Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aww Bummer

Well vacation is over, it's back to work tomorrow. Big time bummer. I've been enjoying the stay at home thing way too much.

I had pictures to show you of what I've been doing but blogger is not letting me upload them tonight. I guess I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

About yesterday's post. That may be the one and only time I let Duke fill in for me. It seem that all that reminiscing he was doing brought on some bad habits. I walked into the kitchen today and found him taking a nap. Doesn't sound so bad does it? Well it is when he's curled up (like a cat) on the place mat that's on the dining room table. And can you guess what else?



  1. It was just one time, mom. I heard him say he was sorry!

  2. Wow, that week went quickly! On the table? My mom's dog does the same thing!

  3. Miawa, yep, he looked sorry alright :)

    Buggys, tell me about it, that surely couldn't have been 5 whole days, I think I got ripped off. Yep on the table, he hasn't done that in a long time, I think the last time was about a year ago when Pringle was still here.

  4. Vacation time never seems to last long enough. There's always next time. Try to go easy on the catdog. It all must have seemed fun at the time for him. :)

  5. Time off always goes by way too fast! And as for Duke, he did a great job blogging so we hope he gets another chance!

  6. Poor Duke...I bet it was so cute though, wasn't it??? Hmmm?

  7. Dog = he either ate something or threw it up!

  8. lol....you no that you wouldn't have him any other way...otherwise he wouldn't be Duke!!!

  9. Our puppies sometime leave us presents in the hallway, the back room, and next to the front door. Did Duke leave you one?

  10. Well - have fun at work. It's always a bummer for me too after summer holidays. I love to drive the school bus, but it's nice to get a break too.

  11. I hope Duke was ashamed.It was fun having a post from him.When we get our Puppy I am going to let him post.

  12. I have this great photo of 2 of the cats lying smack dab in the middle of the place mats when the table was set for supper. I captioned it "What's for dinner?"

  13. Ratty, He did look like he was enjoying himself, mighty comfy he was :)

    Beaded tail, I'm a sucker for his cute face, he'll probably get another chance

    Roschelle, yes it was cute...lol

    sharkbyte, he does a lot of that too but not this time.

    allotments4you, you are absolutely right

    FishHawk, nope he hasn't done that in quite some time, don't give him any ideas...lol

    Audgrey I enjoyed my break way too much, I could get used to it :)

    Grampy aww can't wait to see what you end up with. I think Duke may have been ashamed for just a second but got over it quickly...lol

    Grace, ROFL love it. I wish I would have had the camera on me when I caught Duke.


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