Friday, May 6, 2011

Making a BLT

Of course I'm going about making my precious sandwich the hard way but it's going to be so worth it.
I think I have a bit of a wait though

But, I'm going to be enjoying LOTS of BLT's this summer

My tomato plants have graduated from the egg carton to foam cups. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep them alive until the end of the month. Around these parts, Memorial day weekend is the day we start putting in a garden. I'm all prepared with my tomato plants, pepper plants and some seeds. I bought seeds for green beans, carrots and cucumbers. Not only will I be enjoying fresh home grown vegetables but I'll also have extra things to take pictures of.


  1. You're going to have lots and lots of yummy tomatoes! We tried container gardening last year and it didn't go so well but we'll try again this year too because I just love fresh, home grown tomatoes.

  2. Oh you are an ambitious woman. I just buy my plants!

    Good for you!

    Happy Weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  3. Hooray for gardening, fresh veggies, and more reasons to take pictures!

  4. I think that's great. Few things are as satisfying as eating something you've grown yourself. Not that I've done it in a while, but I used to (now we have the most rocky soil ever - that's my excuse) and loved it!

  5. Oh, you are so industrial. Looking forward to those gardening photos.

  6. OK, so you have the L and the T. Where are you keeping the B?

  7. We get tomato plants growing wild from the compost that has been spread around the garden ... of course, they could never ripen as well as your tomato plants as we do not get the heat. I did however learn of a tip and that is to take a ripened tomato and place it in a brown paper bag with unripened ones picked straight from the plant - the ripened one makes the rest go lovely and red!

  8. What a good idea to start them early in these cups!! I used to plant carrots just for the rabbits!

  9. Yum - BLTs!! My favorite kind od sandwich! Yep, you're going to have plenty of them.

    All those red, green and orange veggies will become wonderful photographs for sure!

  10. Maybe Duke could help you keep them watered?

  11. Goodness, you are going to have lots of tomatoes. They look so cute. Nothing better than a homegrown tomato. I have one baby tomato on my plants. I am growing mine in pots since our ground is like cement. Keep us updated. Have a great week end.

  12. Beaded tail well you got further than we did. Last year we only TALKED about planting tomatoes

    catherine ambitious or a glutton for punishment

    donna yeah, it's all good :)

    ann I did years ago and while I don't miss the work involved I do miss the fresh home grown goodnesss

    helen I just hope they meet my expectations :)

    tanyia you mean you don't already have a garden planted with lush green plants growing?

    grace the B will have to be store bought. I wouldn't be able to eat it if I had known it personally :)

    kloggers oh that is a very good tip, I'll have to try it. My dad used to always line tomatoes up on the window sill to ripen

    ginny in the past I always just bought plants but I thought it would be fun to try and grow my own

    marie I love BLT's but I may end up getting tired of them after all these tomatoes. I'm thinking we'll be making lots of sauce with these too

    fishhawk, I think if Duke helps water the plants we aren't going to have a very good crop

    marg I sure hope so. I remember when I was a kid going out to the garden and picking a tomato and eating it like an apple YUM

  13. I love homegrown tomatoes. We have several growing, as well as peppers but no luck with salad so far. Good luck with your plants!!!

  14. Great idea getting those tomato plants going now. We also have to wait until after memorial day.Last year we just had some cherry tomatoes. This year we have some garden space. I am hoping for lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers,green beans.
    Good luck with the garden.

  15. Oh my! I've got one plant that's already 5ft tall...and spindally!Hahaaa....I DID find some Heirlooms yesterday though!!! Bought two and got them planted...I HATE Hybrids!!!
    Happy day sweetheart!

  16. can you see my SMILE??? it is a BIG one. your itty bitty tomato plants are so cute. we are eating ours like apples, just pick and pop in the mouth. they are coming in ripe on the vine and we are leaving and not picking and picking one for salad at night and eating one each for snacks. you are soooo funny.

  17. We always wait until the end of May too. I've tried to grow my own tomato plants - but have given up. They never seem to stay alive once I plant them outside. The greenhouse loves me :)

  18. A real tomatoe sounds good. i start all of my peppers and tomatoes indoors.I never got enough BLT's last year.

  19. I love BLTs and I love tomatoes too! Are you raising any hogs and lettuce to complete your sandwich? :-)

  20. miss ann!

    i'm so gettin' in the car and headin' to your house ASAP! i love love love BLT's! i will guard those tomatoes from pesky invaders 'n stuff!

    the booker man

  21. Duni well here's to future salads for the both of us

    russ I probably should have started them even earlier than I did. Don't know how big they'll be by the end of the month

    Donna, wow 5 feet tall. I don't know if I would know a hybrid if I saw

    sandra yes I believe I can :) I can't wait till we have some

    Audrey hopefully I won't have the same problem. My husband says he's still going to buy plants, he doesn't trust

    out on the prairie this is a first for me, hope they grow

    the old geezer no hogs or lettuce. I still need the grocery store for some

    booker, well come on over, we'll set a place for you at the table

  22. You are so industrious; you are going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes. I'm trying to get myself up for doing seedbeds.

  23. That reminds me, we need to get our plants in the ground! We would love to start them from seeds, but the cats would get after them. I love BLT sandwiches! I may even try my hand at some lettuce, too!

  24. Lynn I sure hope they grow once I transplant them outside

    tahtimbo Duke has sniffed at them a couple of times but leaves them alone. My dad grew leaf lettuce when I was a kid and never liked it

  25. I never had any luck starting tomatoes from seed. Way to go!

  26. How fabulous! I am very impressed. I have a black thumb so I can't grow anything.

  27. sharkbytes, well so far so good, we'll see what happens when I plant them outside

    Anne don't tell these plants but so do I. so far I don't think they know that

  28. Look at you!! Your "garden" is much more substantial that mine is, and I've got garden envy :)

  29. DSS, well I don't know about that, they aren't in the ground yet so their life expectancy is up in the air. I do not have a green thumb at all

  30. Hey Ann...glad you joined the veg gardeners of the world...there is nothing like picking what you have grown yourself and eating it...the taste is great and you'll never want to go back to store bought again!!

  31. Dear Ann,

    What fun! Home-grown tomatoes are much better and tastier than store-bought! (I used to grown them on my balcony. Maybe I'll do that again when I get settled in the new place.)

    Thanks for visiting my new treasury-post, "Mermaids' Secret Garden" and my Saturday Centus-post for week 57.

    Happy Thoughts & Hugs,

    I love BLTs! I even make a "chicken-lettice-tomato-version" of it. Well, I guess you could call it a "CLT-sandwich" then.


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