's only every other one.
You see every other Friday I have to do an inventory on my department. That alone isn't so bad. I don't know how this happens but people around here must know which week we do inventory and that is when they plan their parties, picnics or events. That is when they call and order bread, cakes or whatever else they may need for said events. They even call that day and order them. I'm pretty sure they do this just to tick me off, I'm convinced of it. They know what kind of attitude I have.

So last Friday, it was inventory. I had my regular baking, I had an order for 18 loaves of Italian bread, sliced and I had a cake order. Oh wait, make that two cakes since Mrs. we want to celebrate the new baby decided to call that day and order a cake.

I filled this rack and another one like it twice with my baking
I made a really ugly fish cake
OOPS! I wrote the happy birthday and then realized I didn't have room to put Alex. But I think Alex looks rather cool floating on top of that water.

And then there was the cake for Mrs. we want to celebrate the new baby.
I'm betting that the name is spelled wrong. She gave me one spelling, called back and changed it and said "I think it's..."
I'm so glad this isn't an inventory week. So glad in fact, that I don't even care that this is a Monday.


  1. Okay they are out there saving up stuff for your next inventory day. What a funny story. I can see why you have a love/hate relationship with Fridays.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Sounds like a hectic time you work at a bakery? I know it would be a lot of work for sure! :D

  3. OH, Ann, I didn't know you were one of those people I so admire. Every Friday (ha) I go food shopping with the little one I babysit. The first stop inside the store is the bakery where Ella gets her free cookie from the basket. EVERY single time we browse the beautiful cakes on display and watch the ladies frosting others. Such talent!

    The fish cake is awesome! Love it!

    I am sorry about the inventory you have to do and the people you sometimes deal with but Your cakes and breads are wonderful. I'm coming to your shop!

  4. That's a heap of work! LOL, it looks like that big 'ol fish is going to eat Alex!

  5. I have the same relationship with Fridays! Its most often our busiest day of the week and If we get all our work done on Friday, we *usually* will not have to work on Saturday. Sometimes we work an extra few hours Friday night in order to be off for the weekend.

  6. The cakes are very pretty, and heck, what would you do without all that frustration to keep your blood pumping?

  7. Isn't it odd, which things define our lives?

  8. Oh Ann, your story made me smile! They really do tick you off huh. I love your creations btw -you're so talented! I showed it to my nieces, and they got excited. They love to bake too. Happy Monday -good luck on Friday! :) Hugs to Duke!

  9. hmmmm my mouth starts to water (if that is a proper English saying) seeing all that bread!!!

    oh how i wish i still was 14 and working in a bakery!


    yeah sorry for the horrible spelling... somedays my Dutch overtakes the English....

  10. I can see why Fridays might be less than happy for you. : ) Timing is everything...and it sounds like your customers may not have the best of timing.

    Your roses are just beautiful - I love the happy "birth" day cake!

  11. That surely isn't a first name is it - McKenzie ... boy, girl ... ? Do they shorten such a name to something more usual? Perhaps it's me ... there are so many other names both masculine and feminine .. I just cannot imagine calling a lovely sweet smelling baby McKenzie it's a little too much like macintosh (rain-coat).

    Your baking, however, looks magnificent .... did you ice the roses and the fish yourself?

  12. That's funny. i could not work in a bakery--I eat all of the bread.

  13. You did a ton of baking! And I kind of like the fish cake! My nephews would love it.

  14. I love the cakes, especially the fish one! It's nice to see what you do.

  15. I kinda like the fish cake.. hehehe.. especially the green fish :) It looks like a painting.

    Love the smells of freshly baked stuffs...

  16. You baked and decorated the cakes! how wonderful. And the breads oh so yummy!

  17. It all looks delicious! So in awe of your cake decorating write better with icing than most people do with pen and ink!

  18. I can see why you have a love hate relationship with Friday but I'm glad this Friday isn't inventory week. I like your cakes and you did a great job writing on them! I was never able to write on cakes when I worked in a bakery. I figured out how to do flowers though and that was fun. Now I want to make a cake! :)

  19. LOL ah mondays.... those cakes look beautiful though!

  20. That was an amusing story. I understand why you have this love-hate relationship with Fridays. :)

    The cakes look delicious and creative as you always are. :)

  21. You did an awesome job on those cakes, Ann! And I think Alex won't mind..he'll be too busy eating the cake :)
    I hope the next time Friday rolls around you can do your inventory in peace!

  22. I absolutely love Maryland Crab Cakes. Did your fish cake taste anything like them?

  23. I think that fish is as cute as it can be. I would hate Fridays too. But it sure does make Mondays look a whole lot better. Take care and have a great day. Big hugs to Duke.

  24. You sure do keep busy Ann. I love your cakes. I stay out of bakeries as much as possible. I just want to buy everything. So I will wait until inventory day and then call in an order for twenty loaves of bread and three birthday cakes.LOL No one is really that mean.

  25. Do you know what? I LOVE your fish cake! Wish I could have a slice right now ...

  26. Oh my.... now I am very hungry for fresh bread and butter. mmmmm.......
    xo Catherine

  27. Ok - I don't think that they are out to make your life miserable on Friday's :) Maybe you just need to change your inventory week!

    The fish cake isn't so bad.

  28. If the name is wrong save me a piece with the flowers on it.

  29. I love your fish cake. I think it looks very creative. I can't stand Fridays. It usually means I haven't completed whatever I was supposed to do for work and have to run around and take care of the family for 2 days.

  30. Well, your cakes are Lovely Ann!!
    And you need to tell ALL that on Inventory days, NO ONE will be off without a Dr's Excuse! That's Bull!!
    We tell Everyone here that and it works....

  31. so happy you shared your pain with Fridays. i can tell you that I not only hated Friday's but Mon/tues/Wed/Thurs when I was in the work force. Sept 29, 2006, i retired and danced all the way to my car with sheer joy. Now i love Friday's and all the week days, i just never seem to now exactly what day it IS... i have to check my computer to find out what day it is. years ago many many years ago i worked for Sears and inventory was the most hated time of the year, once a year. the year i almost died from it i had to count in the hardware dept and ended up counting loose screws and nuts and bolts. yipee for retirement.

  32. lol How do you feel about Tuesdays, sis? rofl! I like the fish cake, btw, it is cool!

  33. Your cakes are beautiful!!! and if you ever need to get me something I'll take one of those loaves of bread. They look yummy!

  34. sandee I know they are :)

    julie it's the bakery department of a grocery store.

    ldh yes, I'm one of THOSE I remember when my son was little our friday shopping trip always included stopping at the bakery for a donut for him :LL)

    donna lol it does look like the fish is going to chomp

    janice well I don't have the option of working later and I don't work weekends. last time I went over my 40 hours I got a

    miawa oh yeah, that's right, I need this

    sharkbytes it certainly is

    tes I tend to have a short fuse some

    leontien definitely proper english. and my mouth still waters after all these years of working with the stuff

    marie and you know, they do it all the time. It's amazing how many people will call the day they need a cake and expect to get one

    kloggers I'm pretty sure it was a girl and yes that was the name. Not one I would choose but oh well

    erika my downfall is the chocolate

    reeni seems like I either have too much work or not enough, never a happy medium

    ginny I wasn't happy with the fish cake but then I'm never satisfied with the way my cakes look. I'm so fussy :)

    anny the fish is actually a magnet that I just laid on the cake after I was doine

    helen yep, that's what I do 5 days a week :)

    grace why thanks, to be honest with you I think that's how I got the job because my boss said I had neat handwriting. He thinks if you have good penmanship you can write on

    beaded tail I just wish we had more up to date equipment and I could do some of the cool stuff the other bakeries do

    laura well I'm not a fan of Mondays but at least it wasn't

    zach yeah, they amuse me too especially when I look back and see what a big deal I made of

    duni me too :)

    fishhawk well they didn't offer me a piece so I can't say how it tasted but crab cakes sound pretty good

    marg well I suppose it's better than some could do but I still thought it was pretty bad\

    russ I have to keep myself from buying half the stuff I want. I think your best bet would be to call in that order on a Saturday or a Sunday (those are my days off)

    philippa why thank you. I hope Alex did too

    catherine right out of the oven huh?

    audrey funny thing is every now and then we go three weeks instead of two so you think it would work out for me, but it doesn't. It always happens on the inventory

    out on the prairie no problem. I'll wrap it up for you

    anne lately I seem to be one day behind on everything

    donna half the people don't seem to care what day it is. If it was up to me I would get rid of a lot of them

    sandra oh believe me I have a problem with each one of those days also. The only day I won't complain about is Saturday or

    tanyia not close enough to the end of the week, that's how I feel about them :)

    gayle thanks. I'll make a note of that gift idea

  35. Wow! That is a whole lot of baking. I don't know how you do it. It takes me 2 hours just to do one loaf of bread. I happen to think the fish cake looks really good.
    Good luck tomorrow (Friday):)


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