Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hot cross buns

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns

I realize that hot cross buns are an Easter tradition and that Easter is over. I have a little story about these things though.
Every year around Easter they go on sale. I try to skip ordering them. They come in as a frozen roll in a case of 240. We sell them in packs of six. However sell them isn't really what we do with them. I pack them, price them, 3 days later reduce them and a couple days after that throw them away. You got it nobody buys them.
EXCEPT for one lady. She's a regular customer and she comes in every year asking if I'm going to get them in. She doesn't ask just once, she asks EVERY time she comes in. I tell her I'll try but can't promise anything. This is actually a little white lie. I can get them in I just don't want to. She buys 2 packs and then I'm stuck with 228 more rolls to try and get rid of without losing too much money.
I came up with a plan to try and disguise these little things as something else.
I present to you fruit and nut sticky pull aparts.
 I think they look rather good.


  1. Goodness! Well, hot cross buns vary widely depending on what store baked them!! Such HUGE differences!! I buy them for my friend, and she tells me to only get ones that were baked the same day, as they dry out much more quickly than other kinds of breads. You are sweet to order them and go to such expense and inconvenience for one lady, but she IS a regular customer! I would love you to post a pic of the outside, and some of the shelves inside sometime. Are you the owner or the manager?

  2. Your new version look SO much tastier than regular hot cross buns. I noticed our store didn't sell them this year. My guess is it's because they're actually pretty tasteless except for the cross of icing.

  3. They do look good and I'd buy those. The hot cross buns...no. I can see your point here.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  4. Oh wow! I almost licked the computer screen!

  5. Your new creation looks so good! That's a great idea for how to use those buns! I've never had hot cross buns before but it's nice of you to get them in for the one lady. Are you able to donate what is left to some organization that feeds the homeless or something?

  6. Now that is clever and creative and I bet it tastes a whole bunch better than the hot cross buns!

  7. Your new creation looks really tasty :)

  8. Clever girl! Does not look anything like the original; did they sell?
    I can't help it (I just gotta)....
    Aren't you a smart cookie? *snicker*

  9. They look good Ann. You did a great job. Hopefully that will help to make them sell.

  10. i loveeeeeeeeeee hot cross buns.. really i do... i just don't like anything with nuts :D

    your fruit and nut stickies looks kinda nice too. Send me some will ya!

  11. I love hot cross buns! I'd buy them from you every day, not just Easter :)

  12. I can't recall ever having any. From what you've said here, that might be a good thing.

  13. Your new version looks yummy. I love hot cross buns, but they're only worth having if they're full of fruit and very spicy!

  14. Would you believe I have never had a hot cross bun?? Clearly I have lived a very sheltered life. ;)
    xo Catherine

  15. wow oh wow, they look great and i bet they taste good to. hope you sell them all. so your craft talent feeds over into your baking talent. cookies hand crafted by Ann...

  16. Those look amazing! What a wonderful trick to use up the leftovers.

  17. I don't know why nobody buys them. They sure look good to me, in both ways.

  18. Ginny, I didn't know that about buying them the day they were baked. I'm not a fan of them myself

    Ann it does, and I agree, not very tasty

    sandee I sampled them and they were good

    donna LOL too funny

    beaded tail well it was a good idea but they still aren't selling...lol

    grace much better, but then put that sticky bun smear on anything and it'll taste good :)

    josep I know, makes me hungry

    jen only one sold, so good idea but still no dice

    russ hopefully but not likely

    anny I got almost a whole case you want them?....lol

    duni I can take them or leave them, we never had them when I was a kid

    fishhawk you aren't missing much

    philippa these probably aren't the best to begin with

    catherine yes I would believe, I never did until I started working where I do now

    sandra they did taste good, gooey and sweet

    out on the prairie, you got it :)

    anne I thought it was a clever idea but I think the customers still know what they really are

    bliss accessories thanks

    ratty I guess this just isn't a hot cross bun kind of town :)

  19. Hot cross buns were a family Easter tradition of my youth. I used to make them for my family, but they didn't give a fig about traditions.

  20. I think your creation looked so very good.

  21. sharkbytes aw that's too bad. We never had hot cross buns when I was growing up. The only thing I knew about them was the nursery rhyme

    tammy I just wish the customers would think so :)


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