Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's my crown

Does the "Mother of the year" award recipient get a crown? I think I just might be in the running for it this year.
For Mother's day Duke took me out for a lovely morning walk.

Being the super mom that I am, I did not scold him for walking in as many mud puddles as he wanted to

When my daughter had these flowers delivered to me at work on Friday...

...complete with chocolate...
 ...I only for a mere 5 seconds made her think that I had left sick that day and didn't receive them.

And if all that isn't enough to prove how worthy I am of the award, there's one more thing.
When my son called to wish me a happy mother's day he asked me what I was doing. I said nothing, what are you doing today. His response?
No, it wasn't why I'm coming to visit you of course.
It was...
I'm having dad and Cindy (his dad's girlfriend) over for dinner.
I ever so graciously bit my tongue. Now if that alone doesn't qualify me for mother of the year I don't know what does.
No matter, award or not, I have these gorgeous flowers to look at. Thank you Amanda and Ian
Yes, these are the same gorgeous flowers that I shared with you yesterday.


  1. They are budding out very nicely. Excellent. Biting your tongue qualifies you as mother of the year. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day and tell Duke he's so very handsome. :)

  2. Very nice flowers! You are definitely a MOY!

  3. Ack, I can't believe your son! OK, have Duke upchuck on his carpet the next time you go over there to his place. That will even the score just a smidgen. The flowers are gorgeous! And YUM those chocolates look delicious!

  4. Beautiful flowers! and the chocolate mmm.......

  5. Beautiful flowers & yummy candy - hope you enjoyed your Mother's day

  6. Your son had dinner with his dad and dad's girlfriend on Mother's Day and didn't see you? O.K. for the first time I'm going to keep my mouth shut and not say a thing. It's better that way. I'm sorry.

  7. Biting the never ends does it. You are a true mother..God bless you! :D

  8. Well I don't like to say bad things - so I'll be quiet.

    You do deserve the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD! Congrats on receiving it!

    Your flowers were lovely and what can I say about chocolate! YUM!


  9. Ah Ann! Lovely lilies, beautiful biscuits and delightful Duke ... what a wonderful weekend you have had!! :)

  10. Oh you certainly qualify for mother of the year after that! The flowers and chocolate from your daughter are lovely and Duke looks like he loved his walk through the mud puddles too!

  11. I love lilies...

  12. That just makes me even MORE of the good kid is all :) I may not be there in person but I sent you flowers..with a cute free vase included and chocolates, I IM'd you,I called you, I said it on here yesterday, I even sent you a card that made you cry...yup definitely the good kid. Thats no surprise though since I'm also the kid who bought you the Cricet last year ;) It's nice being the good kid now. Love ya!

  13. Yeah, like I need to hear anymore about just how wonderful you are. It ain't fair.

  14. You definitely deserve the crown, Ann! Those flowers are so beautiful. I love how you made them look 'painted' in your previous post.

  15. We're all with you, Ann - of COURSE you deserve the crown!

  16. Yup, we certainly think you deserve a crown. Mainly cause you let Duke take you for a walk. That was the best but biting your tongue came pretty close. Have a great day.

  17. That's it Ann. We have declared you Mother of the Year! Isn't it funny how each child is different. But no matter what we still love them. No matter how much they hurt us. Hope you had a good Mothers Day besides that.

  18. Mother of the Decade I think!! But look at your lovely flowers and yummy looking chocolate!!!!

    sigh.... motherhood.... it truly is the toughest job on the planet no? It seems ridiculous that there is only one Mother's Day a year. ;)

    xo Catherine

  19. I think biting your tongue definitely qualifies you for mother of the year, not to mention your fabulous treatment of Duke all year round.

  20. There are lots of Moms to spread that cheer to as with your son, but I am sure you are in the top rankings. Perhaps Queen for a Day.Queen Ann, it has a ring to it.

  21. Your crown has been ordered and is on its way. You deserve it!

  22. lol I think all the above reasons qualify you for sure! hehe.I am pretty certain you get a crown, too!

  23. Mother of the year award, most definitely! (But here I had you being in your 20's and you have grown children!! - now that's really good!!)
    Blessings, Ann!

  24. the flowers are gorgeous and you do get big kudos from me on biting your tongue. I am not good at that at all. you were a good mommy to your fur baby to and duke looks really happy with your shadow shot. wear your crown with pride

  25. You definitely deserve a crown...and a thrown!

    The flowers are beautiful and I love what you did with them yesterday.

  26. Sandee they sure are. Just glad I didn't draw blood when I bit

    sharkbytes loved the flowers, they were gorgeous when they all opened up

    donna me neither :) I'll get Duke right on that

    Helen the flowers are wonderful and the chocolate was VERY mmmmm :)

    beebeebabs thanks, yes I did, a nice quiet day

    ginny lol, hence the biting of the tongue. It was still a good day

    Julie nope sure doesn'

    chatty crone rofl I'll wear my crown with pride :)

    kloggers yes it was quite wonderful

    beaded tail I think Duke read too many Sadie posts, he was hitting those puddles like a

    grace, after looking at these, so do I

    Amanda You did good. Glad you are enjoying the position :)

    fishhawk well if it makes you feel better, I can't be that wonderful if I'm making you hear more about

    duni thanks, I think the edit of them made for the perfect mothers day card

    philippa thank you. I can't wait to show it off at

    marg Duke was so proud of his gift, he was bursting with anticipation over giving it to me

    russ I had a great day.

    catherine yes, toughest job you'll ever love I think :)

    anne I hope the competition for the award isn't too tough

    out on the prairie oooh , queen Ann, I like that. but only for a day?

    bossy betty hooray, can't wait till it gets here

    tanyia I hope it's not one of those cheap burger king

    ann oh bless you, I wish I at least felt like I was 20 something Nope, I'm real close to the 50 mark

    sandra I've gotten better with the biting thing than I used to be.

    marie oh boy a throne too, a nice cushy one I The flowers were beautiful. Loved them and took a zillion pictures of them

  27. Those flowers are beautiful! What a great Mother's Day gift. But what did Duke get besides his walk? He wants a Mother's Day gift too!

  28. You certainly DO deserve the mother of the year award :) I know Duke thinks so. Lovely flowers, and so fun to see them in "regular" lighting after the neat affects from the previous post!

    Boo hiss on your son. Men just don't get it do they? Mother's Day is supposed to be ALL about you :)

  29. Love the flowers. And I now I am craving chocolate. Duke looks like he is having a great time with his mommy on Mother's Day. Yes, you get the crown this year. ;)

  30. Your flowers are beautiful.


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